Cuckold Hubby 15

I was helpless. I couldn’t reject Moira by refusing to suckle her breasts. I
needed her. I could see Moira’s painted thumb and finger-nails holding on to
Lars’s knob. The seconds passed, and I couldn’t stop sucking Moira. She
brought her lover’s cock right up to my mouth. Then it was thrusting aside
her breast and I found myself tonguing an erect phallus. Moira shifted her
position slightly and held my head in her hands. My lips found that a thick,
fat cock, slickened by my own saliva, was thrusting backwards and forwards
through them. “Good boy” Moira encouraged me. Lars began to enjoy himself.
His thrusts got deeper, until his knob was penetrating the top of my throat
each time he pushed hard. I was in a daze, but when Moira reminded me to
suck and lick her lover’s cock, I did so.

Before I knew what was happening he seemed to be getting ready to cum. His
thrusts were bringing his balls to my lips now. Moira held my head firmly.
Then Lars cried out: “Yes, Moira, yes. Hold him, I’m going to do him!”
Three more hard, quick thrusts, and then Lars held his cock in position. My
jaw muscles were aching with being forced open so long, but I thrilled as
his powerful phallus began to quiver in my mouth. His knob was blocking my
throat and I could hardly breathe, but dimly I was aware he was cumming. At
first I felt nothing, but when after a minute he withdrew, the salty, musky
taste of cum was on my tongue. He had indeed mouth fucked me. Moira released
my head and turned me around to look into my eyes. I had been filled with
another man’s cum for her. Gently she kissed me on the lips, her tongue
snaking out and savouring a real man’s juices. I noticed her nipples were
rock hard as she joined her tongue to mine, both of us tasting Lars’s semen

When she broke off there was a look of triumph in her eyes. I was rewarded
for my obedience to her desires by having my girdle removed at last. Moira
explained that this would be a rare treat for me, but that in the
circumstances she was sure Lars wouldn’t mind(!). I was given Moira’s
panties and told to put them in my mouth and suck on them. Then I was
ordered to masturbate in front of both Moira and Lars. This I did, shooting
a huge load of pent up spunk into my hand. I had wanted to use a pair of
Moira’s knickers to wank into but was denied that pleasure. Inevitably my
liquid dripped off my hand, so Moira ordered me to rub it into my body, and
then take a shower, before getting back into a clean girdle!

For the remainder of that night I slept on the floor by Moira and Lars’s
bed. Lars tied up my hands again “to stop me wanking in the night”. This
was just as well, because in the morning when I awoke it was to the noises
of Lars in rut again, shafting Moira hard and long. I could do nothing
but lay there, listen, and imagine this man making my wife cum on his cock.
I no longer even dreamt for a moment of trying to make him stop. He had
fucked my mouth after all, ejaculated his manly sperm down my throat, and I
probably even still had his spunk in my stomach! I was as much his as Moira
was. When he eventually left to go back to his own room I was almost sad to
see Moira’s lover leave us. She was in such a good mood after being
satisfied by him, and she allowed me to have my wrists freed, and to snuggle
up in bed with her for an hour before a very late breakfast. Of course the
girdle stayed where it was, but Moira rubbed my little prick through the
tight, elasticated garment a bit, and I felt I was in heaven! I had been
required to prove my love to this woman, and I had done it. In the future
she could do what she liked with me, and I knew I’d enjoy it. What could
England bring after this? What would we tell our friends we did on our
honeymoon? I snuggled up to Moira’s warm breasts and dreamed of a long life
of slavery.


  1. subdued says

    loved your story. i’ve been dreaming of just such an incounter and lifestyle. i’ve been fantasizies being my wifes cuckold for some time.

  2. sandeep says

    I cuckold hubby and have experienced to see my wife being fuck but the idea of sucking wife’s boy friend’s cock is really very exciting. I will definately try in my future.

    Any way very nice story


  3. daydreamer says

    I met Linda at a rather small and intimate dinner. It wasn’t until much later in our dating that she informed me that she’d met me before although I hadn’t known her. “You’re perfect for the boy friend I need,” she’d told but that was it, no follow up.

    You have to see and meet this marvelous woman to understand how I fell so quickly under her spell. Physically she was as close to perfection, as I every imagined I’d be dating. Beautiful, gracious, loving. I could ask for nothing more.

    After dating her for a month before she’d let me enjoy her many sensual and sexual pleasures, she informed me that she had another boy friend. I was completely shocked at this notice. Was she kicking me out? Saying good-bye? None of those.

    “Oh, don’t be such a fussy!” she said in trying to reconcile my disappointment. “You are the perfect man that I and, especially, Steve needs.”

    “Huh. Perfect for Steve?” I asked incredulously. “What is that supposed to mean?”

    “Let me refresh your memory, darling,” she said kissing me lightly on my lips. “Remember that party you attended, about a month ago. Restricted to men only? That one?”

    I gasped and blushed in embarrassment that she’d know that I was a cock sucker with an ass that begged for cock to be stretching it.

    “Does that ring a bell, lover?” I nodded dumbly. “That cock you sucked and which later filled your bottom belongs to Steve. He wants you back.”

    I was lost, helpless. Recalling how well Steve had satisfied my desires for men, and how much Linda could could satisfy my desires for a woman, I agreed.

    My understanding of the three-fold relationship I envisioned was not to be. That first night as a threesome, Linda and I were naked, in bed, kissing and fondling each other. Steve walked through the door, greeted me with, “Hi, cock sucker.”

    He quickly undressed, throwing clothes everywhere, then piled into bed, pushing me aside. The next 20 minutes were an agony for me. I watched them kiss and touch. I watched Linda suck his long dong. Then watched as she mounted her body atop his rod to impale herself and do all the fucking while he lay back enjoying the sight of her bouncing boobs and luscious body writhing above him. When she came with a scream, he followed shortly. Linda immediately rolled off of him exposing his partially erect cock, now covered with his sperm and her juices. I didn’t need to be instructed in my duties.

    I sucked and cleaned his cock back to hardness as Linda lay watching, commenting on my fellatory skills. “He’s ready now,” Steve explained pulling his erect prick from my mouth.

    “On your back,” he ordered. I complied knowing the next event.

    My legs back, and cheeks spread, Steve didn’t bother with any sweet talk, but promptly shoved his manhood deeply into my anus. I was in heaven once more with his steady thrust in and retreat out. Linda came close to offer me her nipple which was stiff from this visual display of sensuality.

    We came, Steve and I, nearly simultaneously. I to a hoarse groan, he to a cry of victory for he knew now that he and Linda owned both my body and my soul.

    I was learning my place. That place I longed to be and longed to serve them.

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