Wifedom : Wife Worship

“Don’t say that,” Sada reproached her, “he’s a perfect dear of a worm who worships me and its no discredit to him if I show my affections by whippings and humiliation as well as the lovey-dovey. He’s a very happy man under me.” Margery appeared skeptical, particularly when Sada stiffened, head upflung, eyes wide and glacial, nostrils arching in her fine-ridged nose, her full red lips brutally down-drawn. Then rising to her commanding height, the furred and booted woman strode to her man with all the overbearance of a slave-driving Juno.

“I told you to lean on that brush!” Furs billowed and rawhide snapped over his thrusting head. “Take longer strokes, you sluggard, bear down till your neck cracks!” The lash seared his rear and her tone made his flesh crawl. “SCRUB, damn you. You’ll clean this terrace, you loafing muckworm, if you have to slave until you drop.!” Malcolm scrubbed wildly with his mouth-clenched brush, acutely suffering the rawhide consequences of disobedience, dazzled by the patent leather brilliance of pink and lavender boots. Getting into the swing of things, Margery strolled to the happy pair. “Look,” she pointed, he’s left a mess right here.” Sada lowered her whip arm and looked around herself. :Yes… and here’s another mess he’s left behind, HUSBAND!” she bawled, “get to them, you whelp!”

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