Cuckold Hubby 9

After a late breakfast we were on our way to the local resort shopping
centre. “The shops aren’t brilliant darling,” Moira pouted at me, “but I’m
pretty sure they’ll have what I’ve got in mind to begin your training”. I’d
been too busy enjoying looking at Moira’s carefully made up lips to
concentrate much on what she was saying, but that word “training” grabbed my
attention. “Just walk one step behind me, and don’t speak unless spoken to,
unless it’s really necessary”. I heard her words, but I could hardly believe
she was talking to me like this, and in public! Part of me felt angry, but
her treatment of me seemed to be making my cock stir again, so I just
nodded obediently.

Before long we arrived at a women’s “lingerie and bridal accessories” shop.
After a brief study of the shop’s windows Moira led me inside. I enjoy
looking at women’s underwear as much as any red-blooded male, and my eyes
drank in the mannequins in their tight, stretchy panties and under-wired
brassieres. Most had wigs and had even had the faces made up. They really
looked quite fetching. While my eyes wandered over to a tall, slim tailor’s
dummy with long legs and rather large breasts, decked out in sheer black
stockings, black satin knickers, and a beautiful lacy basque, Moira
attracted a sales’ assistant. “I’m interested in a standard, firm-control
panti-girdle,” I heard her say. “I want something that’s a fairly full
design, but in a small size, perhaps a 26/28 inch waist?” The sales’ girl
promptly disappeared under the counter and returned a few seconds later with
several packages.

“This is the Berlei, Madame,” she explained. “It has an extra firm control
panel at the front. 79% nylon polymide, 21% elastane, available in black or
white only.” I was inwardly cringing. Moira meant me to control by male
appendage by crushing it, it seemed! Still, I liked the black.

“The white’ll do fine,” Moira decided. “I’ll take two, one in a 26 inch, one
in a 28.” I kept quiet, not daring to express an opinion. Moira told me to
pay, and within half an hour we were back at the hotel.

“Well done,” my wife congratulated me when we were back in our room. “You
didn’t protest, which is just as well mind you, because I was going to tell
the sales’ assistant who the panti-girdles were for if you had!” In no time
she had me trying on the girdles over my cotton briefs. When I’d got one on,
after somewhat of a struggle with the tight, constricting garment, to my
surprise Moira put her slim hand down the back of my girdle, reached between
my legs, grabbed my crushed but semi-erect penis, and pulled it hard
backwards, so that my knob was practically sticking up my own bum. Then she
pulled the girdle up my legs another inch. My balls seemed to have almost
disappeared inside my body. The effect was a little uncomfortable until my
semi-erection wore off, but from the front my hips now looked quite feminine.

“You’ll wear one of these girdles from now on” I was informed. “I don’t
think you’ll be chatting up many other women while you’ve got a panti-girdle
on underneath your trousers, will you darling? And I don’t expect you’ll be
getting any silly ideas about challenging any of my men friends to a fight
or anything silly either, will you? When you go to the bathroom you’ll have
to use a cubicle, and remember, I’ll be checking all the time to make sure
that nice, tight, firm-control panel is still in place helping you keep
yourself under control, so no cheating, or I’ll never make love to you
again, OK? Eventually you can buy yourself a whole range of corsetry
perhaps, but this will do for now. Wear one in bed as well, whether I’m
there or not. It’ll help you resist being naughty and touching yourself up.
My little husband must keep all his pent up spunk in his balls for his wife,
mustn’t he darling?” she concluded as she kissed me fully on the lips,
deeply and sensously. My cock hardly stirred so constricted was it, though I
still felt a rush of lust for Moira’s body.

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