Husband Training

“Husband, be respectful with that tongue.” Cressada’s lips smirked at his abject humiliation. “Slobber just once on my stocking and you’ll feel this whip.” She raised the foot he was licking, toe up, on the skewer heel. “And a good husband knows that his wife’s soles get dirtiest of all.” Cheek against the floor, Malcolm tongue-washed the slipper bottoms, first one and then the other, and sucked the extravagant heels into his mouth until he gagged. All the time he was conscious of the lash dangling over him, ready to strike. Amused, she pressed his face beneath her foot. “Does this little toy frighten you, Pet?” The lash hissed wickedly past his ear. With one foot riding his neck, Malcolm tongues and retongued the glowing shoes in abject humiliation.

In this fashion the “honeymoon” continued, with Malcolm being subjected to increasing discipline. Meanwhile Cressada warns him that when they return to his house, which is being suitably refurnished, things will be worse rather than better. There Mrs Truella Murdstone, the governess, would be installed; also one Sheila Collins, a personal cook, to whom Malcolm would have to “show every consideration.” Finally, there would be Malcolm’s two nephews, as well as his niece, Margery. Things do get worse for Malcolm, but he gets his first real taste of punishment before leaving the hotel.

On the final day she was out alone till after six and when she returned, a pink-sheathed vision of high voltage glamour, Malcolm was panting at the door to take her hat, gloves, furs and packages. Her eyes had tigerish, predatory glow as he prostrated himself and faithfully tongued her lance-heeled, sharp-toed kidskin boots of lavender. He could feel the tinge of iron when she spoke. “Husband, it’s time you faced the facts of life under me. Tonight you’ll get a true taste of the kind of punishment I’ll be laying on. On your knees and open that parcel.” Obeying her steely voice and pointing finger, Malcolm nearly fainted at the sight of what the package revealed – a murderous strap of belting leather, half an inch thick, two inches wide, and over a yard long, with a stiff leather handle and slim wrist loop. Writhing sensually on the couch, Sada laughed throatily at his reactions. “Just one of my special disciplinary instruments, Pet – specially for you – tonight.”

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  1. sissywayne says

    OMG!!!! This is the way a femdom marriage should be.

    i would love to have a wife like this, but maybe after a few beatings, maybe i wouldn’t want it anymore.

    My wife would probably be more of a verbal humiliation person towards me. My little dickie would have her and many other ladies laughing.

    Then they could all take a turn with the strap.

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