F/m Human Chair Bondage

Bondage by imposing limits on the slave man’s body is a perfect tool for keeping him aware of his low status and lack of rights. Objectification, turning a man into human furniture, is perhaps the most dehumanizing female domination technique.


A woman who has mastered bondage needs only a bit of cheap rope from the hardware store to work her will on the erring male slave.


At the end she has turned him into a human chair. This is utilitarian and well and disciplining.

Masochist’s Goddess

The Domme’s eyes reveal the key truth: she delights in hurting men. That men are willing to pay her for the privilege of feeling pain at her hands is a happy coincidence. Sadism infuses her profession, recreation and lifestyle.


Men from all over the world beg to become her victim. She accepts only a few. The wealth is immaterial. If they are rich, they pay much. But there is a place in her universe for poor men.

Her criteria are two: for a man to meet her he must have a genuine need to surrender completely to a woman. A woman like her. And the man but have a deep, almost unquenchable masochism.

Some men visit her only once. Most of those did not live up to her expectations. Their submissiveness and pain hunger were shallow. Some men never return because as wonderful as the sadomasochist experience was they lack the nerve to endure what she might do the next time.

Masochists who combine self-abasement with self-respect see her twice a year. They leave exhausted and exalted. In her they have found the only Goddess the can ever worship.

Heels & Whips

An angry Domme discipline a slave man. She uses her shoes sharp heels as well as her whip. He has become acclimated to lashes. The pinch and scrape of the heels insure his punishment forces him to experience real hurt. If he does not repent and abandon unacceptable behavior the next stage will to begin kicking him.


Female Led Penis Control & Manipulation

Penis control: judged by many to be the most fundamental element of female domination of the male.


The submissive man or male slave’s orgasms are regulated. Normally he is chaste but allowed occasional orgasms for good service and humble behavior. Some males are permanently and perpetually died orgasms for the rest of their lives.


Tease and denial creates urgent need. His unsatisfied sexual cravings becomes almost anguish. Tease and denial can be playful or punitive.


Penis whippings are perfect punishments. This most sensitive orgasm is durable and can endure the most painful discipline.

Marriages Based on Female Superiority

Matriarchal Marriage & Male Immaturity

Charlotte wrote:

I have believed in matriarchy and female superiority since I was too young to know these words. I now for many years have been the head of a female led family; my wonderful, fully domesticated and devoutly submitted husband, our two daughters and our son. I was a single child and brought up by a single mother so I did not at home experience any of the in many ways undesirable male behavior. My husband was raised by a single mother but he had three sisters so he grew up fully adjusted to female norms and values and also with a good sense of male inferiority. You can imagine that he was easily trained and is happy and content with me in control.

Naturally there are aspects of a marriage and of adult life that should never take place in front of children but I have never tried to hide from our children what my values and convictions are. From they were small they have heard me telling their father what to do, reminding him sternly, reprimanding him. They also at times when it just came natural saw me slapping him in the face or on his clothed bottom. They heard and saw this because that is how we live and it would be wrong to play act in front of the children and then have our real life behind closed doors when the kids were in bed. They always knew that I made most decisions, that I had the final say in all matters and that their father in most matters had no say at all. As they grew up I spoke with them about gender roles, matriarchy, male immaturity, female superiority and all these things in a way they at their age at the time could comprehend. They never saw or hear about their father wearing chastity device and they never saw or were informed of him being caned or strapped but they knew when he was grounded and when he was sent to bed early as punishment.

Our daughters are now 10 and 15 years old and our son is 14. They are all happy and good children, doing well in school and helpful and polite at home. To them there is nothing strange or mysterious in me being in charge and their father having to do as I say, it is for them the most natural thing in the world and they seem all three to have fully grasped and embraced the matriarch values and outlook on life. The girls are eager to discuss female supremacy with me and they try to view everything they come across in school and the news and other places from a matriarchal viewpoint. From our discussions but also from many of the essays the girls have written at school I can see that the matriarchal viewpoint is always important to them and they use every opportunity to point out how wrong things always go in a society led by men and the primitive and childish masculine values.

Our son seems to fully understand and accept that he as a boy must have stricter and more restricting rules than his sisters. At the age of 14 he now naturally want to be a man but it is a well-behaved and obedient man like his father. Actually I think my son is scare by the thought of not having the care and protection that is provided in a female dominated and led community.

Now the oldest girl and the boy are teens it will not worry me if they one day should hear the sounds of the strap or cane and their father’s bawling from the bedroom; surely they will understand that if I punish him that way it is because he deserves it.

She and other dominant woman wrote many things in the ongoing comments to Train Male Children to Be Submissive

Femdom Virgin’s First Scene

For years this man has craved to be dominated, spanked, whipped and variously punished and tormented by women.


Finally he is tied to a bed. He is helpless. At the mercy of two strange women who promised to help him live his dreams.

The women are pleased with his Femdom virginity. They get to do cruel things to him for the first time. When the evening ends, will he feel satisfied or wish he’d never heard of Femdom. The women don’t care. He gave himself to them for the night. They will use him as they please.

Do you wish it you tied to the bed? Have you often dreamed of a similar moment.