Total Mind Control & Enslavement

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Whir.Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. He sighed, that was it the CD back on repeat again. A CD of pure white noise, buzzing in the heavy old-fashioned headphones. Each time it came around he tried to listen, to try to hear anything during the brief pause, but it was no good the headphones themselves were heavy enough to cut out most sound on their own. The breaks in the CD had been the most exciting thing to happen to him for the last three and a half CD repeats. He estimated a CD repeat as lasting about 45 minutes, but really he had no idea. Before that he had been spoon fed his meal of vegetable lasagne before his water tube was taped back into his mouth and the gas mask with the blacked out eye sockets was replaced.

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Teased by His Bitch Girlfriend

Gretchen smiled as she moved her long nails across my purplish, throbbing shaft.

She looked so cute…A pale beauty with short, slightly spiky hair.

Gretchen is a little on the chubby side, but in a sexy T&A kind of a way.

She was wearing a tight top and snug courdoroys as she leaned across the bed toying with my tortured Willy.

“What’s wrong, Miles? Having a bad time?” Gretch asked me bemusedly, as she stroked my quivering shaft with a sharp thumbnail.

“I guess you’re having a hard time with the 103 days so far?” Gretchen smiled at me evilly.

Two and a half years ago when we’d started playing dominance games, I’d confessed to Gretchen my desire to be put into chastity, and to “earn” my orgasms.

“How do you mean?” Gretchen had asked at the time.

She’d already begun to enjoy the whole aspect of all the oral sex on her side, and my increased participation in the heavy housecleaning.

“Well, it’s such a thrill making love to you.” I had told her. “I really think that your sexual favors should be earned by me.” Gretchen had laughed at the time.

“Well, I already cut you off when I’m on the rag, or when you stay out too late with those idiots watching MSNBC.”

This was true, Gretchen would most certainly cut me off even before we were married, just tell me no sex, because she was mad, and make me do all sorts of chores and favors to get her in the mood.

This really had thrilled me, though her previous boyfriend, who had been a friend of mine, had told me many times that Gretchen was a “ballbreaker”

When Gary had broken up with Gretchen, he’d warned me. “No, I don’t mind if you date her, man, but she’s really high maintenance.”

Why had that excited me? The idea of trying to please this imperious princess had been just possessing to me.

I’d immediately begun to prove to her that I was no insensitive Gary type, that I was primarily focused on making Gretchen pleased.

We never switched the check or any of that nonsense, I always picked it up.

After we’d married, it had been so gradual how we’d moved into a state of Gretchen being my dominant.

I was an investment banker and brought home most of the bacon, and Gretchen did a little film-making.

It was her career, but truly much more of a hobby.

Theoretically, Gretch was supposed to look after the house, and make things comfortable and relaxing for me, and I was glad to subsidize her projects.

But it had seemed from the start that whenever I got in at night, the house was a bit of a mess… Gretchen was quite often sitting in front of the TV.

“Oh hey babe.” she’d say as I dragged in from a long day.

“Didn’t get too much done, but there’s some kinda TV dinner thingie in the kitchen, you know I can’t cook.”

And I could never get upset with her, and often I’d take off my jacket, put on an apron, and make us a good meal,as my mother had taught me to cook quite well.

Then I’d try to pick up her discarded deli wrappers and stray shoes, and sweep the carpet a bit.

“Your ass looks so cute when you’re sweeping, honey” Gretchen would say with a laugh.

I’d often make her a special dessert, and spend excessive time rubbing Gretchen’s feet, hoping to get lucky at bedtime, and sometimes I did–

Gretchen was a great lover, and she had a tight vagina! But more often than not, she was tired from whatever she’d been doing.

I’d warm her up with a little cunt-lapping, and then a little more.

“God you’re so good, Miles!” Gretch would say, gasping. “Can I come up now, and stick it in?” I’d ask hopefully. “No, just a little more, please.”

Gretchen would push my head further into her hot pussy, and I would lick her til she was exhausted.

“I’m way too tired now for screwing, babe, I’m sorry.” Gretchen would kiss me good night, and tickle my cock a little.

“It’s this damn project I’m on.”

And there I’d be lying next to her beautiful body, my cock bouncing like a metronome.

Then I’d try not to bother her…though I wanted to touch her milky full buttocks, or if she was lying with her face to me, her full breasts.

But Gretchen got very annoyed with me if I disturbed her sleep. What a curse it would be, rolling around on the bed, my cock stiff and painful!

At first we still made love three times a week, with me eating her out about six times.

Once in a while I got a blowjob from Gretchen, which she was quite good at.

But then it cut down to once or twice a week, and Gretchen was amused, and then irritated by my sulkiness when I’d ask her, pleadingly, why she only wanted cunnilinguis.

One afternoon, I’d been scrubbing the bathroom floor, and imploring Gretchen “C’mon dear, don’t you think I want to make love, too?” Gretchen had laughed.

At the time she was wearing a halter and shorts, and I was working in only a long-underwear bottom.

“I get such a kick out of it when you roll around and moan on the bed, and then when you go to the bathroom and jerk yourself off.”

Gretchen had made an imitation of my light pants,and “a–ahhh”, which was an exaggeration of my orgasm.

“It’s just so funny, Miles. You’re like a fourteen year old, still.”

“And there’s nothing, NOTHING funnier than a man who’s pouting because he can’t get any.”

Gretchen laughed. “You just strut around looking miserable like you’re going to have a tantrum, and I’m just fascinated by that.

I was telling some of the guys on the film site about it, they thought it was hilarious.”

My face had burned as I continued the scrubbing.

All the guys Gretchen worked on her film projects with were tall athletic types, and I was a short little banker.

Several of them were ex-lovers of my beautiful wife, and then there were the “guys” who were beautiful girls who worked with Gretchen.

Some were actresses, some film strippers, and it was so humiliating that she’d tell them that!

“Can’t you keep our private problems in the house?” I’d asked.

“What problems, Miles?” asked Gretchen implacably. “I’m not having any problems.”

And neither was I after I began to come to terms with my desire for servitude.

The problem was, I thought I just wanted it to be a weekend thing–and Gretchen was very good at that.

WHACK WHACK THWACK! “Ohhh!” I moaned after one of my early whippings.

Gretch had tied me over the arm of the sofa with my pants and shorts huddling about my ankles, and she’d exercised a bamboo cane she’d picked up at a flea market.

“What’re you whining about, Miles?” Gretch had asked cheerily. “This is your dream!”

WHACK WHACK SWAT! “You wouldn’t believe how your butt looks now, hon. You’ve got all these purple marks all over your right cheek.”

I’d turned with tear filled eyes to look at Gretchen in a snug striped turtleneck, slapping the cane in her hand. WHACK WHACK! I’d burst into tears.

Gretchen had looked concerned and pulled me off the couch and began stroking my bottom.

Then she turned me around, pushing my scorched butt against the sofa, and she began to pull on my cock, which had lengthened.

“You want this, right, Miles?” Gretchen had breathed in my ear. “God forbid I do the wrong thing by you.”

I was biting my lip, trying not to sob further. “N-no Miss’s what I need!” Gretchen had laughed.

“Miss Gretchen, huh?” She’d stuck a wet tongue in my ear and began toying with my cock all the more.

My hands were tied, of course, to keep from jumping away when I’d gotten the caning, and now all I could do was writhe as she’d stroked my bulging cock.

Gretchen had pulled and stroked my cock until I began feeling the familiar pulsating at the base of my tortured penis, the pull of the cum, which was now rising.

It had been several weeks since I’d had sex with Gretchen, and I at that time was not a masturbator, having given that up after college.

Gretchen had at this point become quite used to my oral ministrations, and depended on these for her release.

And she had learned to make me go through all sorts of measures to “Get me in the mood” to actually be allowed to stick my dick in her. Gretchen’s soft, beautiful fingers were now playing a lullabye on my long-denied cock.

And her other hand was squeezing and pinching my bare bottom, welted as it was from the bamboo cane.

I was rather worried that our housemate might come home and wonder about…

Why my fully dressed, sexy wife was standing, and stroking her hubby’s cock while his pants and undies were down on his Hush Puppies.

God, Gretchen’s fingers were incredibly skilled. “Having fun, baby?”

Gretch’s voice tinkled, and now she was kissing my ear, her tongue exploring my sweating neck.

I gasped and my stolid erection began drooling excessive precum.

I was getting closer to release. Oh, to cum in her hand. I wanted it so badly!

My cock quivered as Gretch’s long, purple nails had tickled the vein crawling across the shaft.

“It’s such a thick, burgundy vein, honey” Gretchen whispered.

“It almost matches the shade of my nails, but not quite….but I’ll make the vein purple in time.”

Oh, God, that voice. The way she could turn me into jelly! What kind of a monster was I creating?

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Taylor Takes Control 2 – Her Whip

Taylor did not return to the house for a further forty eight hours, her excitement mounted as she open the outer door of the basement. It was not that Taylor wasn’t frightened, on the contrary, she did feel quite apprehensive. However, this emotion only seemed to add to her already heighten feeling of sexuality to create a heady mix. On opening the inner door, she heard a movement directly underneath it. This she had anticipated, as Fred tried to make a lunge for her. What Fred hadn’t seen, due to the fact that he had spent the last two days in total darkness, was the Taylor was carrying a stun gun. As soon as she caught sight of Fred she fired and two cables, which made themselves at home, attached to Fred’s chest. He dropped down slowly, losing consciousness. As he fell he rolled down the last remaining stairs to the basement floor, where Taylor promptly started to divest him of all his clothing.

When Fred next awoke, he found himself again in darkness. Although feeling quite week he made to stand up. It was then that Fred received his first shock; he couldn’t stand up! He appeared to be kneeling on all fours and the restraints he felt on his wrists and ankles were keeping him that way. The second shock that came Fred’s way was when he realised he was naked, except for the restraints on his wrists and ankles and a large collar of some sort around his neck. Fred discovered, by trial and error, that the restraints on his ankles and wrists were connected in various ways by metal shafts that allowed for no upward movement. A heavy chain being attached from the collar around his neck to the shaft that ran between wrist restraints further hindered his progress. The only movements that were possible for Fred to make were small shuffling movements. To add to Freds discomfort, he was feeling incredibly thirsty and hungry.

At that moment Fred heard the basement hatch being opened and a stream of fresher air filled the dank room and a light was swiched on. He heard the sound of high heels descending the stairs but it took over a minute for him to make out who it was because his eyes needed that time to adjust. What he saw gave him his third shock of the day. There was Taylor, now standing right in front of him, looking very much the way she had when he had last seen her, only this time she had a very severe looking whip which she was running through her well manicured hands.

Fear flowed instantly through Fred’s body and he made to run away forgetting entirely about the bondage his body was now in. This caused Fred to panic further and all he could do was to shuffle with all the energy he could muster to get away from the scenario that was unfolding before his very eyes. His bonds ensured that, even in a state of panic, he could only move at a very slow pace.

Taylor looked on at the scene in front of with great delight. The look of sheer terror on Fred’s face had been worth its weight in gold and to watch him scuffle away from here like some manic dog, amused her even more. When she spoke she spoke with great purpose and authority.

‘Stop’, she commanded.

Fred froze in his tracks, although frightened; he had never heard a voice so utterly authoritative before. He scuffled round to face where Taylor was standing, a look of great apprehension on his face.

‘I want you to crawl over to where I am standing, and then put your head to the floor in front of me. You will not speak.’

Fred felt totally exposed, not only was he bound on all fours like a dog, but he was also stark naked.

‘What are you going to with me’, he managed to intone with a trembling voice.

‘I told you not to speak, do so again and you will only make matters worse. Now, I will not tell you again, crawl over to my feet and place you head to the floor’.

Taylor was smiling, both inwardly and outwardly.

Fred felt he no alternative but to comply, he did not want to annoy this woman any further than he had already. He scuffled slowly over to where Taylor stood, placed his head to the floor right in front of Taylor’s black patent stilettos. Fred was trembling the whole time, because of the fear of not knowing what was about to happen to him. Taylor could see his whole body was shaking, as he supplicated himself in front of her, she then spoke to the creature beneath her.

‘I am now going to whip you, this will be the first time, but certainly not the last, you will feel the kiss of this whip’.

Fred made to speak.

‘Don’t’. Came Taylor’s very sharp reply.

‘You will, of course, try to evade the lashes but as you have already established, you movements are severely limited. You will not be able to escape what I am about to do to you’. Taylor let the words slowly sink into Fred’s brain, to ensure that the level of his terror rose significantly.

Taylor ran the tails of the Cat one last time through her hands and then raised her arm up high. At that moment Fred looked up to see what was happening and let out a scream of shock and disbelief rather than pain. The first sound he heard was the sound of the lash, as well as the sound of the contact of leather on flesh. An explosive sound, a sound that was quite unique and one he would never forget. The pain, when it came, was so intense that all the fight he could muster within side himself could not harness and deflect it in any way. It was a pure pain, white in colour and red in anger. The scream he let out was from the depths of his soul, and yet did not seem part of him. As if the whip were conversing with another, Fred Bradshore, a deeply real individual, a man he had never, but had always suspected, he would meet. The whip had landed on the base of his back and his ass, causing red welts to appear instantly.

‘Did you enjoy the first stroke of my whip Fred?’, asked Taylor mockingly.

‘Please, please no, nooo more, please, please Taylor, please’. At that point the whip fell for a second time and the pain seemed greater than the first. ‘Please Taylor no, no, please stop, it’s too much, I can’t take it’, screeched Fred, his voice almost one whole register higher than it was normally.

‘Oh, but you will take it Fred, all bad boys have to take thier punishment. And you have been a very bad boy Fred, and will have to punished very severely.’ Again Taylor ran the tails of the whip through her hand, caressing her alley in the destruction of their common enemy.

Part 2 of 3.

Mistress’ New Punishment Assistant

Bisexual Femdom

By Hugo


“My Mistress has solicited for a new assistant, one to be used in training me. One who be allowed to discipline me when she is not around. She will also be subjected to these same tortures as me, and therefore, has a stake in learning quickly and pleasing her as well.

Your new slave candidate is given the task of bringing me to tears, and I am ordered to maintain a large, full erection during the entire strapping and spanking. You walk over to the front of the bench, by my head and kiss me softly, then you lift up your really short skirt and bend over and spread your cheeks, pushing your delicious pucker into my mouth. You command me to start eating, and eating it good! Then, your slave, (who has stripped to just a bra, thong underwear and a pair of wonderfully sexy black shiny boots), is given a signal to begin the strapping.

She raises the heavy prison strap, and snaps it into my buns, and the pain sears through my body like electricity! A wave of shock convulses me forward and I ram my nose into your pucker. You moan, “harder!” and she straps my naughty bouncing buns again. You are watching the whole thing on your tv monitor, which shows the ‘action’ from (my) behind.

Again and again, the girl raises the strap and brings it down with all her might, and I am screaming, but you muffle the sounds by jamming your delectable ass into my face, and yell, “silence! Or I will take over!” I don’t know what to do! My ass is on fire! And I think this girl is enjoying it! She feels my bottom and then slips down to my balls and grabs them, massaging them and my cock is bouncing with each squeeze, then she holds them and spanks me harder and harder, and now her hand is on my cock! And she is stroking it, faster and faster as the spanks come faster and harder! I eat your bottom for all I am worth, dipping deep into your rectum and sucking on the rim, and fucking your bottom with my tongue!! Oh god, I can’t take it anymore! And as she strokes my cock, I feel the cum rising out of my swollen, full, tortured balls and in an orgasmic explosion, I spurt so far, it hits the back of your thighs!

This is a big mistake. And within minutes, we, both the new slavegirl, and I find ourselves bound together, side by side, bent over the back deck of your house, as you practice within hearing sight, your swing of your new heavy leather belt. I can feel her cheeks quivering alongside mine, and she says she is sorry she made me cum. It’s little consolation considering the beating we are both about to receive to our puckered bottoms. Then, you disappear, and come back with a strap-on hooked up, and it is already greased up with your favorite lubricant…Butter Flavored Crisco.

Next thing I know, I feel the tip inside my bottom and you ram it all the way up as I yelp! Then you take the strap and as you ‘fuck’ my bottom you strap hers hard! She is yelping and you tell her to be silent. You are slamming into my cheeks so hard that the strap around my waist is cutting into my hips! And with each lash of your heavy leather on the poor girls bottom, I feel her cheeks bounce into mine, and the sweat between all of us makes them slide smoothly. I don’t know who I feel worse for. After all, just a few minutes ago, it was my fanny being tanned by her, and now she was getting her comeuppance, so to speak.

You lecture me, that the reason I have to learn to keep an erection while being strapped, is that I will be sliding my hard cock into your soft bottom and while I slide it in and out, I must be strapped, and that’s the new slavegirl’s duty! To slap my cheeks hard while I please yours, and I mustn’t even think of losing a bit of my erection. I must be full and hard for your bottom, and must last as long as you want me to, no matter how long, or how long I am strapped, or how hard for that matter, (or with what!)

You tell us I am being punished for cumming without permission, and she is being punished for making me cum without permission. She is really crying now, and tell her to be silent or else. She keeps crying, she begs and pleads with you that she can’t help it, but you don’t care. She must learn to obey. You release my bonds, and tell me to “get up.” And you lead me to her head. “Put your cock in her mouth.” You order. “And you, my little slave girl. Since you love to make him cum so much, then you better make him cum now in your mouth, and I will whip you until he does!”

I can’t believe this! I had just had an orgasm, I try to explain, but the heavy strap finds my bottom for a few really hard slaps! And I beg for forgiveness. You just put your hands on your hips, the strap in one hand and say, “Now what did I tell you to do?” She says, “Yes ma’am, I will do it!!” And she quickly gobbles my limp cock. I can’t get hard and as the strap finds it’s mark over and over again on her poor rump, I try my best but the sound of the strap and the fact that I just came make it impossible! You are having so much fun, because you know this, and then to make it more interesting, you say, “Well, “SLAP!! When you finally “SLAPP!!” do – “WHACK!!” I’m going to let “SLAAAAAP!!! Our little slavegirl “WHAAAACK!!” pay “SLAP!!” you back for making “SLAAAAP!!! Her buns “SLAAAAAP!!!” Suffer so much!! “WHAP!!!” “WHAP!!!” “WHAP!!!”

I am trying so hard!! Please I beg! Please! My balls – I – uh! “Your balls?” You say. “What about them? No cum? Let me check…” And you grab them and hold them firmly and begin to spank me hard as my cock is still in her mouth. Your magic hands make my dick get hard and as the girl sucks hard and fast knowing this may be her only chance to be free (for now anyway) of your strap. As you massage my balls, and spank me, I cum weakly in her mouth. “Good boy.” You say. “Now I want you back on the strapping bench my little slave. I think it’s time for you to turn the other cheek.” Amanda, now you know what you shouldn’t do, and now, if you’d like to discipline Peter, you may. I’m going to get my vibrator, so wait until I return.

You come back, pull up a comfortable chair and say, “let the games begin” as you chuckle to yourself. Amanda selects the Spencer paddle and I protest. But it falls on deaf ears, as a matter of fact, that excites you more and you say, “Good girl! Whip those naughty cheeks! I want some whipped cream for desert….”

She beats me over and over again, as I scream and you just moan, maneuvering the vibrator all around your clit, and along your hot pussy lips. You have inserted a dildo up your bottom which I can see out of the corner of my eye, and you are in ecstasy! Amanda asks, “Am I doing it correctly WhipMistress?” As she slams the tortuous device into my upturned and bloody red bottom. “Ummm Yesss!! That’s it!! He is such a bad, bad boy! Yes, but you know what I want to do now? I want you to fuck his ass, and fuck it hard!! And I’m going to spank you while you do!” “But ma’am!” She says and I say in unison. “What did you two just say?” “Nothing.” We say back quickly. The fun is just beginning.

Deep in my bottom the dildo slides in and out, and I hear the slap and feel the repercussions a moment later, as the strap to her cheeks sends the whole length of the dildo into my bottom in a recoil! Over and over you use the strap on her poor bottom in a cadance to have her stroke my bottom! Over and over again. Harder and harder. My cock is sticking out, but it is going down. Maybe she won’t notice… But this is not to be. “Well, what do we have here?” You say, taking my cock into your hand. “This is not good. “Pull out Amanda. You must spank Peter again, while he eats me! And this time, I better orgasm, or I’m getting out the garden hose and the KY and the grease gun!!!

Oh god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms Strict 15

He made his way to the back of the house and then into his room. Exhausted, he collapsed face down on the bed and fell asleep. His dreams were fleeting and vague and when he woke the sun was high in the sky. And there was an insistent throbbing that intruded on his fuzzy brain.

‘What the heck?’ he thought, reaching down he found the cage which was filled to capacity with his effort at a morning erection. When his thoughts turned to the night before, the normal thing happened, or at least tried to happen. But this time, things couldn’t proceed, he was effectively squished into a little cage. And on further examination, he realized that it wasn’t going to come off either, well at least without cutting off the lock. The discomfort was rapidly turning into pain and he made his way into the kitchen for an ice pack. He thought that as soon as he had showered, he would go over and she could take the thing off. That is when he remembered she said she was going to be gone for a few days. His heart sank. How was he going to function for days with the thing on? How could he go out or do anything? He would just have to stay around the house and wear baggy clothes or something.

Finally soft again, he made his way into the bathroom, only to realize that peeing standing up was out of the question. The thought of having to sit down to pee was faintly humiliating. The thought of peeing brought back memories of the night before and to his surprise found himself getting hard again at the thought. He got into a cold shower, finding shaving more than a challenge, the cage seeming to get in his way every time he began a stroke.

He finished finally and got out, looking for his baggiest clothing and decided that a lounge around the house was in order. The cage didn’t seem to be too noticeable and he tried to forget that it was there. That wasn’t easy, it tended to intrude on his thoughts at a fairly regular interval, mostly when he thought about his life in the last week or so. He finally gave up and made himself comfortable, ice pack in his lap and decided to give some fairly serious thought to where his life was headed. On the surface, he couldn’t imagine himself doing the things that he had done (or had done to him) in the recent past. But as he thought more and more, he realized that he had never been this happy, it was as if he were finally fulfilled. His fantasies had always been of himself somehow being ruled by a more powerful woman, he had just never realized how important it was to him. And in hindsight, he realized that the women that he tended to be attracted to were the bossy type, the kind that would order him around and be just the tiniest bit mean to him.

He decided that it was useless to moon over the fact that he was securely caged and to get on with his life. He did his chores around the house (making sure that the ice pack was never far away), and did his best to behave normally. He realized that he needed some things from the store and worked up his courage to go out.

He made his way through the aisles at the grocery store, worried that people might be looking at him, noticing the bulge at his crotch, but no one did. He did have a couple of instances when things began to happen down there and he was forced to do all of those things that would distract him to help the erection subside before it got too far along and became painful. Finally, his shopping done, he thought of stopping at the video store for some movies.

He was surprised to run into a group of friends from school and they invited him over for some basketball and pizza later and he accepted quite before he realized what he was doing. As he drove home, he thought with at grin that at least he wouldn’t be getting peed on tonight.

Changing clothing later, he decided that if he wore his jock over the cage it seemed to keep things contained enough that it wouldn’t be noticeable. He still found himself embarrassed about having to pee sitting down though.

Basketball went well, and he figured if anyone smacked him there and commented he could say it was just a cup since he knew what a bunch of dorks they were when they played bball and he was just trying to protect himself from flying elbows. But nothing happened so it never came up. Later on, he found out that along with the pizza, there was beer and movies so it was shaping up to be a fun evening.

So beer and pizza in hand, they flopped down in front of the TV to watch movies. The first movie was typical guy stuff and as he watched, surrounded by his friends, he realized that this was how his life had taken a strange turn. And it seemed that it was about to do that again. The second movie was a surprise, Scott had said. It had looked ‘interesting’ and the store and he thought it was going to be good for some laughs. It had a lame porn title and started out with some guy doing pool maintenance for a middle aged woman. She invited him in later for a cool drink and well the guy finds himself drugged and kidnapped. When he wakes up later, in a cell, she tells him that she collects men for a wealthy woman’s harem and she felt that he was just perfect to be the newest slave.

About this time, Tom felt himself beginning to squirm in his chair. His friends were laughing and making fun of the guy in the movie. They said, yea if they had been kidnapped, they wouldn’t be the ones that ended up as slaves. When the guy ended up over a woman’s knee a short while later, just to be soundly spanked, there was lots of derisive laughter, although Tom noticed that one of his friends seemed almost as uncomfortable as he was. He got up and went for another beer, and found that Scott had followed him into the kitchen. They both got beer and Scott asked him what he thought of the movie. They talked for a bit and then Tom was surprised when Dick asked him if he had ever thought what it would be like to be forced to perform like the guy did in the movie. Tom stammered a bit and found that Dick was telling him that sometimes he thought about it and found it kinda exciting, but he just figured he was just weird. Plus, stuff like that never happened, really. They went back to the movie and watched while the poor guy in the movie had various things done to him by lots of black leather clad women in stiletto heels wielding whips and floggers. The other guys laughed and made fun of the guy and made lewd suggestions about what THEY would do to the women if they were in the same situation. When one of the women brought out a strap-on, the laughter stopped.

‘What the heck is that!’ The poor hero had been strapped and chained down bent over, much like Tom had been when he fell asleep so long ago. The uncomfortable silence extended through the scene and when it was over and the females had reigned triumphant as their victim begged for more ass fucking, the chorus of ‘YUCK!’ and ‘Gross’ was deafening. The general opinion was that the guy had have something wrong with him since only then would he have enjoyed that.

The party broke up after that and Tom offered to give Dick a ride home since it was late. They talked on the way home and somehow it returned to the movie. Dick mentioned that he had a girlfriend that like to rub him ‘there’. He said he was embarrassed about it at first, but once he got over it, it felt kinda nice. He wondered if that made him gay. He didn’t feel gay, it wasn’t if he wanted to have sex with guys or anything, he still really only thought of girls in that way, but it had made him worry. Tom told him that it didn’t make him gay, and laughed, saying they thought guys who didn’t like football had to be gay. And heck, maybe being played with back there felt good, just because guys were gay didn’t mean they were crazy, things still felt good to them. Dick looked relieved when he got out of the car.

Tom got home, and recycled the rest of his beer (sitting down) and went to bed. He woke up several times from disturbing dreams, dreams that Lara had Dick chained to the wall and was flogging him, or Dick worshipping her feet while he watched. The worst was watching Lara take Dick with the strapon, he remembered the overwhelming feeling of jealousy that it should have been HIM, he wanted it to be him giving his mistress pleasure.

The next morning was much like the previous one, he woke throbbing inside of his cage, only to find relief in the shower. He noticed that his hair was growing, but he couldn’t shave and washing wasn’t that easy either. He thought that he should also be wearing his harness and remembered with dismay that he had left it next door. And he had Master Tom to look forward to this weekend. He shuddered. Then he remembered that he still had a key, if Taylor wasn’t home, he could let himself in.

He dressed and went over to the house. Taylor wasn’t home, he suspected she and Lara were together. He went downstairs and found his harness and then checked the assortment of plugs for the next size up from the one he had taken last time. He got an assortment of condoms from the drawer and put it all in a bag and locked up and went home.

He got out the lube, and after slipping a condom over the plug for easy cleanup began trying to work the plug in. It was difficult, it was larger than he had ever taken before and he was distracted again and again by the fact that he would think of Lara and then start to get hard which ended up being painful before things got too far along. He sighed and began again, thinking he was turning into a fine pervert, unable to even stretch his ass properly for his mistress. He finally got the plug in, and felt hugely stuffed. He realized that he found that immensely erotic and had to sit with the ice pack on the cage the entire time he had the harness on. He thought of Dick and smiled thinking that having someone play with your ass doesn’t make you gay, and it does feel nice. Then his time was up and he had to get the plug back out, which tended to be harder than getting it in sometimes and this was definitely one of those times. He decided he would do the yard work today and then wear the harness again that evening for a bit.

He cleaned things up tidying up his bathroom and then went outside and mowed the lawn. He was sitting on the Taylorio, watering the dry spots when Dick drove up with a six pack and they sat around talking and drinking the beer. He was finishing up putting up the hose and cleaning the cans up when Dick came back outside.

He looked a bit confused and when Ted asked him what was up, Dick answered,’ You know I went down and used your bathroom, and I was just wondering what that thing on your sink was. Is it what I think it is? It sure looked like that thing in the movie last night.’

Ted paled, he had forgotten and left things out in the bathroom. The plug and harness were laying there in plain sight. Well, there was nothing he could do but come clean, he and Dick had been friends for years and he could only hope to keep the embarrassing facts between them. He confessed that his girlfriend liked to play with him ‘there’ as well, in fact liked to do what they saw in the movie last night. And no he wasn’t gay either. To his surprise Dick seemed mostly relieved and curious. He wanted to know more, actually confessing that he had actually fantasized about it after seeing the movie. It seemed that Dick had much the same fantasies as he did. Or at least the superficial ones, Ted didn’t tell him about most of what had happened to him, just that Lara, his ‘girlfriend’, enjoyed playing some rather different games. Then Dick asked him about the size, he had noticed the plug was rather large. Ted had to explain to him that Lara had this fantasy about having a really big cock and then laughed, a bit uncomfortably.

Then Dick asked if she had a friend that liked playing that way as well and if he could meet Lara sometime. Ted was amazed and stunned. He knew that if he introduced Dick to Lara, she would take great pleasure in telling Dick just EXACTLY the different little games that they played, knowing it would make him squirm like nothing else. Now he didn’t know what to say.

Health Club Mistress

By Jim

have a T-shirt with the saying “It’s been so long since I’ve had sex, I can’t remember who ties who” and have worn it to the aerobics club on a couple of occasions with no more than a grin or so in reaction from others. Finally a woman took notice in a more than casual way. The class had been a good workout and we were both drenched in sweat afterwards, when she came over to where I was standing. She was pretty good looking, sort of tall with dark brown hair and a slim build. Her eyes were dark and she was dressed in a black workout suit. She told me she was watching during the class and thought I was doing pretty good for a guy. I told her I tried to do my best and enjoyed following a woman’s lead. With that she looked at me a bit closer and asked if I would like to learn the answer to my T-shirt’s question. I got flustered as usual, and my dick got hard and I spluttered a yes. She then told me to meet her at the counter in thirty minutes and be ready to go.

I made it through the shower in record time (and finally “relaxed” a bit) and timed it so I would be at the counter in exactly thirty minutes. She was standing there in jeans and denim shirt with black boots pulled over the pant legs. A wide belt was thrust through her jeans and a bold, almost masculine chain bracelet was on one wrist. She took one glance at me, handed me her bag, and told me to follow behind her. A couple of guys looked at me a bit strange as I followed meekly behind, but I paid them no mind.

She never glanced back as she strode to her truck, a black Jeep pickup. I placed the bags in the back and climbed in. As we sat in the truck, she reached in the glove compartment and pulled out cuffs and a blindfold. She asked if I had any second thoughts. I did but said, “No mam.” With that, she put the blindfold around my eyes and cuffed my wrists behind my back. Snugging the seat belt in place, she took off, saying nothing more. As common sense reared its head, I began to get a bit worried, but decided, what the hell, you only live once. After a not too long drive, she stopped the truck. She finally talked to me again. She said her name was Julie and since I followed her, I must know what I was getting into. I was to call her Mistress and her thing was bondage, tight and complex. If at any time I wanted out, she gave me a code to use. She also said that if I used it, she and I were done, period. She asked once more if I was willing, and with rational thoughts buried far behind, I said, “Yes Mistress”.

She unzipped my pants and pulling my cock and balls out, tied on a leash. She loosened the seat belt and pulled me out and up a short flight of stairs. I made really sure I wouldn’t stumble and hoped no one was watching, having no idea where I was. I heard a door open and soon felt myself on a hard floor. I guessed we had entered her home. With that, she tied my leash off to something high and told me not to go away. I could hear her walk off as I tried to keep my balance. I was tied just enough were I had to keep up on my toes a little to keep from pulling on my balls. It seemed like a long time until I heard her (was it her?) return.

My shoes and pants were pulled off and my underpants were cut off. I could feel the cold of the knife against my thighs as she sliced the cloth. My shirt followed, after the cuffs were rearranged to clear the sleeves. I was now securely bound, by a strange woman, in an unknown location, with no clothes on. The fear of the unknown was a strong counterpart to the raging lust I now felt. In the back of my mind, the thought that I had really fucked up kept trying to storm forward and overwhelm me.

Mistress Julie finally took the blindfold off and I blinked around trying to see clearly. I was in a sparsely furnished room, with piles of ropes and straps strewn about over dark, faintly sinister looking shapes in the back corners. I could see stocks and crosses and other equipment looming behind her. The Mistress was dressed in black. A black leather bra and panties along with black nylons held up by a black garter belt. A medium sized black collar was around her neck and one hand held a short black crop. Calf high black boots completed the ensemble. She was sipping from a glass of red wine and slowly walked around me, not saying a word.

She began to gather items scattered around the room and bring them to me. The first was a high leather collar. The bottom was cut so it fit over my shoulders. It was high enough so that I had to keep my chin up and had very little movement to my head. There were assorted rings hanging from it and three straps which she proceeded to tighten. It was snug to the point that I knew it was on, yet I could still breath with no problem. Next came thick cuffs that strapped around my ankles. She took a short piece of chain and locked them together. Another clip held the chain to a buried ring in the floor. So far, all the straps had small padlocks locked on. I wasn’t going anywhere until she decided I was.

She rummaged around in a pile of leather until she came up with a collection of narrow straps and rings. She untied the leash from my balls and proceeded to strap the contraption around my cock and balls. Whatever reservations I had mentally were contradicted by the raging hardon I had. She pulled each strap tight enough to jerk my balls around quite a bit. She told me she enjoyed making sure a cock and balls weren’t going anywhere and that this was a sample of what was to come. She looked at me as if wondering if I would want to quit. As I shook my head, she nodded and stuffed a handful of nylon hose into my mouth.

She hooked the leash to the harness that now entwined itself around my cock and balls and unclipping the leg chain from the floor, pulled me over to the cross mounted on the wall. As she backed me to it, she unlocked the cuffs and pulling each wrist high, strapped them to the arms of the cross. As that was done, she next pulled each ankle out and clipped them to the bottom of the cross. With my legs spread, my arms stretched out and there was no slack to the bonds. My cock harness was tied down as well to the bottom of the cross, not unbearable, but tight enough to be uncomfortable. With the high collar, I could only look forward and could barely move anything else. She moved back and looked over her work. “Forgot something”, she murmured, and snapped two silver clips with small weights to my nipples. She reached in back of the cross and it started to lean forward. Before long, all I could see was a small patch of floor in front of me.

The next thing I could see was the Mistress tossing several cushions down in the spot my eyes looked at. Before long, she joined them with another glass of wine and a slender dildo in her hand. She told me she enjoyed seeing a man helpless and really had no interest in having sex with him. She was bi, with minimal male needs and was mostly interested in lesbian sex. If I was real nice, I might be able to watch her with another woman in the future. As for now, I would have to be content with watching her with herself. With that, she pulled her panties off and turned on and inserted the dildo.

While one hand slowly kneaded and pulled at her nipples, the other slowly moved the dildo in and out of her glistening cunt. Her tongue would poke out and wind around her lips like something alive. Occasional moans would escape as sweat started to build up on her body. Her breasts were small but the nipples grew larger and larger as she fondled and felt them. She had her long legs widely spread as she pushed the dildo in deeper and faster. She started to thrust and rotate her hips forward to meet the dildo as she speeded things up. Every thing accelerated as she moved closer and closer to climax. Finally she arched herself up off the cushions to meet the dildo and gave a deep and low animal groan. She fell back and tried to catch her breath, and slowly get back to normal.

I was fighting my bonds as well as I could, which was not much. The only thing I could do was get the leather cuffs to squeak a bit as I fought against them. There was enough movement to get the nipple clamps to jiggle a bit and also allow me to pull against the cock harness. My nipples were sore from the incessant grip of the clamp. My arms and legs burned from being outstretched on the cross and my cock was pulsing from battling its bonds. My mouth was filled with the unique taste of nylon hose and my nose was filled with the smells of sweat and leather. And struggle though I might, I couldn’t begin to get loose. I was so turned on, that I came dry, right there, without being touched.

I was kept there throughout the night and tied and retied in many ways. Except to change a harness or snap on a clamp, Mistress Julie never touched my cock. One time she hung me by my ankles and made me masturbate and another time strapped me down with a vibrator tied to my cock and balls until I came. By morning, I was sore and very, but pleasantly exhausted. I was finally untied, except for cuffs and told to dress. I was once again blindfolded and led out to the car. This time the blindfold was a pair of opaque wraparound sunglasses. I was driven back to the health club where my car was and released. Mistress Julie told me I might see her again. With that parting remark, I dazedly entered my car and went home.

Ms Strict 9

He began to think about what was happening to him, he was handcuffed to a cross, naked, and expected to remain hard for he couldn’t imagine how long. He had remembered what was on the tape, is that what was in store for him? To become someone to beat? to punish when he didn’t do his ‘chores’. Not exactly the male pleasure slave that he had imagined. He had imagined himself pleasuring harems of women, using his expertise to drive them wild with desire. That was certainly not the case here where he found himself begging for release, being reduced to tears after being spanked like a child. He wasn’t a child, he was a man. To think that he had been bent over and taken – and on top of all the other humiliations, that he had cum! Well that was from her hand, if she hadn’t stroked him and drove him to distraction for hours, THAT would have never happened.

He realized he had began to flag during his mental ranting, and he heard footsteps and voices on the stairs. Waves of embarrassment began to wash over him. With growing panic, he realized one of the hangers holding up his sign had slipped off of the end of his cock.

“Oh my, what do we have here?”

“Lara seems to have finally found a toy. My dear you see to have found a young one, and he does look yummy! And doesn’t he blush prettily, you would think he had never been displayed before.” He heard a buzz of conversation around him. There was too much, he could only hear snatches.

“his sign seems to have gone askew, is that a problem?”

Then he heard her voice clearly over the others. “What?” Footsteps approached him. A quiet voice whispered into his ear, “Is there some sort of problem, pet? You want to impress these folks with your ability to follow instructions don’t you?”

With each word, he felt the need to please her washing over him.

“Perhaps you would need a bit of help to keep it up.”

“No! No, I can do it! Please don’t embarrass me more!” he whispered desperately.

“Tom, could I borrow one of your subs for the evening? My pet is awfully new at this and is having trouble keeping on task. Yes, that one I think. There dear, just make sure he stays hard, and don’t talk to him or anyone else. Yes, hang up his little sign and we will start again. Tom and I will discuss a suitable reward for you at the end of the evening.”

He heard her walk away and he was miserable again. He was just to be ignored by everyone, an object of ridicule. His misery washed over him. He jumped, as far as he was able to anyway, cuffed as he was as he felt the warm wetness along the length of his cock. Someone was licking him, running their tongue over his cock, carefully avoiding the sensitive tip. It wasn’t her, she was on the other side of the room, he could follow her voice, it must be the sub assigned to keep him hard. It had felt so wonderful, he responded immediately, his cock sprang to immediate attention.

He heard voices near him again and sensed that someone was looking at him. “Oh that seemed to do the trick, now we can read his little sign. Oh goody, an interactive display!”

Someone grabbed his right nipple and began to massage it gently. It grew taunt under their fingers, then the left one was rubbed as well. He felt one being sucked, it was a wonderful feeling, it somehow traveled directly to his groin. He began to bob up and down and he felt himself dripping. The gentle sucking had increased and he could feel teeth rubbing across his nipple. He quietly moaned from the feeling. The teeth latched onto his nipple, tighter now, the pleasant feeling turning quickly into something more intense as the pressure increased. Then someone else began sucking at the other nipple, confusing him, the pleasure and pain together were blending and confusing him. He began to whimper and suddenly as quickly as it had started, he was alone with his thoughts.

As time passed, more people played with him, that was the only way that he could think of it. He was stroked, pinched, prodded and licked. One instance was very difficult. Tied as he was, he couldn’t move. And he was ticklish, so the yelp he gave when someone bit the inside of his calf was understandable. The teeth began to explore his legs. Never biting hard, just hard enough so that he knew what it was. He tried pulling away, that was fruitless, he couldn’t move. He asked whoever it was to please stop. That didn’t seem to have any effect either. He resolved to be stoic and take it. That worked for a while, but they seemed to zero in on the most sensitive spots, and soon he was begging them to stop. They didn’t. The torture continued endlessly in his mind when suddenly, instead of another agonizing bite/tickle, his torturer began licking his balls. The lack of hair had made them incredibly sensitive and soon he was again pushing himself forward as well he could to try and increase the contact. But as quickly as it started, his tormentor abandoned him to snacks and small talk.

And always, the warmth of the tongue whenever he felt himself flagging. He began to hope for moments of inattention, just to have that wonderful feeling again. He found himself leaning into it – pushing his cock forward, wanting more than the fleeting warmth, to feel the warmth of that mouth wrapped around him. He had begun to sigh in frustration and to whisper, ‘please, please don’t stop, that feels so wonderful…’ whenever it withdrew.

Suddenly he felt breath in his ear. ‘I see that you have managed to keep you little sign in position with help.”

“Yes ma’am, please release me and let me go home, this is humiliating.”

“Yes, I suppose it is, but then it was supposed to be a chance for me to show you off as well as an exercise in obedience and I can see that the obedience part needs work. Although you do seem to be a hit, I have been asked several times tonight for you as a loaner when you are trained. Although there was your disobedience earlier.”

A feeling of panic welled up in him. “Loaner!? what does that mean?!”

“You don’t really thing that I wouldn’t share my toys, Tom shared one of his with me tonight and it has saved you from a much more severe punishment. Yes, you will be shared with other masters for their pleasure when I am ready, but for now you are mine and mine alone.”

“And as for your disobedience, what do you think is fair?”

“You would punish me in front of everyone?”

“Of course, you disobeyed in front of them and they would see you punished.”

“I don’t know, please don’t spank me in front of everyone, being turned over your knee would be too much to bear.”

Her hand caressed his face, “Paddling then, 20 then instead of the 50 you would have gotten had you dropped it entirely. Then I will give you to Toms sub as a reward. Now ask me for your punishment”

He hung his head and quietly said, “I am sorry I disappointed you, I deserve punishment and request that you punish me. Please.”

“Louder please dear, I am sure everyone would like to hear how a well-behaved pet asks for his punishment.”

He gathered his courage and said in a loud voice, “Mistress, I am sorry I disappointed you, I deserve punishment and request that you punish me. Please.”

She said, “As you wish.” His hands and feet were released and his sign and blindfold removed. He was lead over to the bench where she had paddled him before. He shivered in anticipation.