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Female Corporal Punishment of the Male

I regret not having more of these vintage tabloid and magazine cover scans to present.



F/m Spankings: Size Doesn’t Matter

The smallest dominant woman can give even the biggest submissive male a spanking. The relationship is defined by her force of will. His muscles are useless against her inner power. He will accept her punishment with meek gratitude.


Femdom Travel

Perhaps the story of a man who travels for business and knows a dominant woman in every city he visits. Perhaps he is a client of many professional dominatrices.


Perverted Nuns

Many boys who were forced to attend Roman Catholic school associate nuns with punishment: rapped knuckles and corporal punishment.

Any inchoate sadism is whetted and cultivated by the infliction of punishment.

As the wish to be cruel grows the disciplinary nun seeks outlets for more severe punishment. She seeks adult men to whip and beat. Men to lock in uncomfortable bondage.

And the professional virgins have an almost mad ardor for locking men into unbreakable chastity belts.

Such are the pleasure of perverted nuns.


Femdom Punishment Rulebook

Some Mistress Owner, male slave relationship are highly structured.

There may be a list of regulations and rules that the male is required to read regularly. Familiarity with the laws of the household leave the slave without excuses for incorrect and unwanted actions.

When a Mistress Owner punishes her slave she may choose to recite the relevant portion of the rules before discipline her servant. Or have the male slave do so. If the passage is short the man can repeat the words during the entire period of punishment.

Associating broken rules with pain will hopefully cure the slave’s unacceptable behavior.


Female Authority: The Power to Punish

By T


Do I enjoy pain? No! If I slam my fingers in the door it hurts! I am most certainly not a masochist.

Would I like my wife to use her cane on me beyond the point at which it might be considered a pleasurable sensation – to the point where it HURTS? Yes!

Why would I want that when I don’t like pain?

Because, for me, this is a clear demonstration of her authority in our relationship. It is an acknowledgement of a power exchange. In a partnership of equals no one person could “punish” the other as to have the right to administer a punishment there has to be an unequal relationship where one party has authority over the other. If you walk into a court of law, you are not of equal status to the judge. He or she has the authority to determine and administer punishment.

So, to my way of thinking at least, craving punishment is not necessarily craving “kink” per se, but craving a demonstration of authority, an acceptance of an unequal relationship where the Mistress is in a position of authority over me.

Mistress Owner Rides Her Pony Boy

Sadistic Mistress Owner having fun with her male slave.


Astride his back and spanking him with a riding crop she enjoys F/m pony play. With his ankles and wrists in bondage her pony boy isn’t going anywhere. But it is the spirit of the thing, not a desire to travel.

Her night of sadistic debauch is just beginning. She has many roles and punishments for her slave man.

When she finally tires of tormenting him that strap-on dildo will dig into him and leave him squealing.

Misunderstanding Analingus

Analingus has nothing to do with scat.


From a comment left on one of my other sites I discovered that some people assume that this form of ass worship is a form of coprophilia. With care on the Domme’s part there’s no reason for the submissive man’s tongue to encounter fecal matter.

Analingus can be an erotic practice as hygienic as any other.

Some people make wish to make it more intense with filthiness but that is not a requirement for the performance of analingus.

Direct Cock Control

Female domination involves lots of talk about cock control. The assumption is that all men are wholly phallocentric. An exaggeration but closes enough to the truth to be useful.

Chastity is the most common form of asserting controls over a man’s penis. Lock it up and rarely let it out to play. The man’s erotic neediness will insure his submission.


A man’s penis can be more controlled and manipulated for domination in other ways.

Simply grab it. If you are sudden and firm a man automatically feels subdued.

Use it like a handle to lead the submissive man around. As your grip pulls on him he will be ever so anxious to keep up with you.

Some men get too habituated to traditional spanking. Penis spanking, hard slapping or whipping make him fear to offend again.

Direct physical control of the penis strongly asserts woman’s ownership of the whole male person.

Should Women Keep Boyfriends & Husbands in Cages?

If a woman has a slave boyfriend or husband should she keep him in a cage?

In ideal circumstances a male slave is busy performing errands, chores and tasks. Often there is nothing useful for the slave to do. Given the innate immaturity of the lesser sex it is in the interests of the Mistress Owner to keep him out of trouble.

The caged slave man is harmless and comfortable.


Some dominant women use shackles and straps. Others may opt to put him in a dark, mostly empty closet. Putting the male slave in a cage seems more humane. He can move and change position. His limited freedom keeps him from being rowdy.

If there is enough light his Mistress Owner may allow her slave husband or boyfriend to read. This would give him time to study works on female superiority. It is good for slave men to understand their true nature. Of course he can be permitted to read for pleasure.

Being locked in a cage is healthy psychological reinforcement: his actions are limited by the choices of his Mistress Owner. He cannot do what she will not permit.