Happy Sissy Servant

This submissive man has finally had his fantasy come true. A dominant, sadistic woman has feminized him. He is a sissy.


While she goes to work, he stays at home to keep the house spotless. He performs her laundry, her lingerie he washes with loving hands. As a sissy, he has learned to become a good cook. And a waitress. Not only does the sissy cook excellent food for his Mistress Owner but also he waits her table. (Sissy’s food comes out of a can and he eats it from a bowl on the floor.)

When Mistress Owner goes on dates with real men sissy sits up to help her out of her clothes when she returns. Mistress regales sissy with stories of the manliness of her boyfriends and how sexually satisfied she is.

Sissy himself as not had sex or even an ejaculation in a very long time. Mistress hints that maybe she’ll free him from the chastity device one day. She never will. Knowing her sissy slave is perpetually horny but permanently chaste affords her endless laughter.