Cum Eating Cuckold

(Someone posted this as a comment to another entry.)

I had, over many years, asked my wife to keep me in chastity. I went as far as buying a CB3000 and presenting it to her, but to no avail. She was not interested. From time to time, I brought up the subject, to be received by groans of ‘not again’. I gave up all hope.

Having not mentioned it for over a year, I was stunned to silence when she said, one evening

‘Remember that thing you wanted to wear? Are you still interested?’

‘Yes’ I said, after a few moments of flummoxed silence.

‘You are happy to put it on, for me to have the keys and then prepared for anything that might happen…or not, so to speak?’

‘Yes’ I gulped.

‘OK, get a shower, put it on and bring me the keys.’

I was wild with ecstasy. I could hardly get a shower because my cock was so hard. I was tempted to masturbate, but she came into the bathroom and watched me. Putting the CB3000 on was difficult – I had to wait until my cock had calmed down, forcing myself to think of anything else but that. Eventually it was on and we went into the bedroom, where she snapped the lock shut and pocketed the keys.

She threw a dress at me.

‘You can wear this, tonight. I’m not sure male clothing suits you, in that thing. I’m going out, now. You can just stay here and wait for me. If you want to make yourself useful, there’s some ironing to do.’

I was wild with excitement. My cock tried to burst out of the cage. I had wondered what it might feel like, but never imagined it would be so exciting. I wasn’t afraid of what might happen, just excited.

It was around midnight when she came back. She inspected my ‘thing’ before sitting me in a chair in the bedroom and tying me to it, firmly, with my legs tied to the chair legs and my arms tied behind and fastened to the leg bonds. My mind whirled. She gagged me and threw a blanket over me, leaving me in semi darkness. she went downstairs.

What seemed like hours later she returned to the bedroom….but she was not alone. She had a man with her. I couldn’t see them, but I could not mistake the sound of clothes being removed and sex getting under way. Some clothes, hers by the feel, were thrown over the blanket covering me.

I was powerless. I had to listen to my wife of ten years having sex with another man, hear her sighs of pleasure and the occasional comment that it was so much better than with ‘her husband’.

I had asked for (or so I thought) a game of chastity that would excite me and perhaps spice up our sex life. This, I had never anticipated and my feelings were a mixture of the excitement of being chastened, agony at what was now happening, fear for the future, but all tinged with a perverse pleasure. As she had the other man, part of me enjoyed it.

They became quiet, eventually. Then she said

‘You’ll have to go now, my husband will be back soon. It wouldn’t do for him to catch us. I’ll call you when he’s next away.’

I heard him dressing and then they left the room.

She came back. With a flourish, she pulled the blanket from me.

She stood before me, naked. She was gorgeous – I have never seen her so beautiful. I would have done anything at that moment, to fuck her, but I knew it was unlikely. She untied me and removed the gag.

‘Well. You did say anything.’ were her first words.

‘I did….but…’

‘No buts, anything is anything’

‘Can I..’

‘No, but you can eat me. I’m full of his juice and i think it appropriate that you share it with me…..’

She lay back on the bed and, dutifully, I knelt and put my face between her legs, reaching my lips and tongue towards her glistening pussy, thinking that she never did anything by half measures.

‘Mmmm,’ she said as I began ‘…mmm….I think I’ll try a woman, next time.’

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  1. wannabagirlnow says

    My friend had just moved with his parents to a house downtown. And I had given him a few blowjobs when he lived a block from me. And there we were alone in his new house and in his new bed, one day. I thought this would be an initiation of the house. Anyway we both got naked with our dicks hard as I had been working on his awhile. And then I had him stick it in my butt and I rolled up my knees by my ears and showed him how I sucked my own dick, and oh it was great having my own dick in my mouth and his in my ass. It wasn’t long before I had two loads of cum in my mouth. Ah, it was great.

  2. cin says

    My fiance and I were siTting in the hot tub and he said he had to be honest with me. Immediately I assumed he had slept with another woman. So I said ok be honest. He further went on to tell me in his teen and twenties he slept with men. At first I did not know what to say. So to break the silence he went on to tell me how he would give a guy a blowjob and swallow. Again I listented but as he went on he said though he does not want to be with a man again he the only thin he misses is the taste of a mans cum. He got out of the tub and had an intense love making sessionm
    When he finally came inside of me it was gushing out of my pussy so I pushed hid finger all the way in my cunt when he pulled it out I guided it to his mouth. He licked it clean. Watching him I gat extremely horny again I pushed his face to my pussy which was overflowing with his cum and said clean up your mess. He licked and sucked it dry. This soon became a nightly ritual. one day he told me that though is cock is 6″ he wanted to see a bigger dick in me and promised that afterwards he would clean us both off. I tested out numerous men and because and he would watch them eat me fuck me and cum in me and evry time he would clean us both off. I think I am lucky as I am engaged to a cum slave

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