Adult Baby Sissy Needs Spanking

Top picture dialogue:

Older Woman with paddle: “Harold threw a tantrum when he learned I’d hired you as his babysitter tonight, so I dressed him in his cutest jammies and promised him a paddling. Watch carefully as I swat him, so that you can administer the appropriate punishment if he continues to be naughty. In fact, I’ll probably just go ahead and watch you give him a few swats yourself, just to be sure your technique is just so. Then I’ll show you how to diaper him up.”

Younger woman: “Yes, ma’am, but I do know how to diaper, being the oldest of six.”

Older woman: “Splendid. Oh, he needs to be fed promptly at five-thirty. His bottle of baby formula and jars of stewed prunes and mashed peas are in the fridge. My silly son actually tries to act like a big boy, but I want you personally spoon-feeding and bottle-feeding him yourself so he doesn’t make a mess. I’ll leave some extra money for you to run go grab a burger or tacos or barbeque for yourself. Of course, you’ll need to take him along, so I’ve packed his diaper bag (that matches his jammies) full of everything you might need while out – plastic panties, rubber undershorts, cloth diapers, safety pins, rash creme, powder, changing pad, and even a pacifier and baby rattle to distract him if need be.”

Younger woman (trying not to giggle): “Yes, ma’am. Would you like me to check his homework, since he and I are in Trigonometry, AP English Literature, dual-enrolled Chemistry, and Honors World History together?”

Older woman: “Very generous of you dear, but no, that’s already been taken care of by his nanny, who has the night off. Just check his diaper immediately before you tuck him in at seven, and change him if need be. If he whimpers, sing him a lullaby or read him a fairy princess story. If he gives you any trouble at any time, use the paddle, and if he REALLY gives you trouble, then text me and I’ll cut my evening short … but I STRONGLY suspect he won’t want you doing that, so I suspect he’ll be cooperative.”

Patti’s comment on Barbara O’Toole Femdom Art 3

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