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Becoming Goddess’ Sissy Maid Slave

Sissy Male Slave Training & Conditioning

i am a sissy maid slave to the Goddess Halle. She has required me to write to you to chronicle how i cam to realize my submission to dominant Female power.

i have recently become the property of the Goddess Halle, who is an experienced Domina. We live, as a life-style, FEMALE DOMINATION/male submission. i was a handsome, muscular, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, macho, promiscuous, arrogant, self-centered lawyer, who used Women for my own selfish and self-centered gratification until i met my Mistress and realized my true nature and place in life. i had two failed marriages and was unaware of how to actually communicate on an intimate level with a Female. i saw the universe as a male province where Women were there only for male gratification and use. She is now having me undergo radical behavior and gender modification. It is intended to accomplish and is accomplishing the raising of my consciousness in both my previously criminal behavior and the promise of a future peace and understanding as Her sissy slave.

my training is centered around feminization; including degradation, as well as public humiliation so that i may rid myself of my beast male personality and habits. i understand and accept that discipline as well as punishment is required in order to properly train me.

She started my initial training in July. i have recently become enrolled in Femdom Council sissy maid school, sponsored by the Femdom Council. i have become dedicated to unconditional obeisance, loyalty, constancy, and commitment to achieving the goal of worshipping the Goddess Figure and to the precepts of the Femdom Council and its tenet of authentic Female Superiority. This education has underscored my need (and in my opinion, the need for all males) to learn the virtue of humility at the hand of Feminine Authority. There is no longer any question that positive behavior modification can be accomplished thereby. In a society where the statistics of Women batterings are actually rising in the Western democracies and where the statistical probability of discrimination toward a Woman increases in direct correlation to Her level of education – there can be no doubt that men have determined to keep Women subjugated to their authority and bestial behavior. Their behavior has resulted in continuous conflict within societies where their territorial ambitions and personal aggrandizement have caused countless suffering. One has only to witness the insanities in Croatia and Somalia to see the obvious result of these ambitions and pitiful ego gratifications.

i have found through my education that i am a true submissive sissy, who like all men has a feminine side to his personality that i have been frightened to exhibit because it does not allow me the get my ego gratification from ny male peers. they are attracted to boasting and bragging; humility is not a desirable trait to gain male respect. my role models heretofore have been that of the macho, pig male. Loud, arrogant, using his brawn to intimidate. This aggression of the male is very pronounced in my personality. i have found that there is a “tug-of-war” inside myself between this overly aggressive male beast and the gentle submissive Feminine side of myself. i am at peace when Feminine in manner, dress, and attitude. any male would feel submissive when tightly bound in a boned, custom-made corset, stockings, panties, 6″ heels, and a frilly french maid’s uniform with a wide white petticoat – my standard uniform when in service to my Mistress; with a wig and make-up of course. i can assure you that you would find it deeply humiliating to be forced to serve Her friends or answer the door to strangers dressed as such. When dressed as a man i have a tendency to feel and, unfortunately, act mean, short-tempered, demanding, boastful, and even physically aggressive, behaving according to my years of accumulated beast male habits.

i have learned that earlier civilizations were Female dominated and ruled. In those societies the males were workers. their brawn was used to the heavy work for the Women. The patriarchy is a relatively recent historical fact.

i am required to shave my legs daily and wear Female clothing at all times when i am not at my office earning money for my Mistress, including to bed at night.

My Mistress is extremely experienced and a true Female supremacist. She has an extensive wardrobe of fetish clothes, boots, shoes, and toys and She is experienced in all forms of S&M and B&D. However, She needs no props or costumes to enforce discipline and compliance with Feminine Authority. Her dress choices are always Her own and She has begun to enforce total discipline upon me as to what i wear, what i eat, with whom i speak, and where i may go. Her requirements are total obedience without exception. my Mistress is very experienced and has trained others. She is fair, stern, and respects limits. Not a pro – this is Her life-style.

i have a sincere desire to serve – totally, completely, wherever, whenever, no matter how degrading the behavior. It is wanted, and it is what i now expect to get. As to my feminization and realization that i need to get in touch with my feminine side – i have breast forms, much clothing, and i currently am undergoing extensive corset training so that i am tightly bound and feel the power exerted over me. i wear heels and am being trained to walk properly and carry myself as a real Female – not as a drag queen fantasy – but as a true sissy slave.

my Mistress has started to purchase clothes for me. i now am required to wear a nightgown to bed at night. i have been taught the basic rules for dressing, make-up, and public and private behavior. my Mistress requires me to read books on the subject and to practice make-up techniques and, most importantly, to learn to present a respectable, proper image of a Woman of the world.

i am a probationary sissy maid slave in the Femdom Council. i am currently taking my examination to determine if i am ready to progress with my fifteen lesson course in the sissy maid school of Ms. C. Deering’s Femdom Council. i have found the introductory courses to be an actual revelation. i never knew how badly men had treated Women until my consciousness was raised through the teachings of the Femdom Council and as reinforced by my Mistress. my enrollment in the Femdom Council sissy maid school is intended to provide me with a true education in Feminine Superiority. i fully accept that there can not be any positive behavior modification and alteration by myself, for i revert back to my beast male habits all the time. Without the strict discipline and punishment prescribed by the rules of the Femdom Council and forced to be the sissy maid slave that i am, i would immediately revert back to my old habits.

i am now considered common property by the rules of the Femdom Council so that my Mistress can send me for further training, or loan me, or trade me, or sell me at any time to any Member of the Femdom Council if She desires.

She is always interested in trading thoughts with others on how to improve my training techniques in both humiliation and discipline and even to send me where i can be continuously trained. This training includes all aspects of Feminization. This training has begun to teach me that the determination and social acceptance of “what is Female, what is male” is not totally controlled by genetic inheritance, but is a product of societal and cultural realization. i recognize and accept that there is as strong a component of Female genes inside me as there are male. They have been suppressed and my sissy maid training is intended to and is accomplishing the intended result. – to teach humility and proper reverence for Feminine Authority. i recite affirmations daily in addition to the required daily meditation required by my Femdom Council regimen. This includes ten Male Slave Prayer recitations (from memory) and 100 recitations of: “First and foremost i am a slave, a sissy maid slave and this is my life…”. i am required to read my affirmations twice daily so that they become part of my subconscious. my Mistress is using neuro-linguistic mind altering techniques on me and i am also using hypno-repeater tapes as commanded by the Femdom Council. my courses of study advised me of the rules in the very beginning and i have been warned that if there are any infractions there will be severe punishment and if not corrected, i will be banished. Some of my rules, the Male Slave Prayer, and my confession ritual are enclosed so that they might give you some idea of our life. One basic rule i am learning is that i no longer own my body, particularly my cock. It now belongs to my Mistress and i am to refer to it at all times as “Her cock.” It simply did not belong to me form the moment i signed my slave contract. i was asked, “do you willingly and with total devotion agree to become my sex slave?… understand that I will give you or sell you to any one I choose?…to anything They or I want?”

i will perform on command. i am to be available to anyone for whatever Mistress wants at any time at any place in any way and never, ever, to hesitate or object.

Sissymaids Need Spankings

Sissymaid servants are best punished quickly for their infractions.

Imperfectly swept floor, spilled food. The lesson of a quick but mild spanking will make your maidservant more mindful.

Cooking food that isn’t enjoyable is a graver sin and merits a harsh spanking. Make it clear to the sissy that punishment will continue to be more brutal until meals improve.

Should a sissymaid speak out of turn or demonstrate any impertinence then the strictest punishment is mandated.


Sissymaid Waiting for Mistress

A well trained sissy servant. His Mistress has seen that he has a nice maid’s outfit. Taught him how to insure that his hair looks god and wear cosmetics attractively. She must be proud of a feminized servant.


Small Submissive Men

This Amazonian Mistress can easily overpower her submissive sissy male whenever she wishes. While it isn’t necessary she relishes the visible difference in power. He is just a wimp.

Knowing it is all in the mind and nature not many dominant women concern them about having a short male sub. A small group loves being able to look down at the male when he’s standing.

There is also a group that very much prefers small males for feminization. It pleases the Mistress Owner’s that their sissy is more ‘girlish.’ These women often cultivate men of very short stature.


New Sissies Need Lots of Spankings

The earliest stages of converting a conventional male into a sissy are the most difficult.

The feminized male wears a nice maidservant outfit. Has a wig. Mistress Owner’s has begun to teach her new sissy servant to apply cosmetics. The externals of sissification are in place.

Teaching deferential feminine behavior is the hard part. Even harder than turning the sissy into a competent waitress.

Instilling sissy like behavior requires attitude adjustment standby: spankings. When the sissy errs a few strokes are given immediately. Continued inappropriate deportment earns long and hard corporal punishment.

Teach your sissy to fear even remembering it had a former life. Your sissy’s manhood will have vanished without a trace.


Feminized Man’s Need for Domestic Discipline

Not long after they met and started dating this woman had the man in a dress. Having a natural aptitude for submission he quickly became her submissive sissy.

And he quickly accepted being spanked as fit between a male weakling and a strong woman. Besides he really was always at fault. He needed a woman’s discipline to help him curb bad habits and overcome his carelessness and laziness.

He feels that she spanks him because she cares.


Sissy Male in a Cage

This sissy slave is suffering in the wrong way.

Mistress used to enjoy seeing her “little bitch” dress, do her hair and makeup. Mistress criticized everything she did and made her do it again. Sissy was often spanked.

Now Mistress seems bored with her sissy slave. Hasn’t even used a strap-on with her for a week.

If a sissy’s Mistress Owner grows bored with it what will happened to the poor thing.


Making Sissymaids Better Household Servants

The feminized male servant’s Mistress Owner is directing the sissy attention to a spot missed when cleaning. She’s spank sissy for that when the next disciplinary period comes.

But how is she going to handle it now. Will she just let the sissy servant correct what he missed. Or will the sissy maid be ordered to clean the whole room again for punishment.

Sissy maids may be ‘bitches’ but under the skirt they are still the lesser sex. Men who are naturally inclined to be lazy and careless. When a Mistress’ slave fails in domestic service she has to determine the amount of correction that is appropriate.

Should be the sissy be allowed to rectify and error or do penance. Ordering the sissy servant to perform chores already completely should instill a determination to not be inattentive or careless in the future. But the time required may interfere with Mistress’ plan.

Ensuring that the feminized servant is the best cleaner, cook and laundress possible is a balancing act for he woman that owns it.


Sissies: Are They Punished More Harshly?

There aren’t ordinarily thought to be any distinctions made among various types of slave men. That isn’t always the truth. Who doubts that during his period of use a handsome male sex slave isn’t treated with a gentleness not shown to other slaves.

Perhaps the feminized sub male is the most harshly treated species of slave. Sissy slaves seem to be held in more contempt. Mocked for their mere existence.

This deeper lowliness may result in worse treatment of the sissy slave. The luckless sissy slave is apt to be whipped and spanked more often. And punished with greater harshness.

Even among the ranks of inferior men sissies seem to be second class creatures.


Daily Bathroom Cleaning (F/m Psychology)

Ordering a feminized male slave to clean the bathroom daily is an easy rote method for reinforcing his awareness of his lowly position.

Most bathrooms are small, confined spaces. The work is a bit harder and inconvenient. Distaste is associated is associated with irrational feelings of distaste. Even with spotless commodes as one cleaned daily will surely be.

Working on hands and knees polishing porcelain is a captures the essence of a sissy slave’s life.