Fiancée Spanks Her Fiancé (F/m Engagement)

Female-Led Engagement

Before she would accept his engagement ring the young woman told her boyfriend that she would marry him only if he understood that she expected him to be a submissive husband. Since the young man had been attracted to his girlfriend because of her take charge attitude he happily assented.

So Mistress Girlfriend trains her fiancé, preparing him for the day that she will put on her wedding ring and he his chastity belt. Whenever the meet in private he drops to his knees and kisses her feet. Then he waits with his head bowed for permission to rise.

Mistress Fiancée spanks him at least once a day. Mostly light, playful punishments. But he is late for a date or impertinent the intensity of his discipline reminds her fiancé that is goal is to always please his Mistress in every way.


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1 : She Gives an Order

Sophia and Billy had been dating for months after having been introduced by Sophia’s best friend Stephanie. Sophia, a slightly overweight large breasted girl with an hourglass figure, a gorgeous smile, and a healthy appetite for sex, was particularly enjoying the freedom of the arrangement and the ease with which she could get Billy to do things she wanted.

Billy, with an athletic body liked the relationship too, and noticed the sex had been better than any relationship he had ever been in.

Tonight as they sat in the bedroom of Sophia’s apartment, she had important things on her mind.

“Billy, I think we should talk before we have sex tonight”

“Okay, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I am very happy but I would like you to face something”
“Okay, what”

Knowing this was the big moment, Sophia blurted it out.

“I think you’re submissive”

“What, I don’t understand”

“Just bear with me. I am attracted to submissive men, in fact only submissive men”
“Why do you…”

“If you look at our sex life, you will see that it has all the aspects”

“Like what”

“Like for the past month, what is our only sex position?”

“You on top, but because you like it”

“Who determines when we have sex”

“I don’t know”
“Think about it, what happens when you want sex and I don’t”

“You know”

Billy blushed and stared at Sophia, who had a half smile on her face.

“That is my point, you masturbate” Sophia replied. “But you do it in front of me, while I remain fully clothed. Think about it, it is completely submissive”

“I don’t understand”

“When do you orgasm?”

“When I am ready”

“You orgasm when I tell you to. I either say, okay honey it’s time or ask you if you are almost there and then bark ‘orgasm’ and you come”

Billy thought about this. It was true and it had advanced over the last few months until when she did that his body responded almost as if on cue. Was he a submissive? After all the things she talked about really turned him on.

“I would like you to shave your cock and balls for me.”

“I can’t do that”

“I think you can and you will or you won’t be getting off tonight”

“I can’t do that”

“I will help you, it’ll be fun”

“But I couldn’t go to the gym anymore, looking like that”

Sophia, used to this give and take, knew that he had folded as always. He wasn’t refusing, he was giving excuses

“You can work out here. I have a full gym”

“I don’t know, this submissive thing”

“Have you ever not liked our sex life?”

“No, but..”

“Please strip. I want to see you naked”

Continued …

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2 : She Makes Him Shave

Always unable to resist this request, Billy completely undressed, revealing and intense hard on.

“Lie down”

Billy lay on Sophia’s bed and she began playing with him. When she had gotten him suitably excited, she pulled out a waxing kit from the bathroom.

Working quickly she covered the area at the base of his penis with the goop and then pulled the strip off. Billy jolted backward.

“Just the bottom like this, honey. Besides we can’t leave it half done.”

Working quickly, Sophia had Billy’s cock and balls completely smooth. “Now go in the bathroom and shave the rest”

As Billy was finishing himself, Sophia laughed to herself. ‘He is so submissive’ she thought. This is going to be so easy.

Billy returned from the bathroom hairless, and Sophia rubbed lotion all over him.

“This is embarrassing”

“Oh, please”

“Now you can masturbate”
“I …”

“Quit complaining and just do it”

Billy stood in front of her like he always had and started stroking. Once he was into it, the awkwardness subsided and he focused on her. He was infatuated with her and always wanted to make her happy.

As she offered encouragement, he got more and more into it. Finally as he reached climax he looked at her and as always she barked “ORGASM!”

He came immediately all over himself.

“Like I said, you come when I tell you to”

Embarrased, Billy looked away from her. Little did he know she was hardly finished.

“Let’s get those legs shaved now”

“What, I am not a woman. You are pushing this too far.”

“No you are a man whose girlfriend totally controls his sex life and in the most submissive step of all, shaved his cock for her. Why don’t you just shut the fuck up and shave”

“I could leave”

“Yeah, you could walk out of here naked, and explain to the cops why you don’t have any pubic hair. You’d be quite the prize in jail.”

Billy immediately noticed that his clothes were gone.

“What did you do with them?”

“You will get them back when I feel like not having you naked. By the way without shaved legs you’re getting nothing back”

“Why are you being so mean?”

“I’m just trying to make our sex life better”

“I can’t do this for you Sophia”

“Okay” Sophia the pressed a button on her speakerphone and after two rings her friend Stephanie answered.

“Hello, Sophia”

“I am having a problem”

Mortified, Billy was terrified what she was going to say next. Stephanie introduced them and Billy had to work with her every day.

“Please, Sophia”

“Is that Billy”

“Yep, giving me some trouble tonight”

“As usual he submitted to shaving the important stuff with no resistance, but suddenly thinks he is too much man to shave his legs.”

“Sophia, how could you” Billy replied

“Oh please, you don’t think we tell each other everything.” Sophia replied.

“He is shaved now?” Stephanie inquired

“Yes, completely, his sack and the area beneath and behind have been waxed, and all his pubic hair has been shaved off”

“Wow, you don’t mess around” Stephanie replied, her soft chuckling evident over the speaker phone”

“And that’s not all; he submissively masturbated for me in this state while I sat here fully clothed.”

“Okay, Sophia, I get it, I’ve known you long enough. Billy do you deny any of this, are you completely shaved like she says”

“Go ahead, tell her” Sophia demanded

Billy sat on the floor, still completely nude and so stunned he couldn’t speak.

“I don’t think he can talk” Sophia announced.

“It is okay Billy, Sophia and I share everything. I introduced you for a reason. This was a very important night for Sophia. Just tell me, is there anything she is saying that is a lie.”

“No” came the almost whispered reply.

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3 : She Controls His Orgasms

“Then I think Sophia is right.” Stephanie continued. “The way it was done pretty much established you are completely submissive. I mean you’re waxed and you masturbated after it was done, so it obviously sexually excites you.”

“It is obvious to her” Sophia exclaimed, “Why isn’t it obvious to you”

“Are you worried we will think less of you” Stephanie implored. “I introduced you because I thought you were submissive”


“Yes, Billy, just get over it and you may enjoy the best sex of your life”

“I don’t know what to say” Billy replied, now thoroughly confused

“Just shave your legs for Sophia, it will please her and make you realize some things about yourself, you should have a long time ago”

“Actually, I have had it” Sophia exclaimed. “Let’s not keep this between us. This relationship is important to me, but what the fuck. Why don’t you leave now and tomorrow I can tell a few people that are relationship isn’t working out because you are coming to terms with being submissive. Then I can say that you are completely shaved and have you try to deny it. That is if I give you your clothes back”

“Sophia” Billy responded, “Why are you doing this”

“Because you need it, Let’s just do that Stephanie. Get dressed”

“He is still sitting there completely nude?” Stephanie asked.

“Of course, he’s submissive, and besides I hid his clothes” Sophia explained.

“Billy, quit fighting it and just do it. I’ve known Sophia a long time and she’ll do what she says. You are completely submissive, just shave your legs and get it over with. If you are worried about your masculinity, let me assure you your actions tonight do not suggest you have a lot. Besides” she continued while laughing “you have no clothes. I expect you to shave your legs because it is who you are. Just submit like always”

“Why are you saying these things?” Billy implored.

“Because you need to hear them baby” Sophia said, her voice now soothing instead of confrontational.

She stroked his leg and looked into his eyes.

“It is time baby”

Billy’s body belied him once again. His cock stood straight up, causing Sophia to smile.

“His body tells me he has accepted it” Sophia laughed.

“He is erect right now?” Stephanie asked.

“Yeah, I’m gonna go Stephanie, my slut has to shave his legs”

“Goodbye, Billy” Stephanie said “I think accepting yourself was the best choice”

The line went dead.

“Well, she is expecting you to shave those legs, so let’s skip the false protests. Your cock tells me everything I need to know.”

Billy walked into the bathroom, ran a tub and slowly got in. His resistance was gone and he purposefully shaved his right leg and then the left. When he was done he looked at them, noticing the feminine look they had now. He knew that was Sophia’s point but the transformation still shocked him.

He looked at his naked body in the mirror. His cock was still erect. The door was open so Sophia could see him. He began to stroke his cock and moaned softly.

Sophia, surprised, walked in and immediately encouraged him.

“That’s it, masturbate for me. Show your mistress that you like your new body.”

He couldn’t help himself. His self control and any pride were gone. He moaned softly again as he played with his erect penis.

“Please. Let me come” he begged.

Sophia smiled, and stroked his smooth leg.

“My pretty, pretty slut” she whispered softly.

“Let go of your masculinity” she encouraged him “Your mistress no longer requires it”

“I give you permission to let it go”

He was breathing harder now, his shaved skin glistening as the soft light of her bathroom hit it. He was stroking and moaning and no longer resisted any of her words.

“I give you permission to orgasm, like the shaved slut you are”

His body was trembling now and his inhibitions were gone. Sophia was very pleased and she smiled broadly and whispered “Come for me……..”

“Now, whore!!!”

After having been trained over so many months, Billy’s body responded on cue. His cock sprayed jets of hot come as he groaned softly. His head rested on Sophia’s formidable breasts as he slowly sank to the floor.

Sophia stood over him.

“I am glad you have stopped resisting your sexual impulses. You may clean up but you may not dress. Now that your body is as your mistress prefers it, you will be naked when it pleases me. Do you have any complaints?”

“No Mistress Sophia” Billy responded.

Sophia loved the fact that he had addressed her in this way. He completely understood their relationship now.

“I couldn’t help it” he continued “it is like my cock controls me, I had to come.”

“It does, and I control it. You are finally understanding that you are completely submissive, and it has set your cock on fire.”

Continued …

Boyfriend Learns to Obey (FLR Spanking & Disicpline)

A dominant young woman having her first slave boyfriend drop to his knees and strip for his his first corporal punishment session.


She has him kneel in a chair. She wants to insure that wshe whips his buttocks and thighs with ease and sureness, hitting just the right places on his lower body.


Now she has her new slave bend over for additional spanking with her cane.


The young Mistress will have her enslaved boyfriend adopt different positions and use varying instruments of physical punishment. Over time she’ll gain skill and increasing joy in disciplining and spanking the males that kneel before her in worship.

4 : Her Total Slave

Sophia felt a rush of power. She knew he had lost sexual control as well as any concept of manhood. His legs were shaved like a woman, he no longer resisted being called a slut, and she now completely controlled his orgasms. Her plan had worked perfectly. The relationship she had envisioned was now completely in reach.

“In the future, I would appreciate it if you ask my permission to masturbate, so I may enjoy the show”

“I’m sorry” he blurted out
“It is okay. I have turned you into a slut. I realize you no longer can control yourself”

Billy realized it was true and that he couldn’t control himself. He stared up at Sophia.

“I’m sorry I resisted, I didn’t understand.”

“You understand now that I require no masculinity from you and Stephanie recognized before you did that you had none left”

“Yes, I am sorry. I just want to please you now.”

When Billy has cleaned up Sophia guided him over to the bed. As they lay next to each other Sophia revealed a giant tube of K-Y jelly. She first rubbed it all over his cock to excite him and then slowly worked some into his crack and then onto his anus. “Don’t resist me” she whispered as she took one finger and then two and worked it liberally into his ass.

Billy just blushed as Sophia realized she had effectively stripped away his resistance.

She began to massage his cock and as his horniness dissolved his self control, encouraged him softly.

“I am so proud of you, accepting this. Our sex life will unbelievable. Only Stephanie will know your true sexual nature. I promise I will protect you.”

As Billy lay nude on the bed, totally consumed by his erect cock, and Sophia’s control over him, Sophia removed her shirt slowly and then her bra. In street clothes she could appear slightly overweight, but naked, her cannonball sized breasts gave her a sexual formidability that was undeniable. Her nipples were tight and Billy just stared at her. She slowly removed her pants and then the panties. Even though he had seen her naked hundreds of times, he was awed by her body. Her prodigious pubic bush now contrasted with his totally shaved cock.

She stood in front of him with her hands on her hips and smiled. He blushed again. She smiled and thought to herself that she had finally completely dominated a man. He would now be her sex toy, and she would never again have to pretend he had any say at all.

“It is time for sex, slut” she announced.

His eyes followed her to the dresser as she pulled out a translucent strawberry colored strap on dildo. Sophia faced Billy and strapped it on, tightening the straps. The strawberry cock now mimicked an erection and Billy knew what was next.

He was powerless now, though, a fact she was well aware of. He now understood the lubing was preparing him for this. He knew there was no masculinity left though so he put up absolutely no resistance.

Billy spread his legs as she knelt on the bed in front of him. The tits were closer now and he just stared up at them, his eyes dilated. Sophia knew he was now her complete slave, and her pussy was wet. She lifted his now smooth legs to either side and pressed the phallus to the edge of his anus.

Billy continued to stare up at her, his lips parted slightly and then his eyes widened as she entered him. Pleased that he offered no protest, Sophia whispered.

“Good little slut”

She pulled back the dildo and thrust a second time. Billy gasped as it took the breath out of him. With the third thrust his body completely relaxed. He moaned softly in a decidedly feminine way and tilted his head backward.

As she moved in and out he moaned softly, his masculinity gone. Sophia knew there was no escaping this moment and he could never look her in the eyes again without knowing what she had done to him.

It was important to her that she finish the process that night before he had any chance to reconsider his choices.

His cock was erect now, his sweat mixed with precome to give his shaved skin an oily sheen.

Billy looked up at her massive tits as she fucked him, mesmerized by her power. He didn’t dare touch them without permission.

“I like it when you moan like a woman, your shaved legs in the air. Your feminization pleases me.”

She looked for his response and smiled broadly when he let out a very soft moan. His eyes rolled back in his head as she continued fucking him. She realized he would do anything now, and that only she would determine his sexual identity from now on.

Sophia could hear a voice getting louder from the living room.

“Did you guys settle your problems” Stephanie started.

When she reached the open bedroom door she was shocked by the site in front of her.

She stood in the door frame with her mouth agape.

“Oh my ….”

Sophia for her part felt a rush of excitement. Her skin tingled as Stephanie stared at the spectacle.

She looked at Billy and forcefully commanded. “You will continue to perform, so Stephanie may know you ache to please your mistress”

Stephanie stared at the nude couple. She looked at Billy’s shaved legs, his ass, and the way the plastic phallus was moving in and out of him like a piston.

“He is finished” Sophia announced like she was showing off a high school science project.

Billy softly moaned, and Stephanie remarked. “You’ve fucking turned him into a woman”

“I knew shaving his legs would feminize him, and your comments that he had no masculinity began the transformation into whimpering slut.”

Sophia adjusted the dildo so she could better stimulate her clit and continually fucked the nude slut below her. Her tits bounced up and down while Stephanie watched transfixed.

“I have never seen anything like this” Stephanie spoke. “He is so submissive”

Sophia laughed as she began to experience her first orgasm.

“He…” she gasped “is a total slave”

At this she achieved a shudderering orgasm while Stephanie looked at Billy softly moaning.

The waves hit Sophia over and over again, she stopped fucking him and stared over at Stephanie.

“That was awesome” she explained. “My little slut is quite the fuck”

Stephanie walked over to Billy lying on the bed. She stroked his smooth legs and looked at his shaved cock. He didn’t resist her touch at all or try to hide his nakedness. He turned his head to the side.

“Want a go at him or have him masturbate for you” Gin remarked as she removed the strap on from her naked body”

“No” Stephanie replied “I think we’ve done enough to him for one night.”

The End.

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