Husband is Household Servant

There…” The cowhide curled, cracking across his buttocks. “Douse that brush proper and get scrubbing.” Malcolm splashed it – and his face – into the strong, hot suds and lowered his head to the ground. The dirt on the long untended flagstones turned to mud under his nose as he scrubbed with lunging shoulders, biting the brush handle which made a lip-stretching bit in his mouth. Sada kept the thong end of her lash draped over his back, and, from time to time, laid it with a stinging crack across his upended rump. “You’ll scrub harder, you lout!” she bawled in her most intimidating growl. “Lets see you put some back and jawbone grease into that.” Malcolm, eyes streaming from the harsh suds and the brush wobbling in his teeth, felt her bootfoot on his neck jammed the brush on the flagging and the handle, chokingly, up into his mouth. The tiny, sharp-edged steel heeltip dug into his flesh and he shuddered as it pricked through his skin. Sada exerted rhythmic pressure with her long gorgeous leg, thrusting his head down and forward, giving helpful, albeit punitive, momentum to his scrubbing.

Cressada slid her bootfoot off Malcolm’s back when young Margery came sauntering on to the terrace. “Lawdy me!” caroled Malcolm’s pretty niece. “You’re surely making this clean-up day around the old homestead, Aunt. I’ve just come from the stable – your Governess has dear Langdon there now, and hard at it on all fours. Seeing him sweat – after that caning job you did on him this morning – was so delicious I could scarcely tear myself away. Y’know,” she chortled, “I had to resist an urge to get astride the big goof…so’s see what kind of horse he’d make me.”

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  1. dave says

    A Female led relationship is a definite benefit for all involved. The man has clear expectations set and knows the consequences of their not being followed. The Woman gets what She wants and by Her controlling the money and making the rules is assured of it. All benefit from the harmony that results. Man are inferior to Women and should adopt a lifestyle that recognizes this.


  2. bookme says

    yes, males r made to worship females.they r inferior sex.fwmales should beat them,rape them ,slap them this is female right.

    • Lobeau says

      I agree with you Paul. The most difficult part is to wake up the dominant potential hidden in a number of females without them realising it. We surely cannot tell them: please dominate me. It takes a subtle, progressive approach with the objective of making them realise the numerous benefits of owning a slave husband.

  3. says

    I am one of the household husband. My wife is making all the decisions and i am suppose to obey without a word. Or, she will make me wear skirts and drop me on a bussy street to walk home.

    I am however lucky that my wife never cockhold me. If not, there is nothing i can do.she is the bread earner.

    She even train me up as a house husband and play the role of a wife on bed ( wearing skirt ).

    At first i found it repulsive as a ma a man.

    But, i also agree to what she said.

    When we man are bread earner, we screw around and have 2 or 3 wifes and there is nother the wife could do.

    She kept complaining that I last for less than 1 minute. at time a quarter of a minute.

    She warn that if i dont improve , she will have to get her satisfaction elsewhere.

  4. Paul Hughett says

    Mark, my wife always got straight sex from other men. She says everyone should do what they are best at and mine was oral sex. When I was 11 years old I was trained to preform oral sex by my next door girl friend, who was 2 years older than me, but 10 years wiser. She told me that if I do her well she would let me masturbate. I had to catch it all in my left hand and she told that I had to recycle all of that protein. This is the only way I had sex until I was 23 years old, when I got married to my college sweet heart. I went down on her a lot while we were dating, but I ever tried the have intercourse with her and left it that way. The night we got married, she became the first girl I ever had intercourse with and I was pretty clumsy. She did not say anything, but almost every time thereafter, she would push me on the shoulders until my head was between her legs. She told me that she could git cock anywhere, but oral sex was excellent with me and that was what was made for. I had oral sex with my wife several times a week. Sometimes she would go out with other men for intercourse only I thought it was with her girl friends. Only one time she taunted with it. She climbed into bed at 3:00 A.M. and woke me up telling me her pussy was real wet just the way you like it. Take your time and eat me out. I had eat her out a lot of times when she was real wet and never thought anything about it. I may have been eating someone else’s cum a lot of times, but I always like it and she knew it. Normally I never know what she was doing. As far as I knew she going out with her girl friends. I worked all day and sent her through graduate school. She got her masters degree and taught biology in high school for a few years. I am a Chemical Engineer and made a good living for both of us, she did not have to work. All of our friends though we were just a normal couple and we may have been for all I know.

  5. Paul Hughett says

    My wife is very astute and picks up on thing very quickly. She noticed that when I cum, my attitude is more aggressive and when I don’t cum for a longer period of time I am more submissive and obedient. She decided I could not have any more orgasms as they were not in hers or my best interest for a happier marriage. My prostate glands would be milked about once a month for health reasons. For whatever reasons, I remained submissive with this life style and my wife once again is right, we do have a happier marriage. I don’t know if other men have incurred this phenomenon or not. I am totally convinced that women are wiser than men, if they choose to apply their mind to the subject.

  6. Lobeau says

    The ideal world would be if all females were dominant.Once for all. I faintly hope that this will happen some day. Then it would me my paradise.

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