Slave Husband 3 – Goddess’ Rules

Slave shall address and answer to the Goddess during all private times, as “Goddess”.

Goddess inserted the above clause into my perfection requirements when we drew them up some months ago. I was surprised when She did, as it actually presents a pretty severe level of submission and domination. We are alone in the house for many hours each evening, and through them I must and do refer to Her as ‘Goddess’.

Every time I refer to Her as such I am reminded of my submission to Her, and more significantly, She having inserted this clause into the agreement, of Her domination of me.

Occasionally I do use a little licence and refer to Her as ‘Sweetie’, ‘Darling’ or some other such term of endearment, but I always make sure, particularly when summoned by Her, to refer to Her as ‘Goddess’.

Goddess has not yet punished me for ever using any other term of endearment, but I always think twice before and after I do so, because punishment hurts, and I do not want to draw further punishment simply for not addressing Her as She instructed.

‘Goddess’ is a fairly powerful word, and quite accurately represents the authority I am glad She has over me. Whilst I do like seducing Her dominant nature by using the term, I must confess that I also find it a little painful every time I do. I fear I need to learn further humility towards Goddess before it rolls naturally off my tongue. Hopefully I am rightly headed in that direction.

Originally posted 2011-07-12 17:33:35.


  1. dave says

    i reside with two superior Women, my Wife, Nancy, and Her Mother, Sue. As part of the Protocols (i.e. a set of family-wide rules that dictate how men are to behave regarding Women) each Women determines how Se wants to be addressed by the men; there is no set term. Most prefer to be addressed formally as Mrs, Ms, of Miss and all like Ma’am when answering a question, “Yes, Ma’am, No Ma’am, and the like. ‘Goddess’ isn’t used because the Women don’t like it; they think it is too strong a word eve though they all regard themselves as Goddesses. The Women feel that terms of endearment such as “Yes, Dear”, “No Ma’am”, and “Yes, Mrs Smith” work much better in a public setting where they also like to have it acknowledged as to who is in charge. Whatever honorific i use it reminds me of my subordinate position in regards to the Women.


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