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Originally posted 2011-11-05 14:59:40.

Lori’s Tube

I have been wearing some form of chastity device for the past 22 years. My wife is the boss in our marriage and enjoys all the aspects of enforced chastity (mine, not hers).

My current device is a Lori’s tube with the PA security and support ring. When I began wearing chastity devices, my penis was already on the small side (3.5” soft, 5.25” erect). Over the years, not being able to erect, even in sleep. has had an effect. I guess the old saying “use it or lose it”, is true.

It seems each succeeding chastity device had to be smaller and smaller to fit right. My current Lori’s tube is only 1” in diameter and 1” from the rear of the tube to the PA pin.

It used to be that any attempt to erect was very painful, but now it doesn’t hurt at all anymore as my “erections” are very weak. My wife supervises my once a week release from it for cleaning and shaving in the shower. My once 3.5” is now about 1.5” – 2”, and proportionally skinny.

This has not escaped her notice and she is quite amused by it. My only sex is a once a month (if I’m lucky) “buzz-off” where she uses a hand massager to quickly bring me off. Most of the time, I don’t even get hard anymore and just squirt down into a saucer while she tells me how pathetic my limp tiny dick is. Now, I secretly enjoy her mocking.

Originally posted 2008-02-27 14:40:35.

The Shrimp

As someone with a tiny penis (1.9” soft & 3.25” hard), I was very interested to read people’s comments on small penis humiliation, and thought I would add my 50 cents worth. In spite of having a bit of a hang-up about being underendowed, I can’t deny that I do get secretly turned on when people laugh at my size.

It all started in my school days, when I was dating a girl called Louise, who was a few years younger than me and who was my first proper girlfriend. As a joke, a couple of my so-called friends sent her a love letter, which they pretended was from me. I never saw it myself, so I don’t know exactly what was in it, but I gather it went into explicit detail about my cock size (damn those communal showers).

Louise must have known it wasn’t really from me, but rather than being shocked, it seems she was curious about it. So the next time we were alone together in her bedroom, she began unbuttoning my jeans. I knew nothing about the letter, of course, so I thought she was getting fresh with me, because she wanted to take our relationship to the next level (we had only ever kissed before). This was like a dream come true to me at the time, because I was somewhat wet behind the ears and didn’t realise how truly tiny my cock was.

Louise, it turned out, was not at all wet behind the ears. No sooner had she pulled out my throbbing cock than she burst into laughter and told me that her 7-year old brother was bigger than me. Whereupon, my cock shrivelled up even smaller than normal and I shoved it back in my pants, my face crimson with embarrassment.

She finished with me right then and there. Not only that, but the next day she told all her friends at school, and they told their friends and so on, and so on. The upshot was I spent the rest of my school life being called the Shrimp.

There were various other incidents over the years where my cock ended up being laughed at, which I won’t go into here. The upshot is I ended up being more than a little reluctant to let girls go anywhere near it until I was very comfortable with them. Then, slowly I realised that I had come to like it when people told me I was small… it turned me on.

Originally posted 2008-02-22 13:00:08.

Extra Small Condoms

I am 30, and I have a 7,5 cm (3″) short penis (erected). When soft, it is not bigger then 2″ and always sticks out horizontal, it never dangles like men with real penises. Plus I have small, boyish balls. Usually it shrivels up to 1″ so it looks like a prune. When it is cold, it practically disappears.

In the high school I had the smallest one and I was teased by the other boys in the locker because of my tiny pee-wee. Also the girls giggled when see me in my speedo. However I was not humiliated. At least then.

It happened later. About two years ago, I was just changing my clothes in the local pool locker. The room is very small and its door opens directly to the little hall. In the locker farther there were five boys, around sixteen, finishing after swimming. They were well endowed, at least 8 cm (3,2” ) flaccid. I have just come from the end-of-November cold and was not more than 4 cm (1.5”). My ball was also shrunk very much. It was a heavy contrast: their full hanging manhood and my shriveled weenie. But they did not take care about me. Gosh! – I thought. The shock came after. It happened within seconds. By that time I was totally nude and was just adjusting my swimming glasses. A boy, last one leaving, simply left open the door. Changing right at the door, suddenly I found myself in front of four high school girls, wearing coats and jumpers, gathering around in the lobby. Two of the them were sitting only 4 meters(!) from me. They faced exactly to my small prick. Focusing surprisingly on my small penis, they started to giggle. One of them said loud enough I could hear as well: “Look, how tiny he is! Even my 12-year-old brother has got bigger!” It took 10 seconds or so, but I could not take a move. I was shocked and humiliated. And … my heart and my mind started racing. The fact that girls have realized I have a tiny penis, the way they looked at me, began to arouse. In the following second a men arrived and without recognizing anything closed the door.

I wondered what to do. I knew if I went into the pool I would meet the girls again and I have to face with them. The pool was nearly empty, so I could start to swim without meeting them. After 5 rounds I went to the sauna. The girls were there. Five girls. And nobody else. As I entered, they started to giggle again. By that time my weenie has become even smaller, because of the cold water and seemed as there is nothing in my speedo. Actually there was nothing. The girls were well endowed, tall and athletic. One of the them said aloud whispering “Maybe he can pee-pee with his weenie only sitting or squatting.” They all bursted in laugh and i run out feeling however aroused verz much.

I regularly visit drugstores and pharmacies looking for extra small condom. Or rather, looking for young and cute pharmacists. I lean a bit over the counters and ask in a low voice for extra small size condom. The girls usually get embarrassed, but try to hide it and remain professional. When they offer dozens of different brands, but all general one-size ones, that you can buy anywhere, I take two types to examine them, for sake of the show. Then I say “Unfortunately, these all are too big ones for me. …..er….. I have a little one, only 3.5 inches, or “I have a boysize one”, etc. (Meanwhile I am aroused and have a precum… ) But this is enough for the girls. They turn to chili red and get confused and can only mumble-jumble a “Sorry”. Looking back from the street I often see through the shop window that they turn to their colleagues and say something with a big smile on their face. Wow, that is amazing, I can tell you!

What do you do?

Originally posted 2009-02-12 16:32:48.

At the Bar

Yesterday, i had my first “true” SPH experience (i say true as its the first time someone has really been a part of it and not just me mentally making a lot of nothing for my own fantasy) anyway… here goes….

I left work very early yesterday (i was ill) at about 10am, by midday i was feeling better and bored sitting at home so i went and bought a paper and went to a quiet little pub i know, nice and out the way so noone from work would see me. i sat for an hour or two, reading the paper and sipping a couple of pints when a homeless guy came in for a cup of tea. He sat just across from me even though the pub was entirely empty apart from myself and one barman. So he starts talking to me and we have a little conversation that doesn’t really go anywhere and i have to admit i felt a little uncomfortable sitting across from this old homeless guy (unwashed clothes,scraggly hair, scraggly beard, just as you’d picture) and me still in my nice work suit and very well turned out.

We kind of run out of things to talk about and the barman tells the guy he needs to move on pretty soon, so i get up and go to the gents. I come in the door, its only a small room with urinals lined up very close together and one small stool. I go and stand at the left urinal, unzip and pull my tiny little dick (1 inch when flaccid) so it barely pokes out of my trousers and start to pee, then i hear the door open and in comes the homeless guy and comes to the urinal on the right, i turn slightly, as i always do, towards his direction so he could see my little baby dicklet if he looks over (i always do it but nothing ever happens) but this time, he looks at it and just laughs out loud and says with no embarrassment “fucking hell mate, THAT is fucking TINY!” and laughed again, i just nodded, smiled and said “tell me about it, but what can i do” then i threw caution to the wind and added “come on then, lets see yours then”, he smiled, unzipped and flopped out his cock, not massive, but about 6 inches soft and really thick, way thicker than mine thats for sure.

I just stare at it for a few seconds and he says “let me get a better look at yours then” so i turn so im completely facing him and try to push all my little member out through the open fly, again he laughs saying “christ, my son had a cock that big when he was 4 years old!” he turns back to the urinal and starts peeing so i go to zip up and leave when he says “stay there boy, keep it out so i can see it”, i was stunned, my heart was racing, i couldn’t believe what was happening, here i am, a successful young man with a very good job in a very nice suit standing here infront of some unwashed homeless old bum submitting to having him humiliate my tiny dick.

So, i did as he said, frozen still, watching him pee, still with my dick poking its little head out of my trousers aware that anyone could walk in. Then he starts talking again saying “you know i just cant believe a grown man could have such a tiny dick” i felt my cock twitch, he continued “i mean, how do you even fuck a bird” my dick twitched again, this time he noticed “you like it dont you, you sad little boy” i just nodded and looked down at my now hard dick, straining out but still only 3 inches long “Ha!, look at it, even hard its still tiny” i was so humiliated and so horny “go on, wank it off for me, i wana see if you can cum more than a pathetic dribble” instantly my hand was on my dick, pumping my tiny member as fast as i could with him standing there, laughing all the time. “god, you’re a filthy little bastard, look at my cock, its a soft as bread and still twice as long and three times thicker than yours, you really have a baby sized dick” just as he said that i came, so fucking hard but as always, only a couple of sad drops of cum came trickling out, he watched and said “ha, i knew it, what a loser” then he left and i went and sat in the stool to take in what just happened, at first i was upset with myself and felt utterly ashamed, but with minutes i was wanking again running it through in my mind.

Originally posted 2008-03-02 07:12:05.

Shamed at the Pool

By Tom Thumb

Like most young people, we used to love to play grab-ass in the community pool. One particular time I remember well was when I swam under water and surprised Lorna by pinching her tight little ass and then swimming away quickly. She didn’t seem to be too upset, although I found out that she was just planning her revenge on me later.

A few minutes passed and Carolyn and Sueann swam up to me and asked if I could lift and throw them both out of the water at the same time. They said they wanted to try some synchronized move, and they needed a strong boy like me to be able to throw them high enough. My ego didn’t allow to realize they were up to something, plus I was excited about the chance to grab a hold of both of their sexy behinds.

I went under the water and got ahold of both of them and tried to lift them out of the water but couldn’t quite do it. They both wrapped their arms around my shoulders and each grabbed one of my arms with their other hand.

Just then, Lorna snuck up behind me and pulled off my swimming trunks. Within a couple of seconds, she reached between my legs form behind and grabbed a hold of my balls. The water was pretty cold, so they were shriveled up tight. Oddly, she didn’t squeeze them too hard, so it actually felt kind of good.

When I tried to free my arms, she tightened her grip a bit and told me not to resist. I gasped as I felt her hand clamping down on my tiny little nutsack. “I wouldn’t want to have to crush these little acorns you got down here. Be a good little boy and move over to the corner so we can see what else you got going on down there.”

I didn’t have much choice, so I obliged and went with the three of them to the corner of the pool away from everyone else. Carloyn and Sueann stood in the corner in front of my, while Lorna stayed behind me and kept a firm grip on my scrotum. The water was only about 2.5 to 3 feet depp, so my penis was in clear view of all of them. “Eww, look! It’s sticking straight out! You’ve got a boner don’t you?” I assured them it was just because it was under water, but they didn’t believe me. Sueann grabbed a hold of my tiny penis and laughed, “It IS hard, and it is SOOOO teeny!”

I turned three shades of red and pleaded that it was because of the cold water. “Well, let’s see about that.” She began to stroke my pee pee with her thumb and index finger and it became completely hard. “look, it’s only as long as my pinky,” as she held her little finger next to my penis. “Plus, it’s not even as thick as my thumb!”

Carloyn said, “Let me get a feel.” I could feel my balls begin to tingle and ache as Lorna kept her firm grip on them. Plus, with Sueann stroking me and now Carolyn grabbing a hold of my pee pee, I could feel my jizz about to burst. “Wait! Hold on a second,” I pleaded, but it was too late. Just as Carolyn grabbed my tiny shaft, my semen shot out into the water.

“OMG! You came?!? I just barely touched it! How pathetic is that? First off, you have the smallest penis and balls we have ever seen, and then you shoot your load after about 10 seconds of me touching you. I think it’s time for you to leave the pool.”

I tried to resist, but the girls staring yelling for me to leave them alone and to stop bothering them. The female life guard whistled at me and told me to get out of the pool immediately. Lorna gave one more squeeze to my balls and the three of them pushed me out of the pool.

I ran for the locker room, trying to cover my tiny package with my hands, but I slipped just as I got to the steps and hit my head on the tile floor. The lifeguard came over and gave me first aid. “Looks like your head is going to be ok, but I think your dick must have come off in the pool” she said mockingly. “Get in the locker room and cover up that sorry excuse for a penis!”

Needless to say, I never went swimming again.

Originally posted 2009-07-10 15:03:45.

Wife Tired of Husband’s Inadequate Penis

A Small Penis Humiliation Story

Last night my wife and I were having dinner and I could tell she had something on her mind that she was holding back. I prodded a little and she finally came out with it. While she loves and adores me, she wants to open our sex life up. She went on to delicately explain that between having 3 children and me having a below average endowment, she just isn’t satisfied with penetrative sex with me anymore. The only time she ever orgasms is either with my tongue or an extra large dildo. She actually looked ashamed but she said she NEEDED to be honest. I probably should have seen this coming. I rarely finish through intercourse either. Literally, I can put my whole left hand and all of the right stopping at the thumb in her and my penis is the length and circumference of a roll of pennies. Even when we first started seeing each other, she told me that there were other guys before me that were bigger; but last night she admitted that the smallest was 6.5” and the largest was 9.5”. I asked her how long she has been thinking of this and she said that she hasn’t felt me since our 2nd child (12 years ago) but started to crave more a month ago when she inadvertently walked in on her stepfather coming out of the shower. She went on to explain that she only got a brief glimpse but it was completely limp and swinging around while he dried his hair and was hanging past his balls and about as thick as a cucumber. She has been thinking of nothing but a huge penis fitting snug in her ever since. Throughout the conversation, I actually found myself completely aroused in the pants although I wasn’t really all there in the head. I asked her if she had anyone particular in mind and she answered that she hadn’t considered anyone yet because she wanted to talk to me about it first. She rationalized that it wouldn’t be cheating if I consented and she would never do that. After I said I would consider it she drug me upstairs and had me use a 10” toy on her, during which she commented that if she went through with this, it would have to be with someone at least as thick as a coke can. She’s been using the 10”er for so long it goes all the way in on the first penetration. Then she asked me to put my penis in with the toy, which I did and I could see what she meant. I could definitely feel her (for the first time in years) but it wasn’t like a vise grip. She really has been a wonderful wife and mother,so I think I will let her have what she wants. But with stipulations. 1) It can’t be anyone we know. 2) Condoms and birth control pills is a must. 3) She can’t have the same guy more than twice (don’t want a relationship budding). and 4) Only when I know in advance. I just hope I’m not opening Pandora’s box.

Make Cuckolded Man’s Penis Smaller

Diminutol: Make the Small Penis Tinier

Wives with wimp husbands that they cuckold have no use for their husband’s penis. Shrinking cuck hubby’s already small penis is sure to entertain her. And further remind him that his only value is in the paycheck he turns over to her.

The microscopic penis will be almost impossible to masturbate. But it’ll be fun to know that the pathetic man is trying. Any orgasm that he does achieve will be feeble compared the wild sex she’s having with her boyfriend.


Many truly submissive would take penis shrinking medication because they know they deserve it. And desperately hope it will please the woman who despises them.

Would you take Diminutol?

Jock Strap Shame

By Dillinger

In addition to my wife’s cold and dry since of humor toward sph (small penis humiliation) she is also a natural when it comes to demasculinization. She recently sent me for a consultation with a Urologist for me to have a vasectomy and naturally I went. The vasectomy was scheduled and I returned home. My wife was curious about my consult and asked me to give details.The most relevant detail was the instructions to bring tight underwear, to wear home to reduce swelling. My wife made a joke about my string bikini man panties being the smallest underwear that i would be able to find.

In preparation for this procedure I did some online shopping for underwear for men with small packages, about the only advise I found was to buy them a size smaller if i needed less room for the jock area, however, while online I could not resist the temptation for some sph humiliation forums and while reading i found a website called koalaswim.com their i found some gender bending swimwear, and I found one particular suit that caught my attention. Addictive was the name of a suit that had an internal cock and ball ring that the pouch and strings tied to, it looked perfect on the model wearing it, i noticed that his package was much more ample than mine and i realized that if the suit could make him look that small then the suit must be made of some stretch fabric that would require much less give if i were to wear it.

Once my wife saw the suit when it arrived in the mail she was furious that i had spent money without her permission. The suit only came in hot pink but i told her that it came in red and black and that they were out of black. My wife argued that the suit was hot pink not red and i told her that the salesmen on the phone said fuchsia and that i just thought that meant red. she said that it was a skimpy thong bikini and i argued and said that it was a special jock strap for men with small packages who even though they didn’t need support they still needed some layer of clothing to keep their underwear and shorts from rubbing their cock head raw.

Before modeling this so called jockstrap for hear i told her that their were three sizes of jockstraps made of this material and that the small was the only one made as a thong but that it was not really a thong but rather a single rear harness instead of the the traditional double rear strap harness.i explained that the medium and large sizes had double rear strap harnesses and one Velcro girth adjustable loop in the pouch for the medium and two loops for the large and that they were sized for medium 2″ to 4″ and for large 4″ and longer penises.

Disgusted by my pathetic size she argued that i was at least 2″ flaccid and i told her that their was a 10 min. treadmill walk test that i had to do before measuring and that mine was barely 2″ and that the instructions said that if the penis was not a true 2″ that it would slip out of the loop and get rubbed raw.

After modeling the suit for her i thought she was ready to find a man with a big penis, this was the first time i had tried it on and it fit like a glove however my package had never looked so small, with my balls pulled up close to my body and my penis tucked in under the ring i could hardly believe how pathetic i looked. my wife made me put on her skimpiest panties and they actually fit fine, despite my love for sph this was truly humiliating and now i have to wear this silly thing every time i walk on the tread mill and the last time my wife made me wear her red skimpy panties, she said that it looked better on me than hot pink.

On a good note i have lost 10 pounds of fat and probably 20 pounds of male pride.

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Originally posted 2009-06-24 12:06:37.

Small Penis Verbal Abuse

I used to drink and got in trouble with my little dick. Here is how the story goes …

I was in a drunken stupor and Ken and Ruth were waiting for me when I awoke. Guess I had emailed some shit to him while she was there. Anyway she was having ken take me out to talk supposedly about honesty and sobering up. When we were outside here is how the real conversation went.

Ken: “You are absolutely pathetic!

Russ: I know I have a drinking problem, I know

Ken: That is not what I am talking about….You are a wimp. You have a small dick, You are even worse than a eunuch! Don’t ALL of the guys LAUGH at you I bet you have to sit down to piss”

Russ: Ken DOES know!

Ken:I DO I know .

Ken: Well I am fucking the shit out of your wife and I will be taking everything away from you little dicked piss ant. There is nothing you can do so go back in there and keep your mouth shut if you want to keep your job.

And YES – I have told enough of the guys I have told that you have a tiny dick and that I am fucking your wife and they laughed at you and your tiny penis!

Ken I bet you never satisfied her, did you?

Russ: This has happened to me as far as high school, then in the college, and now here where I work.!

Ken asks: You know your wife does not even feel that thing when you fuck her? How do you cum deep enough in her to do anything?” Someone has always done the work for you haven’t they Russ? You think you fathered any children think again!

Russ: I know Ken, “No, my wife doesn’t feel my small penis when we use to TRY and fuck.” But we don’t that much anymore

Ken: you looser I got her now.

Originally posted 2009-12-08 14:51:34.