Slave Husband 1 – Slave’s Daily Discipline

Some months ago my Goddess Wife, in Her wisdom, decided that I should submit to daily discipline sessions.

Immediately after we put the children to bed I ‘prepare myself’ – I go to our bedroom where I remove my clothes and fix cuffs to my wrists and ankles, with rope loops attached to each cuff. I remove our firm, plastic whip (if anyone wants to know more about this whip please let me know) from Her wardrobe where it lives, and I lay on our four poster bed and loop the ropes from my feet and one of the wrist cuffs over three corner posts, and await the arrival of my Goddess.

When She arrives my Goddess Wife loops the fourth rope from my free hand over the fourth post of the bed, and I am now bound, naked, butt presented, unable to free myself. At Her mercy for my daily discipline and any punishment She deems necessary.

My daily discipline (designed, for any of you who have not read Elise Sutton, to remind me of my subservience to Her) consists of six strokes to my butt. It is obviously up to Her how hard the strokes are – they are never ‘token’ strokes – they tend to vary from firm to pretty severe, depending on her mood on the day. They always hurt – especially if my butt is sore from recent punishment.

If I have not earned further punishment, my Goddess Wife releases the rope from one wrist, and I thank Her (‘Thank you, Goddess’) and free myself from the remaining ropes before proceeding downstairs to serve and be with Her through the remainder of evening.

When my Goddess Wife first decided that I should receive daily discipline, I thought this was a little harsh. Elise Sutton’s book had suggested periodic discipline – once a week or something like that. Daily seemed a bit much. But by then we had already debated the issues around ‘topping from the bottom’ – this decision, like all decisions that affect our lives, was Hers alone to make, and my role was and is to submit to Her will. I’ve had (at least) six disciplinary strokes to my butt every day since.

This is a great illustration of how wonderful my Goddess Wife is for me. To take the idea of ‘periodic’ discipline and choose to apply it daily was a stroke of pure genius on Her part. I am never far from the last or my next discipline session, and so am constantly reminded of my subservience to Her. Equally, She too is reminded of Her dominance over me. It works great for both of us.

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  1. Faceunder1 says

    Thank you for your brilliant story in which you say,

    “This is a great illustration of how wonderful my Goddess Wife is for me. To take the idea of ‘periodic’ discipline and choose to apply it daily was a stroke of pure genius on Her part. I am never far from the last or my next discipline session, and so am constantly reminded of my subservience to Her. Equally, She too is reminded of Her dominance over me. It works great for both of us.”

    I could not agree more, below is an account of how my Goddess Wife enjoys punishing me.
    Beaten For Her Amusement

    My Mistress Wife who’s property it is my privilege to be said I know you enjoy having me use you for my pleasure just as much as I enjoy using you, however, I want to find out just how much more enjoyable it is for me when you don’t want it, and therefore, I am going to beat you for making a mess on the carpet.

    But I haven’t I protested.. Oh, but you will She replied, and slapped my face for speaking without Her permission, now get your clothing off, She said, and sit down there on the floor with your legs wide apart.

    She moved forward, and placed Her stocking clad foot on top of my soft penis, pressed it down a little, and began to move it slowly back and forth.

    I was unable to prevent my manhood from growing bigger, and in no time at all it was fully erect, a firm rampant 7″ by 2″, She continued to massage it until at long last, I was unable to stop myself from shooting off a huge load of semen on to the carpet, and the underside of Her silky nylon clad foot.

    She must have felt the pulsations, for She stopped, lifted Her foot, ordered me to lie on the floor with my face directly underneath, She then wiped it all over my features, and then ordered my to lick the under side of the nylon spotlessly clean, swallowing everything, after which I was to do the same to the carpet.

    Then as promised She beat me, which I must confess I enjoyed, but not as much as at other times, however, I did what I knew I must do, and said.

    Thank you Mistress for beating me.

    My pleasure She replied.

  2. Faceunder1 says

    Further to my above post.

    Here is a another account of how my Goddess enjoys punishing me.


    I Enjoy Being Whipped By My Dominant Wife

    For example, when my owner punishes me, She will first of all take me naked down into the cellar, fasten my wrists together, and secure them to a steel hook attached to the ceiling. She then separates my feet and clamps them to the opposite ends of a short wooden beam, after which she covers my mouth with several strips of sticky tape.

    All this is done in complete silence. She then leaves the cellar, and goes back up stairs for a while, where she will in all probability have a drink, and something to eat, leaving me strung up for an indefinite period to contemplate what she will do to me when at last she condescends to return.

    On the wall in front of me are erected two large full length mirrors, so that I can observe her behind me as she is about to start. This is usually done with a broad leather belt, or strap, but sometimes depending on her mood in can be a cane, or whip, or a riding crop.

    Again all this is done in total silence, she never says a single word, and I cannot due to the gag.

    The only noise to be herd is the sound of whatever it is she is using, as it strikes my flesh

    She takes her time, she is in no hurry. there could be as much as ten or more seconds between each blow. After she has given perhaps a dozen strokes, she will leave again, once more for an unspecified time, before returning to continue my punishment.

    The punishment hurts, but for me the knowledge that I am completely helpless, unable to move, and totally in her power for as long as she likes, is joy unspeakable.

    When She at last releases me, I am always required to kneel down in front of her, kiss her feet, and thank her profusely for what she has done.

    Only when she says “That’s enough” do I stop.

  3. Faceunder1 says

    For me punishment is my reward for obedience, a job well done.

    My mistress wife who’s property it is my privilege to be knows full well that I really enjoy having her beat me, and therefore withholds it if my behaviour is not up to her requirements.

    However, when she is pleased with what I have done, she will say

    “Would you like your to have your reward now”.

    To which I always reply “Yes please mistress”

    She then gives me what I long for, and when she has finished, I am required to kiss her feet, and thank her several times for the reward she has just given me.

    She will then say “Enough, no problem, it’s my pleasure”

  4. Faceunder1 says

    The relationship I have with my wife, is not all Femdom, but can also be Vanilla for some of the time, however, She is the boss, and It is She alone who decides when it is to be vanilla, and when it is to be Femdom, I have no say in the matter.

    Once when it was vanilla, She asked me if there was anything in particular that I would like Her to do to me during the Femdom period. Yes I said, I would very much like you to bind me, make me completely helpless, immobile, unable to move a muscle, putting me entirely at your disposal, so that you can use me in whatever way you wish.

    I also said I hoped that She would enjoy doing this.. She smiled and said oh yes I will, and what’s more, I know exactly what to use, leave it to me.

    She made a number of purchases, and a few days later said, “Come with me”, led me upstairs, and told me to lie on the bed face upwards with your head at the end nearest to my dressing table.

    Now She continued “I am going to put you to sleep ( As you know he is a Hospital nurse), and when you wake up your dreams will have been fulfilled”.

    She injected the anaesthetic and I was soon unconscious.. When I at last regained consciousness, I found my entire body apart from my head encased inside a strong elasticated lycra tube made up entirely of a number of Woman’s firm support foundation garments.

    There are no words to describe the ecstatic feelings I had as I woke up, and found myself totally immobilized, completely unable to move anything except my head, but best of all I had been restrained using only intimate Female related material, and this was indeed joy unspeakable.

    Looking down at me she said, well, how’s that, brilliant I replied.

    Without another word, she turned round, sat herself down on my face looked into the mirror and proceeded to attend to her appearance.

    What a woman, is it any wonder I worship her.

  5. Faceunder1 says

    She is my owner, my Goddess,

    She who I worship, in fact I worship the very ground She walks on.

    Here I could be accused of worshiping myself, as not infrequently I am in fact the very ground She walks on, and that is something I really enjoy, and look forward to.

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