Sissy Slave’s Penis Whipping

Sissy Male’s Penis Punishment

Mistress pulls my frilly panties down and gently strokes my pulsing little cock. I sit down and Mistress ties my hands off to the arms of the chair and attaches the punishment board to my lap. She ties a thin leather strap several times around my balls that are hanging down below the punishment board.

Mistress ties a small pink sissy ribbon around the head of my hard little cock. Finally, She ties a chord from my slave collar to the nearest hook of the board, resting on my lap. I am forced to look down at my vulnerable little sissy cock. My cock is harder still due to all the handling and tying.

“Look at that pathetic little excuse for a cock, slut. Is that why you’re a sissy? That little thing is only good for penis punishment.” She knew She was humiliating me, but that was part of the whole plan.

“You’d like me to whip your tiny, useless little penis, wouldn’t you sissy? ” She asked while She continued to stroke me.

“Yes Mistress. Please punish my penis, Mistress. My little sissy cock needs to be beaten. I…I want you to hurt my cock,” I stammer. I was in no position to argue and I knew the ritual of begging for punishment. I knew I had to answer every one her questions with the same response:

“Yes, Mistress…Please punish my worthless penis, Mistress. My little sissy cock needs to be beaten…whip my cock, torture my sissy penis. I’m nothing but a worthless sissy slave slut that deserves to be beaten, Mistress. I…I want you to hurt my sissy cock, Mistress.,” I croak.

“For once I agree with you, sissy boy. Your pathetic little cock does need to be punished. Do you understand why I must punish your penis, slutty girl?” She then ties a cord around the head of my straining sissy cock, and ties it off to the hook at the end of my punishment board.

“Yes, Mistress. It’s because I allowed my puny little girly cock to get hard without your permission, Mistress. Please punish my worthless, sissy penis. My little penis deserves to suffer. Hurt my penis, Mistress. Please hurt my tiny little sissy penis.” I started to cry, asking her to abuse me like that. I think that’s what She wanted.

“I enjoy whipping sissy dicks.” She shows me the dreaded penis whip and begins to whip my sissy penis. Little red welts start to spring up as She continues to whip my throbbing dick. I could do nothing tied down in my chair with my cock tied down to the punishment board except watch as She whipped my softening penis.

“My, your little dick sure looks red and sore. You know your pathetic little sissy penis needs to be whipped, don’t you sissy slut?”

Mistress seemed to enjoy inflicting pain to my helpless cock. The small leather tongs burned into my tied down cock.

“Yes, Mistress. Please punish my useless sissy penis,” I cry. Blood droplets start to mix with the precum oozing from my tortured cock. Tears roll down my cheeks as my Mistress tortured my penis.

“No more whipping, Mistress! My little sissy cock hurts!” I had lost my hard-on due to the severe penis whipping, but the punishment board had it stretched out and vulnerable, still.

“Of course it does, little sissy. That’s the idea!” She laughed. “You are such a sissy slut. Why is your cock so small, slut? I have no use for your pathetic little cock…you will never bring me pleasure with it, except for your much needed penis punishment. You will never fuck me with that pathetic excuse for a cock. Sissy’s like you deserve to be beaten.” She was really digging into me now.

“When my real lover arrives, we’re going to test your sissy cock sucking skills. Maybe you will be a good cock sucker…at least you’ll be good for something. You are a cock sucking sissy slut, aren’t you?”

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  1. Sissy Maker says

    Yes, I would think so. Such a small worthless cock like you have should be whipped and slapped. I can only hope that you can suck a real mans cock good so you are worth something. Other wise you are a useless toy only good to become transformed into a real female for good.

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