Man Forced to Dress Like a Woman

Vintage Sissification Photograph

Two dominant woman force a man to put on a dress.

He will no longer be allowed to pretend to manhood. Through feminization the women will teach him humility.

Prepare him to become her and to expect a life of service as a maid who will keep the house clean, wash clothes, do the dishes and allow the Mistresses to live a life of comfort and ease.

female led feminization sissification photo

Originally posted 2013-02-05 15:20:30.


  1. whyguys says

    Not sure but I think this might have been from a photo-story in an ancient issue of Bizarre Life magazine.

    Anyone know?

  2. Robina says

    The picture captures my Fantasy perfectly. I`ve tried to get my wife to do the same to me, but it`s no good if it`s my idea! She keeps asking me what She should do next. It defeats the object of the whole thing, She is supposed to be Forcing me to be her Maid!

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