Spanked Sissy Maid Husband’s Cornertime

Sissy Hubby’s Punishment

This sissified husband stays at home cleaning and cooking. He owns know pants, wearing only dresses and panties. His Mistress Wife goes out in the world to pay the bills.

When Mistress Wife returns home she expects a well-scrubbed, sparkling bathroom. Clean and immaculate floors. Every item in the home in its place without the tiniest deviation.

And a perfectly prepared warm and fresh dinner that will be correctly served by her sissy maid husband.

Should there be the slightest blemish or spot. Imperfection in her meal. Then Mistress Wife gives her sissy servant spouse a rough and hard whipping with her cane.

Afterwards the sissy kneels in a corner for two hours contemplating the guilt of her failures. Hoping to totally please his Mistress in the future.

Spanked Sissy's Corner-time

Originally posted 2013-02-22 19:22:32.


  1. tessa says

    This photo made my day. Leda productions was and still is one of my favorite
    magazines the Ladies there really taught me my place. Goddess bless them all AFEM

  2. says

    That is a great photo. The lady’s legs look so beautiful and strong, yet curvy and not muscular (I am mostly a fan of classic Hollywood-style stems, not the overly athletic, modern workout-style calves).

    Leda always produced some of the most straightforward and effective images of domestic discipline! I’ve seen a lot of their stuff, but not this pic. Thanks for posting it!

  3. sissywayne says

    Thanks for posting this pic., super nice and just love the corner time from the past. Just shows that this is not new.

    Just wondering…women have been seeing this type of thing for many years…how come the fem. movement isn’t further along?????

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