My Small Penis Humiliation Marriage

I am 6 foot 1 inch in height and weigh in at a muscular 210 pounds, but have a small penis (3 inches erect) and just one, very small, testicle (as a result of having an undescended testicle removed as a child).

I experienced humiliation in changing rooms when I was young and in my early sexual experiences (“Gosh, that’s small and where’s your other ball?”), but it was only when I met my wife (as she was to become) that I began to take pleasure and excitement from the humiliation. She was slightly older and far more sexually experienced than me and from day one mocked my tiny cock and single ball.

We have now been married for over 25 years and I have learned to become expert at foot worship, cunnilingus and anilingus in order to seel to make up for my ‘shortcomings’. She has regularly taken lovers throughout our marriage with whom I am unfavourably compared, but she also encourages me to seek sexual experiences when I am travelling on business so that I can report back to her the reactions of my unlucky partners when they discover my small dick.

I guess this may sound strage behaviour to many people, but I take great pleasure from the humiliation and genuinely love my wife.

Mistress Talks to Her Submale About His Penis

A woman takes to her submale about his penis. She wants him to always be aware to two things about his phallus.

It isn’t adequate. He is merely her slave, existing to obey her orders, service her needs and worship her.

His penis the a source of improper behavior and unacceptable thoughts. She will keep it under lock and key. Orgasms diminish is worshipful, sycophantic attitude. Should he ever be allowed another orgasm it will at her pleasure, not for his.


My Small Penis Humiliation Fetish

I suppose it was in High School seeing other guys in the shower that I began to suspect I had a rather small penis. But this never really seemed an issue, even when I began dating girls. (None of them ever mentioned that my dick was small. Actually, they never mentioned my dick at all, which probably says something.

Then, in my early twenties, I got into a more serious relationship with a girl called Rachel. Sex was okay, straightforward and nothing special. It was only when we split up, rather acrimoniously, that she fired her parting shot. “…Oh, and you’ve got a small cock and tiny balls!”

Well that set me thinking. What I found was that, after the initial shock and upset, I was actualy turned on by the thought that my ex-girlfriend considered my equipment to be inferior and, by implication, would have preferred something bigger.

Some time later, Rachel and I made up. After a suitably decent period, I asked if she’d meant what she said about the diminutive size of my cock and balls. But, to my disappointment, she denied that she did, making out that it was just something she’d said in the heat of the moment and hadn’t really meant. After which she simply refused to discuss the matter. Even when I was fucking her, if I suggested she needed something larger, she’d simply roll her eyes, tell me to shut up, and get on with it!

Well, some time later, we split up again for good. Again, it was not an amicable split. This time, she signed off with, “…And I meant it when I said you’ve got a small cock and tiny balls. Because it’s true. You have!”

What really upset me wasn’t our splitting up, it was the missed opportunity I’d had to indulge in what I now know to be Small Penis Humiliation. That would have to wait for several years when I finally met the woman of my fantasies, the wonderful Sadie.

So there I was, a man with a small cock and balls, a desire for humiliation, but no girlfriend. What was I to do?

It seems to me that there are two broad avenues for humiliation. One is direct. Someone sees your cock, as it were, in the flesh, and judges it to be undersized. The other is indirect. Someone receives the information that you have a small cock.

I began to explore ways of exploiting these two avenues. I had one thing going for me. My job involved me working in various parts of the country on fixed term contracts. I might live in place for a month, six months, a year and then never go back. This gave me some means of escaping the paradox of wanting to be known for having a small cock by people with whom I had some form of personal relationship, yet not having to live with the long term consequences.

Basically, then, I’d settle into my situation in some new town and get to know various people there (people I worked with, local shopkeepers, neighbours, etc.) Then I’d set about letting them know of my “shortcomings.”

How? Well, by various means which may be of some use to others. The most obvious is to be “accidentally” caught in a state of undress. This was fairly easy when living in digs or guest houses. A bathroom door is left unlocked and you await the arrival of the landlady doing her rounds. The fear and excitement building up to these accidental flashes was amazing. You stand in the bathroom, naked and pathetic, you hear her footsteps approaching, the door opens, she comes in, she sees you, her eyes flick down on to your cock, she flusters, apologises and leaves. Bliss! Occasionally, this would be added to in the weeks that followed by subsequent whispers and sniggers among the landlady and her female friends. But often the incident would pass as though it had never occurred.

Unfortunately, I began to develop a bit of a moral hang up about this kind of activity. There was a sense in which the woman’s participation was non-consensual. (I suppose the same might be said for other things I shall go on to discuss, but this kind of activity was particularly direct.) It bothered me so much that in the end I ceased doing it. Almost! I reasoned that in situations where my privacy was in some way invaded by others, displaying myself was okay. So, if a hotelmaid should come into my room without knocking and found me naked, that wasn’t my problem. Similarly, if, on a beach, a couple of women are enjoying watching me struggle to put on my swimsuit under a towel, and then that towel slips, that’s okay with me. And it given their amusement, with them too.

SPH Escort

I have always been obsessed with my penis size. It is almost gone when limp and just under 4″ hard so not tiny bit way under average. I have only had one women in my life comment on size, years ago I was with a gal and could not get hard. She said “Poor little thing” But like I said that was years ago.

I found a way to get real time real life SPH. I was looking at Craigslist under erotic services after reading an article in paper about police busting escorts. In several ads there were references to a web site called ASPD that has escorts and reviews and such. I am very paranoid so I took my time, like a year. I saw that many girls offer sensual massage, another word for Hand Jobs. I emailed a few of them, with Gmail account so I was safe.

Enter Becky… I found one and went to see her. I got naked and layed on her bed, she oiled me up and started rubbing me, i was nervous so it took a bit to get me hard.

After i got hard, it felt good of course I said I bet you see a lot bigger dicks? She laughed and said she had… I told her i was 4″ but she did not belive me. I told her about the toilet paper tube test and she ran and got one. She was amazed. She started talking about how it was hard to jack me as she could not stroke it without touching the head. She was doing me with one finger and a thumb.

I have been going to her now about twice a month for 4 moths now. I always get naked as soon as i walk in the door, we spend the hour talking about my dick, she is not mean about it. She just compares it to other ones she see and once held her dildos up to it to compare.

She also holds it while I pee, that is a real rush as I have a very shy bladder.

Stacy’s New Boytoy 2

by subboy

Let the games begin

We get to Stacy’s apartment, and she makes us each a drink. We start playing truth or dare. What are we in the seventh grade?
“How many men have you been with?” He asks Stacy.
“Fifteen or twenty.” she says.
“How big is your penis?” Heather asks.
“Not that big.” He says.
“How many inches?” Stacy says.
“I don’t know, almost five.”
“Sounds like you know to me.” Heather says, as she laughs.
“Well it’s not big, that’s for sure.” Stacy says. We laugh. He looks down, embarassed.
He dares me to flash my tits. What a little fuck. “Do it Sarah,” Heather says “We’ll get him back.” I go into the bathroom, take off my bra, come back and give him the quickest flash he’s ever had.
“Truth or dare, Eric?” Stacy asks.
Stacy whispers something to Heather. What is she up to? “Which one of us is the least attractive? And why?” she says.
“I don’t want to answer that.” Eric says.
“It’s your question.” Stacy says.
“Heather. She’s overweight.” he blurts.
“Wow, you didn’t try and get out of that one.” Stacy says.
“I did.”
“Not hard enough.”
“I don’t know what I was supposed to do.”
“It was a test, and you failed. You showed yourself as base and inconsiderate. I guess you have some things to work on.”
“I’m sorry, really I am.” Eric says “I mean who am I to say.”
“Yeah, who are you?” Stacy asks.
“I’m sorry Heather, I’m not exactly good looking.”
“What is that implying?” Stacy attacks.
“Maybe you should just shut the fuck up.” Stacy says as if ice is flowing through her veins. I’ve never seen her like this. “Girls, this boy’s gonna pay.”
Eric can’t sit still, and he can’t look at any of us. I feel uncomfortable too, I mean he could of tried harder to not answer the question, but he really was put in a hard place. “Maybe I should leave.” He says.
Stacy laughs, “Eric don’t be silly. This is all just a big game. I told you at the club I was going to destroy you. I mean you couldn’t have thought that would come without some bumps along the way. Are we hot?”
“You’re so hot. I can’t think of three hotter women.” He says.
“Thanks. See, and you’re with us instead of alone. So don’t leave.” Stacy says “So what do you want to do?”
“I don’t know”
“Cards? Board game? Drinking game?”
“Strip poker?” Heather says.
“Okay.” He says.
“Truth or dare, now strip poker.” I say “We really are in eighth grade.”
“It’ll be fun.” Stacy says. “Okay, here’s what we’ll do, since me and the girls don’t play cards,” that’s a lie “it’ll be the three of us on a team against you.”
“That’s not fair.” Eric says
“Take it, or leave it.”
“Oh, okay, I can’t win if I don’t play.” he says.
“That’s the attitude.”
I don’t know what this idiot is thinking. We play. We each take off our shoes, and Stacy takes off her socks, because we’ve lost four hands. He is down to his boxers.
“I thought you’d be better at cards than this.” Stacy says.
“I guess I’m not lucky tonight.”
“Just wait.” Stacy says. “Maybe you just wanted to take your clothes off in front of three hot girls.”
“What do you think of him girls?”
“He’s okay.” I say. I don’t want to say anything mean, and really he is okay. A little bit overweight, could use more muscle definition, a little pale. Like I said before he’s not Danny.
“What can a fat girl like me say.” Heather says.
“I’m so sorry about that.” he says “Really, please forgive me.”
“We’ll see.” Heather responds.
“Well let me say, I work at the gym, and in my opinion you could use a lot of work.”
“You’re right.” He says.
Why is this guy staying here?
“Alright let’s play another hand. I want to see this boy’s little dick.” Stacy says as she starts to deal.
“Stacy!” I say, I can’t believe her.
“It’s okay, I bet he’s hard. His little dick is hard.” Stacy says. Heather laughs. “Personally I like a dick about 7 to 9 inches. Five isn’t the worst, but it’s a little small. Maybe he knows how to use his mouth. You know how to eat pussy boy?”
“I think so.”
“If you’re very, very, very lucky, someday I might teach you.” My God, she’s something else.
We actually lose the next hand, and Stacy takes off her shirt. She’s still wearing her bra. “You like my tits?”
“They’re perfect.”
“Thanks, I think this is the time you lose and we see your little useless dick.” She says as she deals. He does lose, and he takes off his boxers. It’s not really that bad, but man does he turn red. Heather laughs. I think more because of his discomfort.
“This isn’t so bad for you.” Stacy says. “This is part of you learning your place in the world, little dicked man, but this is just the beginning. You want to play more cards?”
“He’s naked.” I say “He lost.”
“How about this, the next time you lose you have to do something we say.” He trys to cover up his penis. “And don’t cover that, we won the right to see that.”
“What would I have to do?”
“You’d have to dance for us.” He agrees, we play and he loses. Stacy looks at his discards. “What’s this. You had the cards to win, and you threw them out.”
“Oh, I’m not that good.” He says.
“Maybe you wanted to lose. Maybe you want to do what we say. Admit it.”
“You’re right.” What the hell is this guy about.
“Okay, we won’t even play cards then. You’ll be our little dicked bitch for the night. I mean that’s the game I wanted to play all along anyway. It looks like we’ve got our own little boytoy girls. The first thing your going to do is go into the bathroom get a towel. That can be your prop. Then you’re gonna come out here and give us a little sexy dance, and it better be good.”

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Lori’s Tube

I have been wearing some form of chastity device for the past 22 years. My wife is the boss in our marriage and enjoys all the aspects of enforced chastity (mine, not hers).

My current device is a Lori’s tube with the PA security and support ring. When I began wearing chastity devices, my penis was already on the small side (3.5” soft, 5.25” erect). Over the years, not being able to erect, even in sleep. has had an effect. I guess the old saying “use it or lose it”, is true.

It seems each succeeding chastity device had to be smaller and smaller to fit right. My current Lori’s tube is only 1” in diameter and 1” from the rear of the tube to the PA pin.

It used to be that any attempt to erect was very painful, but now it doesn’t hurt at all anymore as my “erections” are very weak. My wife supervises my once a week release from it for cleaning and shaving in the shower. My once 3.5” is now about 1.5” – 2”, and proportionally skinny.

This has not escaped her notice and she is quite amused by it. My only sex is a once a month (if I’m lucky) “buzz-off” where she uses a hand massager to quickly bring me off. Most of the time, I don’t even get hard anymore and just squirt down into a saucer while she tells me how pathetic my limp tiny dick is. Now, I secretly enjoy her mocking.

The Shrimp

As someone with a tiny penis (1.9” soft & 3.25” hard), I was very interested to read people’s comments on small penis humiliation, and thought I would add my 50 cents worth. In spite of having a bit of a hang-up about being underendowed, I can’t deny that I do get secretly turned on when people laugh at my size.

It all started in my school days, when I was dating a girl called Louise, who was a few years younger than me and who was my first proper girlfriend. As a joke, a couple of my so-called friends sent her a love letter, which they pretended was from me. I never saw it myself, so I don’t know exactly what was in it, but I gather it went into explicit detail about my cock size (damn those communal showers).

Louise must have known it wasn’t really from me, but rather than being shocked, it seems she was curious about it. So the next time we were alone together in her bedroom, she began unbuttoning my jeans. I knew nothing about the letter, of course, so I thought she was getting fresh with me, because she wanted to take our relationship to the next level (we had only ever kissed before). This was like a dream come true to me at the time, because I was somewhat wet behind the ears and didn’t realise how truly tiny my cock was.

Louise, it turned out, was not at all wet behind the ears. No sooner had she pulled out my throbbing cock than she burst into laughter and told me that her 7-year old brother was bigger than me. Whereupon, my cock shrivelled up even smaller than normal and I shoved it back in my pants, my face crimson with embarrassment.

She finished with me right then and there. Not only that, but the next day she told all her friends at school, and they told their friends and so on, and so on. The upshot was I spent the rest of my school life being called the Shrimp.

There were various other incidents over the years where my cock ended up being laughed at, which I won’t go into here. The upshot is I ended up being more than a little reluctant to let girls go anywhere near it until I was very comfortable with them. Then, slowly I realised that I had come to like it when people told me I was small… it turned me on.