2 : She Makes Him Shave

Always unable to resist this request, Billy completely undressed, revealing and intense hard on.

“Lie down”

Billy lay on Sophia’s bed and she began playing with him. When she had gotten him suitably excited, she pulled out a waxing kit from the bathroom.

Working quickly she covered the area at the base of his penis with the goop and then pulled the strip off. Billy jolted backward.

“Just the bottom like this, honey. Besides we can’t leave it half done.”

Working quickly, Sophia had Billy’s cock and balls completely smooth. “Now go in the bathroom and shave the rest”

As Billy was finishing himself, Sophia laughed to herself. ‘He is so submissive’ she thought. This is going to be so easy.

Billy returned from the bathroom hairless, and Sophia rubbed lotion all over him.

“This is embarrassing”

“Oh, please”

“Now you can masturbate”
“I …”

“Quit complaining and just do it”

Billy stood in front of her like he always had and started stroking. Once he was into it, the awkwardness subsided and he focused on her. He was infatuated with her and always wanted to make her happy.

As she offered encouragement, he got more and more into it. Finally as he reached climax he looked at her and as always she barked “ORGASM!”

He came immediately all over himself.

“Like I said, you come when I tell you to”

Embarrased, Billy looked away from her. Little did he know she was hardly finished.

“Let’s get those legs shaved now”

“What, I am not a woman. You are pushing this too far.”

“No you are a man whose girlfriend totally controls his sex life and in the most submissive step of all, shaved his cock for her. Why don’t you just shut the fuck up and shave”

“I could leave”

“Yeah, you could walk out of here naked, and explain to the cops why you don’t have any pubic hair. You’d be quite the prize in jail.”

Billy immediately noticed that his clothes were gone.

“What did you do with them?”

“You will get them back when I feel like not having you naked. By the way without shaved legs you’re getting nothing back”

“Why are you being so mean?”

“I’m just trying to make our sex life better”

“I can’t do this for you Sophia”

“Okay” Sophia the pressed a button on her speakerphone and after two rings her friend Stephanie answered.

“Hello, Sophia”

“I am having a problem”

Mortified, Billy was terrified what she was going to say next. Stephanie introduced them and Billy had to work with her every day.

“Please, Sophia”

“Is that Billy”

“Yep, giving me some trouble tonight”

“As usual he submitted to shaving the important stuff with no resistance, but suddenly thinks he is too much man to shave his legs.”

“Sophia, how could you” Billy replied

“Oh please, you don’t think we tell each other everything.” Sophia replied.

“He is shaved now?” Stephanie inquired

“Yes, completely, his sack and the area beneath and behind have been waxed, and all his pubic hair has been shaved off”

“Wow, you don’t mess around” Stephanie replied, her soft chuckling evident over the speaker phone”

“And that’s not all; he submissively masturbated for me in this state while I sat here fully clothed.”

“Okay, Sophia, I get it, I’ve known you long enough. Billy do you deny any of this, are you completely shaved like she says”

“Go ahead, tell her” Sophia demanded

Billy sat on the floor, still completely nude and so stunned he couldn’t speak.

“I don’t think he can talk” Sophia announced.

“It is okay Billy, Sophia and I share everything. I introduced you for a reason. This was a very important night for Sophia. Just tell me, is there anything she is saying that is a lie.”

“No” came the almost whispered reply.

Continued …

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  1. Gary says

    I wish more Women were willing to assert Their rightful authority over Their husbands and boyfriends, and demand submission and obedience from Their men. The world would be a much better place.

  2. graham says

    good story my girlfriend joeline made me shave my whole body after that i was put in to panties bra dress joeline said now you will wear them all the time at home and only panties wend you go out but i will tell you how to dress wend we go out joeline said come here i want you on your knees i did as i was told joeline lift up her dress i saw she had a 8.in strap-on dido she told me to suck on it i did as was told i toke it in my mouth and lick and suck her cock joeline said you love this cock dont you sissy i said yes joeline i do love your cock joeline then ask me what im i i told her i was her sissy slave and i will do anything you ask joeline said good sissy becuse from now on that what you are a sissygirl and you will be that any you will be mine just then a tammy came in the house and saw us tammy ask joeline what she was doing to me joeline said im made my sissygirl suck my cock see tammy joeline show her oh he look cutie my i watch joeline said yes just then tammy came over look at us joeline said show tammy how you like to suck my cock i did as i was sucking tammy feel my ass with her hand and told joeline your sissy look good with panties on make his ass nice i think you should use that cock on is ass joeline said would you tammy like to break in this ass with this other dido tammy said please joeline i would but that you jop to take him frist joeline said that all right my sissy will love you to right sissy i said yes joeline yes what sissy yes i want tammy to fuck me with that dido please tammy fuck my ass joeline said good sissy now frist you go and suck tammy dido and then maybe tammy will fuck you i did as told i suck tammt dido joeline ask tammy what do you think of my sissygirl now tammy said his he going to be a sissy girl all the time joeline said yes why tammy said sissy going to clean house joeline said not only clean hous but everything i want sissy to do tammy said can i hire sissy too clean my place and i think i will buy your sissy some panties what do you think joeline that would be nice dont you yhink sissy i said yes well that was two weeks now i am a sissygirl slave to joeline and tammy to day i must get ready for them there boyfriend are coming over and i must be dress for them becuse i going to suck my frist man cock that what joeline and tammy wants becuse im their sissy slave and i love them for turn me into a sissygirl i just hope i please them

      • graham says

        thanks severin’s ghost im still a sissy male but joeline is no longer arouhd she has move now i dress up for me to i find some one to be there sissy i dont know were you are from as i write this my friend im wearing pink panties bra just wish i had some one to play with i miss joeline but live go on write to me if you like bye for now

  3. graham says

    its been 4 month now im now full time sissy maid joeline hire me out as a sissy maid to other women and men last nigth i was hire to work for a women and her girlfriend i was told to wear school girl clothes i wore a white blouse a black shirt and pink bra and pink panties when i got there they told me to clean the house and do thier lunary i wash thier clothes and made the bed afther that i was put into a blue nitie the girls take me to the bedroom and i was to show them how i suck dido i did as told i suck there strap-on cock after that i was told now that i was there sissygirl slave for 1 month becuse joeline sold me to them just then mary said you will do as we tell you from now on you will wear only women clothes and wig you will do all the house work and when are boyfriend come over you will servce them too you will take hormes to make your breast bigger and you work for other women who what you you will now be call sissy jen i said yes mary good jen come here and suck my cock like a good girl and maybe i will fuck you like a women would you like that yes mary i would im here to please you and your friend that what i want i now have c-cup and i love my breast and i do love what they done to me i have become a sissygirl slave and mary said im for hire to anyone love sissyjen

  4. graham says

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  5. graham says

    hi well it been awale bbut im been busy i was sold to a lady name barb brab my new master the frist thing miss brab did was to show who the boss the only thing im to wear is pantie and bra miss brab said in two month i will have d-cup breast and wend your breast are mine now you will learn how to feel more as a girl then she toke me to a room in there was a bed there was stap and lock for your feet i was put on the bad and strap to it my panties and bra was ripe off bra said now my bitch im going to show you how how to fuck ann suck like a girl and wend im done with you you will beg me to turn you in to a really girl just then two other girls came in and said to miss brab is are new slave yes brab said well he look cute and look at little cock well he wont need that anymore no he wont but he will love other male cock and dont for get he will love pussy too just as must as cock well that being two manth now im love my new jop as a slave maid for hire one of my cient ask me if i like what i do i said yes i do i will do antthing they ask he then ask me if i would be willing to be is slaxee once a week i said yes just then his wife came in and said good we thought you would john i take her home now with me and dont be late when we got to her place she said take your cothes off and put these on she hand me a bag in there was a red bra red thong panties red nylon red high heels wend i was dress i came down stiars in to living rood inthere was to other lady they look at me and said she look very nice yes she dos now we can strat sissy show my girl how good you are sucking cock just then the girl show me there cock they were she -male like me i got dow and suck there cock it see like a long time but i was fuck and fuck all after noon wend we were done i was clean up and dress in a white dress and shoe a man said do you sissy graham take miss brab as you your master and to be her slave to love all her friend male and female for life i said i do in the power of me you are now a slave for life you my kiss your master now and i how you will enjoy your new life

  6. graham says

    well it july now i been a sissy girl for a while i have d-cup breasts now miss brab said you are going to work for my lady boss to-day she need her house clean up so i will take you there and you will be there for a week i said yes miss brab do i have to pack a bag no that wont be nassery she has clothes for you when we got there miss june let us in she said holle brabis this my new slave girl miss brab said yes dear this sissy graham she will do anything you want good sissy take your clothes off leave panties bra ondid as told now standing there in my bra panties miss june said very nice i like her tits and she has a nice ass tojust then miss june hand me a drink and told me to drink it all up i must of fell a sleep when i woke up i was strap over a bench my hand was tie and feet my panties was off i only had my bra on i the mirron i saw a big dido just then miss june and miss brab walk in well i see sissy awake miss brab said did you see that big cock dido i said yes miss brab good sissy this how you will learn to suck cock and when miss june done with you you will beg for it and beg to have a pussyto suck just then i felt the cock go in my ass it went in slow and then out this last for two hour when miss june came back she said well sissywhat do you want i said please miss june i beg you to make me a girl and fuck me with a man cock miss june said is that what you want i said yes please miss june please i do anything just then miss june turn me around and undid her rode i saw the miss june was a she -male miss june walk over to me and told me to suck her cock i open up my mouth toke her cock in my mouth i suck her till i felt her hot cum come in my mouth miss june said very good sissy is there anything alse you want i said please fuck me missjune with that lovey cock im your sissy slavei am here to please my master not right now baby girl we have to get clean up miss june toke me to her bathroom she put me in the tub and wash me then i got out i had no hair on me miss june told me now that you are clean and hairless you look more as a girl next she hand me a corset i put it on and was tie in it then a dress nylons heels miss june told me get use to that outfit you will wear that from now on well it been a week now i have breast that show in my dresss miss june said well sissy how do you feel now i said fine why miss june miss june said look at you what are you now i told miss june that i am a sissy girl now and i belong to you miss june good my deari got down and suck her cock miss june said that my sissy you have learn your place i said yes master after i finish sucking her off miss june said the was lovey my girl the way you please me i think you will be happy to work as my slave girl for hire so please let me know if anyone want a sissy slave for hire

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