Femdom Virgin’s First Scene

For years this man has craved to be dominated, spanked, whipped and variously punished and tormented by women.


Finally he is tied to a bed. He is helpless. At the mercy of two strange women who promised to help him live his dreams.

The women are pleased with his Femdom virginity. They get to do cruel things to him for the first time. When the evening ends, will he feel satisfied or wish he’d never heard of Femdom. The women don’t care. He gave himself to them for the night. They will use him as they please.

Do you wish it you tied to the bed? Have you often dreamed of a similar moment.

Slave Man’s Heavy Chains

A example of how heavy metal chains can be used to keep an enslaved male less able to get into mischief but able to perform his chores.


The short chains used for his arms make his performance more difficult. That makes the slave more mindful of his servile position as a woman’s property.

Unless you have a completely untrustworthy slave man the value of putting him in chains is the psychological impact. Loss of physical freedom clarifies the mind. Accepting bondage is a demonstration of faith in the Domme. Accepting inescapable physical helplessness proves trust.

Women With Whips & the Men That Worship / Fear Them

Submissive males, slave men and their Domme’s whip.


Some crave whippings badly and seek only the most sadistic women. Some masochists are so insatiable that they are never satisfied. These often join the ranks of smart-assed masochists. Some are willing to risk being maimed for that pain they believe will be the greatest experience of their lives.

Man submissive men fear the lash. They don’t eroticize pain. Lucky ones serve a woman who only whips men when the deserve punishment. Or use other nonphysical punishments. Should he worship a sadistic woman surrendering to her pleasure in cruelty may be a constant challenge to his capacity for submission.


Fortunately most submissive guys’ sadomasochistic orientation isn’t so polarized.

Genital Trampling

The Domme introduces the slave man to the depths of helpless submissive as she steps on his genitals.


Boyfriend’s Test Spanking

The woman has begun to feel that the relationship with her boyfriend is getting serious. The time has come to see if the young male can accept the discipline she would enforce on any man that she married or lived with.


Taking him over her lap she begins a test hand spanking. If he responds properly she will give him a talk about gender roles and his place in any relationship with a dominant woman.

If he rebels against the spanking, she will no longer date him. She can’t waste time on an unacceptable man who does not know his place.

F/m Ass Worship

This young Domme chooses her male slaves by their skill at ass worship. The more gifted the tongue the more likely a man will be allowed to serve her.

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F/m Genital Punishment

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Tie up a mans genitals and punish them. A tried and true form of F/m discipline. Making a man’s penis very sore almost removes the need for him wearing a chastity belt. Inside his scrotal sacs the testes are the most vulnerable part male anatomy. A series of firm strokes or lashes will have been begging for mercy.

His Penis Beneath Her Heel

Femdom for many men is this: the penis under woman’s control. Not merely content to deny him orgasms she tortures his penis. Here a woman tramples a penis, crushing it beneath the sharp heel of her shoe.


But never destroying it. Just using his genitals to torment him.

Mechanical Male Milking System

This male slave spends six days a week locked in a chastity device. On the seventh day the slave’s owner locks it in the male milking machine. Left alone in the home dungeon the slave is mechanically stimulated and orgasm induced.

male-slave-milking-system.jpg (46 KB)

This happens repeatedly for hours. Long before the session ends all sexual desire vanishes. The slave’s penis becomes sore, very sore. And will remain sensitive for a couple of days.

Over the course of two years, the slave’s owner will slowly increment the frequency of the mechanical milking sessions. The goal is to create a male slave who no longer desires orgasms. A slave who fears ejaculation.

Then the chastity device can be discarded.

Female Corporal Punishment of the Male

I regret not having more of these vintage tabloid and magazine cover scans to present.