Marriages Based on Female Superiority

Matriarchal Marriage & Male Immaturity

Charlotte wrote:

I have believed in matriarchy and female superiority since I was too young to know these words. I now for many years have been the head of a female led family; my wonderful, fully domesticated and devoutly submitted husband, our two daughters and our son. I was a single child and brought up by a single mother so I did not at home experience any of the in many ways undesirable male behavior. My husband was raised by a single mother but he had three sisters so he grew up fully adjusted to female norms and values and also with a good sense of male inferiority. You can imagine that he was easily trained and is happy and content with me in control.

Naturally there are aspects of a marriage and of adult life that should never take place in front of children but I have never tried to hide from our children what my values and convictions are. From they were small they have heard me telling their father what to do, reminding him sternly, reprimanding him. They also at times when it just came natural saw me slapping him in the face or on his clothed bottom. They heard and saw this because that is how we live and it would be wrong to play act in front of the children and then have our real life behind closed doors when the kids were in bed. They always knew that I made most decisions, that I had the final say in all matters and that their father in most matters had no say at all. As they grew up I spoke with them about gender roles, matriarchy, male immaturity, female superiority and all these things in a way they at their age at the time could comprehend. They never saw or hear about their father wearing chastity device and they never saw or were informed of him being caned or strapped but they knew when he was grounded and when he was sent to bed early as punishment.

Our daughters are now 10 and 15 years old and our son is 14. They are all happy and good children, doing well in school and helpful and polite at home. To them there is nothing strange or mysterious in me being in charge and their father having to do as I say, it is for them the most natural thing in the world and they seem all three to have fully grasped and embraced the matriarch values and outlook on life. The girls are eager to discuss female supremacy with me and they try to view everything they come across in school and the news and other places from a matriarchal viewpoint. From our discussions but also from many of the essays the girls have written at school I can see that the matriarchal viewpoint is always important to them and they use every opportunity to point out how wrong things always go in a society led by men and the primitive and childish masculine values.

Our son seems to fully understand and accept that he as a boy must have stricter and more restricting rules than his sisters. At the age of 14 he now naturally want to be a man but it is a well-behaved and obedient man like his father. Actually I think my son is scare by the thought of not having the care and protection that is provided in a female dominated and led community.

Now the oldest girl and the boy are teens it will not worry me if they one day should hear the sounds of the strap or cane and their father’s bawling from the bedroom; surely they will understand that if I punish him that way it is because he deserves it.

She and other dominant woman wrote many things in the ongoing comments to Train Male Children to Be Submissive

Femdom Virgin’s First Scene

For years this man has craved to be dominated, spanked, whipped and variously punished and tormented by women.


Finally he is tied to a bed. He is helpless. At the mercy of two strange women who promised to help him live his dreams.

The women are pleased with his Femdom virginity. They get to do cruel things to him for the first time. When the evening ends, will he feel satisfied or wish he’d never heard of Femdom. The women don’t care. He gave himself to them for the night. They will use him as they please.

Do you wish it you tied to the bed? Have you often dreamed of a similar moment.

Slave Man’s Heavy Chains

A example of how heavy metal chains can be used to keep an enslaved male less able to get into mischief but able to perform his chores.


The short chains used for his arms make his performance more difficult. That makes the slave more mindful of his servile position as a woman’s property.

Unless you have a completely untrustworthy slave man the value of putting him in chains is the psychological impact. Loss of physical freedom clarifies the mind. Accepting bondage is a demonstration of faith in the Domme. Accepting inescapable physical helplessness proves trust.

Women With Whips & the Men That Worship / Fear Them

Submissive males, slave men and their Domme’s whip.


Some crave whippings badly and seek only the most sadistic women. Some masochists are so insatiable that they are never satisfied. These often join the ranks of smart-assed masochists. Some are willing to risk being maimed for that pain they believe will be the greatest experience of their lives.

Man submissive men fear the lash. They don’t eroticize pain. Lucky ones serve a woman who only whips men when the deserve punishment. Or use other nonphysical punishments. Should he worship a sadistic woman surrendering to her pleasure in cruelty may be a constant challenge to his capacity for submission.


Fortunately most submissive guys’ sadomasochistic orientation isn’t so polarized.

Boyfriend’s Test Spanking

The woman has begun to feel that the relationship with her boyfriend is getting serious. The time has come to see if the young male can accept the discipline she would enforce on any man that she married or lived with.


Taking him over her lap she begins a test hand spanking. If he responds properly she will give him a talk about gender roles and his place in any relationship with a dominant woman.

If he rebels against the spanking, she will no longer date him. She can’t waste time on an unacceptable man who does not know his place.

F/m Genital Punishment

Thumbnail for domme-punishes-man-penis.jpg (57 KB)

Tie up a mans genitals and punish them. A tried and true form of F/m discipline. Making a man’s penis very sore almost removes the need for him wearing a chastity belt. Inside his scrotal sacs the testes are the most vulnerable part male anatomy. A series of firm strokes or lashes will have been begging for mercy.

Mechanical Male Milking System

This male slave spends six days a week locked in a chastity device. On the seventh day the slave’s owner locks it in the male milking machine. Left alone in the home dungeon the slave is mechanically stimulated and orgasm induced.

male-slave-milking-system.jpg (46 KB)

This happens repeatedly for hours. Long before the session ends all sexual desire vanishes. The slave’s penis becomes sore, very sore. And will remain sensitive for a couple of days.

Over the course of two years, the slave’s owner will slowly increment the frequency of the mechanical milking sessions. The goal is to create a male slave who no longer desires orgasms. A slave who fears ejaculation.

Then the chastity device can be discarded.