Woman Spanks Man in the Yard

This woman lives in a very progressive town.

When he takes her naked husband out in the yard and punishes him no neighbor interferes. The police don’t visit. The sound of the cane slapping his ass is so familiar distant neighbors know when she spanks him.

When the man runs errands – shops for groceries, goes to the bank – everyone know that his wife spanks him nude in public. Their barely suppressed smiles leave the submissive man burning with shame.

One neighbor took photos and posted them to Facebook so even if he moved away their might be people would recognize him. And tell their friends.


Husband Degraded & Shamed

Humiliated Slave Husband

Wife Humiliates Her Husband With Help of a Girlfriend

Me and Buffy, my wife, were home and my sister-in-law Kruella was over to spend the evening. We were watching television, flicking through the channels, when we hit a fighting show, some kind of martial art. Kruella asked me if we could watch it and I obliged her and left the station on. She was really getting into it, acknowleging certain blows and strikes. I said “tough girl, how long have you been taking judjitsu”. She replied “long enough to kick your ass”. Kruella was 28 years old and about 5’5″ 115 lbs. “come on Kruella, do you really think you could kick my ass, your a skinny girl”.

Kruella looked me right in the eye

“Yes, I know I could not only kick your ass, I could make you kiss my ass three times in less than 10 minutes”.

I laughed

“You will make me kiss yor ass, yea right”.

She stood up and lifted her shirt exposing her shapely spandex covered ass, and pointed to her ass.

“I can make you kiss me right here, three times, and I’ll bet on it. she yanked the spandex up her crack and said “I don’t mean I can make you kiss my cheeks, I can make you kiss my spandex covered asshole.”

My wife Buffy joined in

“Go for it tough guy, I’d love to see you smooch her ass you faggot, got any balls.”
I looked at her and asked her,

“How much you want to bet”? Buffy looked at me

“I don’t want money, If I make you kiss my ass three times in less than ten minutes, you have to be your wifes slave and my slave till 2:00am. You have to serve both of us in any way we ask, anything goes, you must grovel at are feet, ass etc. anything, even be our toilet.”

I looked at her in shock

“be your toilet, what do you mean?”

She giggled “Exactly what I said, Be our toilet, drink our piss, eat our shit. Did you ever eat your wifes shit?”

I looked up at her in amazement

“Can’t say that I did, and what are you going to put up?” Buffy opened her purse and whipped out her wallet and took out money. Ten, hundred dollar bills.

“Thats one thousand dollars, faggot, still afraid of a 115 lb. girl?”
This was getting hard to resist, all I had to do was avoid her for 10 minutes and the grand was mine.

She looked at me

“I’m serios about the money and what you have to do, if you agree and loose, I hope you realize what you will have to do.” I stood up “Ten minutes, thats all right”. She smiled “Yes three asshole kisses in ten minutes or less and we win, other than that you win.” I was confident when I saw the money “Lets do it, Iwin its one thousand, you win, I am your slave and Buffy’s slave up to the point of being your toilet till 2:00am.”

We entered the living room, to start the match. I looked at the clock it was 8:15. I told her at 8:16 we start and at 8:26 give me my money. The clock creeped close to 8:16, she looked so confident it scared me, My heart raced. 8:16 she attacked me like an animal, It seemed like she had her strategy plotted out. Before I knew it I was on my back with my legs over my head. She was facing my feet with her knees straddeling my head and all her weight over my arms. She actually started to laugh, “Its all over, save youself punishment and smooch my ass”. Her ass was right on top of my face, and I was helpless, but I refused to smooch her crack. She leaned back and put her crack on my nose. Buffy stood up and shouted “Kiss her ass you faggot, smooch her butthole, then your slavery begins at both of our assholes.”

Kruella now laughing out loud

“Kiss it three times or I’ll punch your balls.”

The position she was in made it impossible to block a punch. My wife stood up and said,
“Punch him Kruella, I want to see him on his knees for us”.

Kruella grabbed my balls and squeezed, I was in an awfull predicament. Kruella leaned back and farted in my face. “Thats just an appetizer, I’ll give you one more chance to kiss three times”. I still refused. My wife said, “Punch his balls in, make him smooch, I have to pee”. Kruella whaled on my balls three times, the pain was unreal, I had no choice. She lifted her crack one inch above my face ” Raise your head and kiss my ass hole three times or else” The pain was to intense, I pressed my lips between her crack and kissed once. She hit me again “Two more times slave”. My wife was excited “Kiss it, kiss it now and become our slave.” Kruella grabed my balls one more time and I conceded. I pressed my lips between her crack and gently kissed her spandex covered hole two more times. I lost, I would have to serve both of them. Both of them acted as if they won the lottery, I was completely humiliated. Kruella sat back one more time on my face and farted on my nose. “I definately think I have to go to the bathroom soon”. The slavery was about to begin, I could not believe I lost. > >

After the two stopped celebrating, they both stood there and looked at me, Kruella said, “Look Buffy, look at him, twenty minutes ago he was your husband and a man, Now he is our fucking slave, our servant, our groveling pig and especially our toilet.” My wife joined in “I always wondered what it would be like to use a mans mouth, as my toilet, and today I will find out. I feel a bowel movement sometime soon”. Kruella looked at me “how did it feel on your back when I sat on your face and farted and you couldn’t do a dam thing about it, but sniff it and kiss my ass”. I told her

“I can’t believe you beat me and made me kiss your ass, I am in shock, I also can’t believe what I have to do”. Kruella said

” you lost the bet and now its time to pay up, get on your knees”.

I kneeled down before the both of them. My wife removed the loose pair of warmup pants, she had on and she was wearing spandex also. Kruella lokked at Buffy

“Aren’t those the same tights you had on in the gym this afternoon”.
Buffy replied,”

Yes, same ones, Why”

Kruella said

“I thought you would change after that crazy workout and the fact that it was 90 degrees today, but it turned out good because our slave might like the taste of sweat on our bodies”. Just then Buffy yelled “Slave come here and press your face between my cheeks.” I went over to her on my knees and inserted my nose in her behind, seconds later she farted in my face.
“Sniff that fart, slave, accept my gift”.

I inhaled deeply, and this was a first, I never before had intentionally smelled my wifes farts. Both laughed in my face as
I inhaled. Kruella sat on the couch and said “Its time for our slave to pay hommege to our tired sweaty feet.” Buffy joined in

“I agree ,time to grovel slave”.

They both got comfortable on the couch and told me to kneel before them. I got down on my knees in front of them. Kruella said “Kiss your wifes sneakers, bow your head and kiss her gym shoes”. I lowered my head to the floor and smooched her sneakers again and again. My wife now said, “Do the same to my sisters shoes”. Kruella was wearing a plain flat leather shoe with bare feet. I bowed down and kissed her shoes. Kruella looked down at me

“This is the way you should always greet me, on your knees and at my feet, Slave go get us two beers, then get back to my feet”.

I ran to the kitchen and got two beers, came back and handed the beer to them, and got back on my knees. “Good boy”, Kruella said, “Now pick up my leg and clean the bottom of my shoe”. I lifed her leg and dragged my tongue on the shoe she walked in the streets with. She sipped on her beer and smiled in my pathetic face “Did I step in anything today? no, you better check the other foot”. I changed feet and began licking the other sole.

“Your so obedient, now go and clean the bottom of you wifes sneaker”.

I repeated the entire process.

“Let a little girl beat you up” Buffy said, “Your a weak faggot, a little sissy, she yelled as she stood up in fron of me.

“Kiss my ass faggot, kiss your wifes ass”. I gently kissed my wifes ass all over, both cheeks, her crack etc. Kruella was giggling at the sight of this. Now my wife sat down again and barked “Take off my sneakers, you need to find out how hard I worked out”. I untied the laces and removed her right sneaker. “Sniff my toes through the sock”. Her right leg was crossed over and elevated, I pressed my nose to the very moist white sox and sniffed. Both broke out laughing as I sniffed at the base of her toes. Her toes had a sour cheesy smell to them. “Take of the sock and really get into it”. I peeled the sock off and once again began sniffing her toes. “I love the look of you on your knees sniffing my sweaty toes, like that aroma,

Ask me if you can taste my toes, beg to lick my feet”. I looked up at her “Please Buffy, may I lick your pretty toes”. They laughed and Kruella said “Make him do it better, Make him put his hands together like he’s praying and beg you to lick”. “You heard her slave beg to lick my toes”. I put my hands together and asked her over and over if I may lick her toes, and inbetween each request I kissed the top of her foot. “You may clean my toes with you tongue.” I lowered my head and licked her sweaty toes. “Make sure you get that sock lint out and all the toecheese.” I slipped my humiliated tongue in between my wifes dirty feet as the two laughed and ragged on me. “Now my other foot”. The whole process one more time. Now it was my sister-in-laws turn. Kruella stood up and told me to get on my back. She made me untie her leather shoe and take it off and then stepped on my face with her bare foot. Her feet had a stronger smell than my wives and she held it there and made me sniff out loud. Out of nowhere she squatted down and let another fart rip on my nose “I want to hear you sniff, sniff my sweaty ass”. Her ass did have a funky smell and the fart was potent also. She ground her crack back and forth on my nose and said “Now I know where to come if my ass itches”. she finally stood up and told me to stick my tongue out. Then she ran her foot across my tongue from heel to toe, as if I were a door mat. She made me remove her other shoe and smell the base of her toes.

“Open your mouth and suck my big toe”.

I opened and she stuck it in, and I sucked.

“Keep your mouth open wide” as she squatted down on my face and positioned her asshole over my mouth. A moment passed , then her fart passed right in my mouth. It was muffeled and the two of them started laughing like crazy. My wife stood up
“First she beats you up, now you eat her fartgas, what a pathetic speciman of a man.

” Kruella looks at me”Get up, go over to your wife and lick her armpits. Buffy puts her hands behind her head, exposing her pits and says “Yes slaveboy, tongue my pits clean, it was hot today.” I lower my head and lick my wifes pits. “Bet it tastes good, I’m next, Kruella said. I walk over to Kruella, she lifts her arms and pushes my head to her armpit for cleaning.

“That beer went right through me”, Buffy says “I have to take a leak toilet boy, get on your back”. My wife looks right at me and points to my mouth “I’m going to piss right in your mouth and you have to drink it, on your back”. Buffy removed her spandex and squatted over my face. Kruella got in close for a good look at the human toilet. Buffy sent a hot stream of piss im my mouth, I gulped her salty gift as fast as I could. It was very strong and acidic, sort of burned mu throat a little.

When she was done she looked down at me “How did it taste toilet, wait till you have to eat, that will realy be the show.”

Kruella went to the kitchen and got a glass. She pulled her spandex halfway down and held the large glass under cunt. She giggled in my face , right before she started to urinate, then she filled the glass, and put it on the table. She grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face to the glass.”Smell my golden wine, I made for you.” My nose was an inch from the piss and I inhaled the urine stench to satisfy her. “Dip your tongue in the piss and taste it, who’s piss tastes better.” I dipped my tongue in the liquid waste and sampled its flavor, it was much less acidic than my wifes piss. Kruella went in the kitchen and got a straw. “Drink it with this straw, you can taste it better and you can’t gulp it. I drank Kruellas piss.

When I finished,Kruella got me down on my knees, at her ass. She pulled her spandex half way down and pulled her cheeks apart “I hope you don’t get offended Buffy, that your faggot husband is about to eat my ass, because this is where this faggot belongs, on his knees licking my asshole.” To my suprise, my wife says “I don’t care what you do, I was just going to suggest that he give us both head, he is good at that.” A smile came to Kruellas face “Thats the best idea all day, your little faggot hubby eating me out till I come. She removed her spandex and sat on a tall barstool we had. Her feet were on the stool seat also, which exposed everything, her asshole and cunt. “On your knees boy, kneel at my vagina”. I Went down in front of her bush, My wife came over and said “Eat my sister out, start on her clit and do it good”. Kruella interupted “I’d rather him start on my asshole, There is somthing about a man on his knees licking my ass that sets me off.” No problem Kruella, Slave, eat my sisters asshole, rim that thing”. I moved in close to the chair and touched the tip of my tongue to her puckered ass. She obviously liked it and I began licking harder and faster. Eventually I sucked her cunt, starting on top with the clit, then separating her lips with my tongue sucking on each lip. It took about ten minutes and she came like a wild woman in my face. While she recovered I was ordered to eat my wife and as usuall she came also. While the two relaxed they ordered me to make them coffee. My wife told me very bluntly, “Coffee makes me shit, and I can’t wait to use your moth as my bowl.”

Both sat bottomless in the living room sipping their coffee. Kruella called me over to massage her asshole with my tongue.

After about twenty minutes my wife smiled “I think its time toilet boy, I feel a log on the move” A minute later “OH its time, get on your back.” My wife stood over me and laughed. My heart started to race in anticipation. “This is ultimate humiliation, The ultimate worship of one to another is willingly devouring the others shit, Oh it feels like a load. Buffy squatted over my mouth and mouned as the feces got closer to her anus. My wifes anus started to dilate “Here it comes toilet boy”. Kruella moved in for a closer look of the act. As her anus dilated I could see the head of the log, slowly emerge. ” Hubby its time to eat my shit, open that mouth”. She squatted down lower, directly over my toilet mouth. The log was about an inch in diameter as it slid from her bung hole. It started to dangle and shake and I guess she sensed it was going to break and squatted to a point where she could direct it in my mouth. Once the head of the log was in she lowered her ass to me breaking off the log in my mouth. She turned to watch me eat it. It was on the hard side so I had to chew it. Both of them looked at me in amazement as I chewed and ate it. MY wife turned her ass to me again and sat down I my mouth, centering her anus. “Suck the next one out as I push it in”. I created a suction against her anus with my lips and sucked out another three inch turd and ate it. She squatted once again and pulled her cheeks apart

“Now lick it clean you faggot shiteater”. I stuck my tongue up her ass and licked away any residual shit that was left.

Kruella began hinting that she had to go but was going to do somthing different. Kruella went in the kitchen and got a plate and put the plate on my chest. Now Kruella straddled my body, squatting over the plate and began to concentrate. Her cheeks spread and her ass began to open. She emptied her colon on the plate, depositing three, three inch logs. She squatted over my face “Rim my hole clean servant”. I lapped her entire crack and her asshole, cleaning it well. “Now its time to eat, get on your knees”. She removed the plate and put it on the coffee table.

“Here’s the fork Kruella, feed it to our slave.” Both were starring at me as Kruella pearced the turd with the fork and held it to my nose. “Smell my shit, sniff the log slave.” I sniffed at the repulsive bodily waste. “Open your mouth”. I opened my mouth and both watched carfully. Kruella stuck the turd in my mouth. “Chew it you pathetic shiteater, eat my stinking log.” Kruellas shit was much softer and easier to swallow. Then she stuck in piece Number two and I ate it. Now My wife came up with her own idea and told Kruella and both agreed. My wife went upstais and came down in a pair of pumps. Buffy stepped her heel on the log, it broke in half, but the one half stayed on the heel. She lifted it up to my mouth as Kruella said, “Eat my shit off you wifes heel”. I opened up and she stuck it in and I sucked the shit off the heel. Both were in tears they were laughing so hard. My wife now stepped the sole of the pump in the shit smearing it all over the bottom. She slowly lifted the pump to my mouth and said “Clean my sisters shit of the bottom of my pump, with your tongue. Ask Kruella if you can lick her shit.” “Kruella may I clean your shit off the bottom of my wifes shoe.” Kruella stood up and said “Sure after you kiss my asshole”. I pushed Kruellas cheeks apart and planted a big wet gentil kiss on her sphincter. My wife still held the shoe up and I went over to it and licked the squashed feces off the pump. The two rehashed what they just made me do for about a half hour and both fell assleep. My servatude was over but my memory of this humiliation will never go away.

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Lectured While Naked & Kneeling

When a submissive man needs to be humbled, perhaps by a preliminary lecture followed by corporal punishment it is very effective to order him to strip naked and drop to his knees.

Ordered to face the wall he isn’t permitted to see the women who are enumerating his failures to please and flaws of deportment. Even without a spanking the shaming will make him feel very humble, justly inferior.


Humiliated Husband 4

I knew it was no use and that I secretly wanted to suck his cock anyway so I
reached out and took Steve’s cock in my hand and started stroking. Within a
few strokes I could feel his cock getting warmer and swelling in my hand.
Once again I tried to replay in my mind what this scene looked like as if I
was seeing it in a movie. There were two married friends sitting on a couch
together watching one naked man stroking the cock of another naked man.
Both of the women were smiling and the one guy is standing with his hands on
his hips smiling while the man servant continues to stroke the other man’s
cock. All of this because the servant man’s wife has told him to give the
other man a blowjob for their entertainment. The scene in my mind was

“Make sure you play with Steve’s balls, Randy. He really likes that.”
Jennifer said.

“Play with them? Play with them? Randy get your hot little mouth in there
and suck on them right now!” Sherry commanded.

I leaned forward and took one of Steve’s balls into my mouth and began
sucking and licking it gently. Then I worked on his other nut. He began to
moan and now his hands were at his sides. I got even more excited as I
realized I was doing a good job.

After a while of stroking and ball licking I moved up and took the head of
Steve’s cock into my mouth. When I did this Steve moaned and Jennifer let
out a soft “mmmm”.

Sherry narrated “See, you two, I told you Randy was a queer. He sucks cock
good and I know that deep down he really likes it. You like sucking cock
don’t you, Randy?”

“Mmmm” I said as since my mouth was full of Steve’s cock.

“No, no, cum slut, tell us all how you love sucking cock and why!” Sherry

It seemed like when I began to get comfortable with my current level of
humiliation Sherry turned the heat up another notch. I took my mouth off of
Steve long enough to say “I love sucking cock and the reason why is because
Sherry makes me do it.”

“Awww, Randy, you know that you like hot cum don’t you? Why else would you
jack off into your own mouth?”

Once again the flame got higher. I thought “How could she share our most
secret acts with our friends like that? I can’t believe she said that!”

Jennifer and Steve laughed when they heard Sherry’s announcement. Sherry
confirmed for them that, from time to time, when we were feeling very nasty,
Sherry and I would arrange ourselves so that either she or I would stroke my
cock with my legs flipped back over my head until I shot my cum down onto my
face and even into my mouth. She even had pictures.

As I sucked his cock Steve began to breathe faster and faster and I could
tell he was getting ready to cum. So could Sherry.

“Good boy, Randy, you cocksucking fag. I know you want to take Steve’s load
for yourself but when he cums I want you to keep it in your mouth and then
come over here.”

I could only moan a muffled agreement as my head was moving faster and
faster up and down his ever swelling shaft.

Jennifer said “Steve, honey, do him good. Give him one of your huge loads.”

“Yea, fuck his face, Steve”, Sherry added.

At this point Steve reached down with both of his hands and grabbed my head
on both sides. I could not have pulled away even if I wanted to. He
started moving my mouth over his cock and thrusting into my throat at the
same time. His cock started to swell in my mouth. He said “Take this you
cocksucker faggot” and the he came in buckets into my mouth. Jennifer was
right. Steve came in gobs and gobs. My mouth quickly filled with his hot
sticky spunk and then his cum began to seep out of both sides of my mouth.
Steve pulled his cock out of my mouth and sat down next to Jennifer.

“Now get over here pansy boy. Don’t swallow. Put your mouth on my pussy
and use your tongue to stuff Steve’s cum in. Now!” Sherry demanded.

As I crawled over to Sherry’s spread legs and put my cum filled mouth down
to her pussy my cock was so hard I thought it was going to explode. My mind
kept racing out to provide that movie view that showed one woman watching
with amazement at what was going on, one man whose cock was soft and was
sitting down after just getting a blow job, one woman with her legs spread
demanding that her husband crawl over and use his own tongue to push hot cum
into her wet pussy while she verbally tormented him and humiliated him for
her pleasure. The mix of my emotions was incredible: rock hard excitement,
lustful subservience, and humiliation all at the same time. I loved it!

I used my hand to open Sherry’s pussy wide and I could see how wet she was.
I bent down and opened my mouth to plant my lips on her lips and I could
feel Steve’s cum start to spill from my mouth so I quickly started using my
tongue to mix his cum with Sherry’s juices.

“That’s right, push it in with your tongue, slut. Make sure you get it all
out of your mouth”, Sherry demanded. Jennifer and Steve were watching with
smiles on their faces. “That’s good enough pansy slave boy, now lie on your
back… good, what a great big hard on you have there. I bet you would like
to jerk off, wouldn’t you?”

“yes”, I said.

“Well, I think you could do that but you’re going to have to do it our
`special way’ for our friends, you know.” she teased.

This got me even more excited since I knew how humiliating it would look.

“Crawl over to the wall and get in your `special position’, cum slut.”
Sherry ordered.

I crawled over to the nearest wall, laid on my back, and crawled my feet up
the wall until my ass was against the wall with my feet farther up the wall
and my cock was pointing down towards my face.

“I know you want to do this because you are just a horny little faggot, but
just to make it interesting, Steve is going to take pictures of you with
this Polaroid so you know that at any time we could pull these out and
remember just what a cocksucking little slave boy you really are!” They all
were laughing now. “Now, CUM!”

I reached up and began pumping my cock. Click. It wasn’t going to take
very long at all. The flash from the camera blinded my eyes. Click.

“You’re getting close, I can tell, now OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND TAKE YOUR OWN
LOAD!”, Sherry yelled.

I felt myself starting to cum and I opened my mouth to catch my hot cream.
My cum shot down and landed on my nose and in my mouth and in my chin and on
my chest. Flash, flash, flash. I could feel my face getting red from

“Good boy. Oh, looks like you missed a spot. Its alright, I have some
right here.” Sherry said and then she got up from the couch, squatted over
my cum covered face and said “Open wide, honey.” Out of Sherry’s pussy came
Steve’s cum mixed with her cunt juices and plopped down onto my face.

“Oh, wow. Geez. Ugh” Jennifer and Steve were saying.

“See, you guys, Randy is just a slut for cum. Aren’t you honey?” my wife

Click, flash.

They all left the room talking about me and laughing while I went into the
bathroom to take a long, hot shower.

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My Sissymaid Slave Husband – Part 1

Feminized Submissive Husband and Cruel Mistress Wife

Cruel Mistress Wife

Mistress Zara

I want to tell you about my new found freedom, I am a lady aged 49 and have been married to Brian for almost 10 years, I had a long time boyfriend who turn out to be unfaithful and a real jerk, I swore that the next man I found would be submissive and would honour me.

I meet Brian at a hotel in Spain while on holidays and we got talking, he confessed that he had not many ladies in his life, I could tell that he was very submissive and keep asking could he get me anything, I had him fetching me drinks and rub on sun cream every day, also I got him to take me out for meals and drinks. it turned out that he only live about 20 miles from me, the night before I returned home I had him come to my room and got him to kneel at my feet and kiss them, I ask if he was a real submissive and he said he was and that it would be his honour to please me. I had him lick my ass and fanny until I came.

I got his contact details and when we returned from holidays I keep making him do more things for me, I started make him wear girdles, bras and stocking all day every day under his clothes and when at home a maids dress, he really looks silly.

I had him come to my house to clean the and do my laundry three time each week and then I started to get him come every night after he finished his work, he never got to sleep with me I made him sleep on a mattress on the floor of a small box room and be on call at all times if I needed anything.

I would go out at weekends to clubs and some time get lucky and bring a man home, I would phone my slave and tell him to stay quite in his room and when my boyfriend had left, I would order him to lick me clean. After a few years like this I decided to married Brian or as I call him now Fanny only because of his wealth as he is not very good looking and is no good in the sex department, he has a little cock about 4 inches, but I told him that I would marry him if he became my full time servile slave, he agreed and we signed a contract that I would own everything and he would be my slave.

Just over a year ago I had a large offer for his business and as his father and mother had passed away and he was an only child and we had no children I decided to sell his business and his and my house and with careful investment I would live very well off, this meant that Fanny could become a full time housewife / slave !!!

As everything was now signed over to me, he is total dependant on me. I bought a house in the country about 50 miles away it is a large old Victorian house that had been modernised, it has 5 bedrooms with 4 rooms downstairs and all the floors are wooden with tiled bathrooms, I had one of the rooms downstairs converted into my private gym, it has a steam room, hot tub and running machine the whole house requires a lot of cleaning on hands and knees. The house is very private surrounded by trees and it has lots of land but also closed a village and a large town.

Fanny’s living quarters are of course in the basement, there are two rooms in the basement one is large room directly under my TV and relax room and also under my gym the other is a small room off the large room that would have been the coal store it had a opening from the outside where the coal was delivered but this was now fully closed up, the room has no windows and is only about 8 ft x 10ft, he has a small radiator, an old steel frame bed that we found in the attic and a old wooden commode that serves as a seat and his toilet, the toilet bucket can be lifted out to empty, he has to empty his toilet bucket down a manhole in the yard, he is not allowed to use any of the toilets or bathrooms. He keeps himself clean by bringing down buckets of water from the laundry room and has to wash himself this way. I insist on this to ensure that he fully understands that he is a servant and he must live his life like a servant /slave. I have a call system one part he wears round his balls and the other I have hand held so when I require him I press the button and he gets a shock, these are used for dog training and I found this on the interned in USA, they are not allowed to be used in the UK.

I keep this on a ring attached to my mobile phone.

He is on call day or night, and to keep him on his toes, if I happen to wake in the middle of the night I press the button a few times and he will come running, I allow him maximum of five minutes to be at my side, I sometimes in the night make him attend me as a toilet, this I know he get a thrill from me pissing in his mouth.

The rule is for every minute he is late over five minutes he gets ten lashes. If I am felling wicked I will sometime go to my bedroom and lock the door while he hard at work then I press the button and because he is unable to get in through the locked door and keep him waiting for maybe five more minutes before I open the door, this means I have the right to give him 50 lashed because he was not by my side, after I whip him I feel so horny I make him lick me until I come and come, even I have left his ass and back in lumps and marks he is still grovelling at my feet and thanking me.

His clothing and food are provided by me and he does the shopping for food and supplies, I have a special credit card that he is co signer and he buys all my food, drink etc and I check the receipt to make sure he has not added anything for himself and each Sunday I give him £14 cash and he must use this to buy himself food and hygiene supplies for the week, my food bill is around £150 each week as I like the best. I know only £2per day is not a lot for him but he knows in the supermarkets he can buy the food that is just going out of date or I have instructed him to ask for any out of date food and tell them it is for his dog !!! he buys the supermarkets own brands also he gets to eat my leftovers. We he is cooking for me he must also cook his meals at the same time but on different pans, he has one old pot to cook his food in and I make him boil his meat food together with any vegetables so everything looks and tastes the same then he in a large dog bowl, he serves me and waits till I have finished and have dismissed him to clean up and that I require nothing more before he eats, so all the time he is eating cold soggy tasteless food.

He has a small van to travel around in and again he charges the fuel to the special credit card, so that I can keep a check. I have a new Range Rover Sport that he must keep clean at all times, just for fun I tell him as a treat I order him to lick the leather seat I sit on, I think he really love doing this.

I insist that he wears a girdle and bra or a all in one girdle with open bottom with suspenders and stockings day and night and outside he wears a one pieces overall the type you see factory workers ware it is blue.

In the house he wares a maids uniform not the French Maid type but a standard hotel type made from hard wearing materials. His shoes are plain ladies black flat for outdoor work and he also has a pair of wellingtons for wet work, his indoor footwear is black patented with a 2’’ heel


His wardrobe consist of 5 girdles with suspenders, 5 long line bras, 3 all in one corseletts, 6 pairs of stockings I bought these all on eBay in the used vintage clothing section the same with the shoes they to are all second hand, I am luck because he has only 6 ½ size ( small foot small cock ) his panties are my old one that I have finished with but there is still a lot of wear in them yet he over 20 pairs of these and I have got him a PVC maids uniform it is full length Victorian style made in China, you send them the measurements and they are made to order it was only £130 it is designed to be very uncomfortable to wear and use, the link : http://stores.ebay.co.uk/julias-laedchen I have him wear this on special occasions like when I have a boyfriend over and he serves us dinner etc, and at Christmas time.

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My Sissymaid Slave Husband – Part 2

Submissive Husband Rented to Other Sadistic Women

Submissive Husband Sadistic Mistress Wife

Mistress Zara

I was out one night at a charity event and meet up with a lady that lives in the village closed to my house and she was divorced and well off, we exchange numbers and about two days later Jean this lady rang and ask would I like to go out to town clubbing on Saturday night I said yes, during the night we talked and I told her about Brian ( Fanny )and that he was my slave, she said I could use a slave around the house, I could use him a day or two every week and give him all the dirty jobs I hate, I said that I was running out of work for him as he has my house and gardens in great shape, she said how much would you charge me to hire him, this was the first time I had thought of hiring . I said I would more than happy to hire him to you, say I change you £50 and you have him for 10 or 12 hours each week, she said great we will make arrangement tomorrow.

Late that night we meet a two nice men and we got on really well and ended up at Jeans house, this was the first real fuck I had for a long time, they left early the next morning, but we arranged to meet the following week, I think I will bring him home to my house and make Fanny wait on us hand and foot.

About 10 am I rang Fanny and told him to come to Jeans house and when he got there I told Fanny to strip to his girdle and show Jean, he was standing all red faced and we laughing our heads off, I said when do you want him and Jean said if you don’t want him now he can start I said no problem, she told him to kneel in front of her and she removed her panties I could see that they where full of cum from her boyfriend, all stick and wet she placed them over his head with the gusset over his mouth and ordered him to lick, she stuffed the gusset in his mouth, we again bust into laughter, then she shouted get your fucking ass out of here and start cleaning, you will find all the cleaning stuff under the kitchen sink and keep these panties in your mouth until I tell you, as he was heading out of the room she asked me can I beat him and I said of course he is yours for the day, do as you like. I knew he was in for a rough day.

I give Jean that the remote for his call system that way she can control him better.

Twice a week he goes to clean for Jean two half days, when I say half days that would be for a normal worker 4 hours but for a slave a half day can be 6 or 8 hours.

Then one day Jean rang me and said would I be interested in hiring Fanny to clean public toilets in the town everyday, I said that sounds a great idea.

She went on to say that she had a friend that was the head of health and sanitation in the town and she was saying they are having trouble keep toilet cleaners as it is only small hours each day and they have to be cleaned 7 days every week and no one wants to work hours like this for small pay. Jean told her she may have the person for the job and if you like she could meet at your house tonight, I said tell her I am very interested, Jean said I have explained all the set up you have with you slave and she fully understands and can’t wait to meet you.

The lady is called Kathy, she arrived at 7pm and I could see that she is a lesbian with short hair and business suit very mannish. I had Fanny dressed in a pink all in one corselette with black stockings and black panties, with black shoes. I had ordered him to stand beside my chair. We got talking and I explained about Fanny was a real submissive male, who could perform all household duties without question. She ask if it was OK to inspect him and I said of course, she inspected him and looked him over as if she was buying a horse, then she said she said what a pervert male.

She said that the toilets are usually cleaned each night after 6 pm closing time and opened at 9 am each day, but I think if it is all right with you and you want to hire him to me he should clean them early morning starting at 7.00 am and have them ready to open for 9am fresh and clean and return at 6pm to lock them up, Kathy asked me will this interferer with your use for him and I said no problem, I have him start work at 6am every morning anyway and he can catch up with all his other work before he goes to bed at night, it will just mean a longer day for him.

I said that it suit me as I like a lie in the morning and get my beauty sleep and he can make my breakfast when he returns from cleaning, I addressed Fanny and said this must be every sissy perverts dream to wake up each day and have to clean dirty stinky public toilets 365 days a year, he answered yes thank you very much, Kathy laughed and said if only the world was fully of obedient men like him it would be great. I agreed that I would hire him, I ask how would I be paid as Fanny had no bank account, she said this work is now going out as a private contract it can be your name and she went on to say that you can bid say £12000 for the year, I will make sure you get it, she said if he works hard it maybe will only take 1.5 to 2 hours each day but the quality of work would still have to be good, she went on to say if it would be OK and he has cleaned to toilets to high standard in say 1.5 or 2 hours each day and you will be paid for 21 hours could I make use of him in my own house for these extra hours, I said yes no problem you are paying do as you wish, she said if I can have him to keep the house clean and do our laundry would be great, I said you can have him say two half days and he will be yours to deal with as you see fit and of course use him as you like. (This would mean that I could get £1000 per month and £200 from Jean for him working less than 40 hours each week and still have my slave do at least 60 hours or more each week for me and he would still have enough rest time each day.)

Kathy asked him will you like cleaning the public toilets each day and he replied it will be a great honour and privilege to clean for you Miss.

We started to laugh and Kathy said you have him well trained, she went on to say that since he is a good cleaner that she will remove the mop and brush with the shafts and replace with hand scrubbing brush and hand brush and pan for the floors so that he can really get down to cleaning properly on his hands and knees, I said no problem he has knee pads he wears when cleaning my floors.

She turned to Fanny and said I want you at the public toilets in the town at 6 pm tomorrow and I will show you everything and get you keys and I think you should start your first day at 5am the next day as the toilets have not been cleaned for almost a week, this will give you 4 hours cleaning time. She said until I get all the paperwork sorted I will not be able to get your payment for about 6 weeks I said no problem.

When he came home the first morning after cleaning the toilets I heard his car pull in, I was in bed with my boyfriend I got up and meet him in the kitchen, I ask him how he got on and he said good and that he had cleaned very well, I told him I had a boyfriend up in bed and that he was to wash and make us breakfast, my boyfriend then came into the kitchen in his boxers and I could see he had a massive hard on, I was so horny, I said to my boyfriend fuck me here and now. I bent over the table and he rammed his hard cock up my ass, Fanny stood watching until I ordered him to fetch the riding crop, when he returned I was so horny I told him to bend over and to count each whack, I give him 10 this made me more horny, I ask my boyfriend to finish him off and he give him a further 20, then I ordered him to make breakfast while we carried on fucking until my boyfriend shot his load, I got Fanny to get down and lick me.

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Humiliated Husband 3

Ever since the first time when Sherry forced me to service another man right
in front of her while blindfolded and wearing a bra, she had slowly realized
that she truly enjoyed exercising power over me. In fact, while I was away
on my frequent business trips she had been fantasizing about how she would
next control and humiliate me to an even greater extent. Each time she
would masturbate she would think of ever more effective ways of making me
subservient to her and she found that the thought of her totally being in
charge of me and forcing me to do things that made me feel ashamed aroused
her sexually to a level she had never before experienced.

And so she developed and idea for a new episode in my humiliation and
established a plan. She had a sneaking suspicion that our friends, Steve
and Jennifer, would go along with her idea because Jennifer was always
bragging about how she and Steve had raucous sex. Jennifer would brag about
how much Steve would cum and how she hated to swallow it. Sherry asked
Jennifer if she thought Steve would ever let another guy suck him off and if
Jennifer would want to see that. Jennifer replied enthusiastically that she
would love to see another guy take Steve’s huge load (“…gobs of cum!”) and
that Steve had been pretty adventurous in the military and would probably
enjoy doing more than just getting a blowjob.

So Sherry planned it all out once again …

I got home around six on a Friday night a from a business trip. When I came
in the door Sherry informed me that Jennifer and Steve were coming over for
the evening and that the girls were at friends’ houses for the night.
Sherry told me that she had really wanted me this week and, that if I took a
quick shower, she would give me a great blowjob. Sherry does not give
blowjobs willingly so I jumped at the chance. I took a hot shower and
dreamed of things to come.

After I got out of the shower I came into our bedroom and found Sherry was
in lingerie on our bed waiting for me. She told me to come to the bed and
proceeded to take my now hard cock in her hot mouth. She was doing an
awesome job, really getting me close to cumming, when all of the sudden, I
heard from behind me “Oh Steve, I think Randy is ready, don’t you?”

I nearly leapt out of my skin when I heard Jennifer and Steve behind us and
scrambled to get under the blankets. I said “Hey, guys, what’s going on?”

Sherry said, “Well, honey,” she started to play with my nipples at this
point, “I told Jennifer that you were my queer little cocksucker and that if
she wanted to have someone service Steve’s needs then she should bring him

Jennifer added “Oh yes, Randy, I always figured you were a little different
but I never would have made you as skin flute player. My my …”

“So when do I get that blowjob, dude? I hear you like cum and your asshole
is tight.” Steve laughed.

I looked at Sherry and she began talking to me in a stern voice. “Randy,
get your ass out of this bed, get over there, and service Steve like the
pansy cocksucker whore you really are. I want you to make sure he cums good
and Jennifer and I want to see the whole thing!” She pushed me out of the
bed. I was stunned and excited at the same time. I started walking very
slowly towards Steve who had moved over into our bedroom sitting room while
Jennifer and Sherry got themselves situated on the couch.

“Crawl, Randy. You’re not man enough to have your head at the same level as
Steve’s. You’re the cock sucker and he’s the cock suckee!”

I was really ashamed of myself but my cock was rock hard. Here I was about
to suck cock again because my wife told me to do it and with some of our
friends, too! I crawled over to Steve and looked at Sherry for

“Yes, now take off his clothes.”

I undid Steve’s jeans and pulled them down to his ankles with his underwear
and then managed to get them off with his socks.

“Good, little pansy”, Sherry cooed, “now get his shirt off so you can see
what real muscles look like. Not that you’ll see them very long mind you.”

All three laughed as I did exactly what I was told.

“Now get down on your knees again and suck Steve’s cock!” Sherry commanded.

“Sherry, please don’t make me do this. This is so humiliating.”

“That’s not what you said the last time. I seem to remember that you liked
sucking cock. You didn’t complain when you were taking it up the ass
either. In fact, you shot your wad while you were licking that guy’s cum
from my pussy. So don’t tell me what you do or don’t want, just get to work
on Steve’s cock cocksucker. I want to see you suck him off good and take
his load in your mouth.”

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My Sissymaid Slave Husband – Part 3

Slave Husband’s Humiliating Diet

Slave Husband Humiliation

Mistress Zara

The next night Jean came round for a few drinks and something to eat and Fanny served us and stood at the side to wait on us, Jean said that she had come up with a great idea about feeding Fanny, she said that each day he came to work for her she feed him her leftovers, I said I do the same but I also let him make some extra food as I don’t want him weak and not able to do his work. She said yes of course but as he comes to me on Tuesdays and Fridays last week I saved all my scraps from my meals and things like apple skins, potato peelings etc from Saturday morning and keep in the fridge and I have started to feed him this and from Wednesday to Friday I will do the same, I have talked to Kathy and as he goes to her on Mondays and Thursday she will do the same but she should have more as her girlfriend lives with her and if you done the same on the days he is with us then he could be feed maybe 3 or 4 days each week on scraps or as I like to call it swill like you feed pigs, she said I like to mush it all up with maybe the contents meat, fish, cereal and some cake etc. it look revolting I said what a good idea, I turned to Fanny and said look how much Mistress Jean could save me on your food bills, we will try this out for a week and see how much swill we have to feed you and then adjust your weekly allowance for food down to may half that would leave me more to spoil myself, do you agree Fanny, he said yes I wish you to have extra to spoil yourself thank you Madam, we could not stop laughing.

Jean went on to say that on Friday Fanny got a extra treat and she said that he got to eat his swill from my toilet, I had him empty his bucket of food in my toilet before I used it, I only done a piss on it and then he enjoy his meal, he was luck I did not need a shit. I said what a great idea that should add a nice taste to his swill.

It was now around 8pm when we finished our meal and I thought why not try this idea with his food in the toilet so I ordered Fanny to bring our drinks into my relax TV lounge, when he done this I told him to clean up the dinner table and to put all the scraps and his now very cold dinner in the toilet bowel in the cloakroom toilet in the hall and then stand in the hallway beside the toilet door and wait our commands, about a hour later Jean said that she needed to use the toilet and went, she came back laughing and said that his dinner was now blessed by a very long piss, I also wanted to go but not just to piss but to shit and I tried to hold it as long as I could, we had Fanny come in and serve us more drinks and chocolates and I had him return to the hall and wait. It was now about 10 pm and I said to Jean I can hold no longer I need to shit, she said go for it.

As I went to toilet I started to fart I got Fanny to come into the toilet with me we both looked at toilet and saw his dinner floating in piss and toilet tissue, I thought for a second and said put your nose to my ass and I let a really loud and smelly fart in his face, I asked him if he was OK with me shitting on his food and of course I have him trained not to displease me he said it would be a pleasure and honour to serve Madam in what ever way she chooses, but I could hold no longer hold the shit so I sat down on the toilet, when I got up all was covered in shit I got Fanny to wipe me, as I walked out Fanny I said you are in for a real teat tonight, get back in the hall and wait further orders, back in the relax room I told Jean what I done and she said no problem, make him take his food out and clean off the shit and put in his bowl and then he can eat it, we keep him waiting for nearly another hour before I told him he could clean off the shit and put the food in his doggy bowel and eat then go to bed as his service was no longer required, by now he had stood for nearly 3 hours in his 2’’ heels waiting to eat his cold soggy and now very dirty dinner.