Humiliated Husband 4

I knew it was no use and that I secretly wanted to suck his cock anyway so I
reached out and took Steve’s cock in my hand and started stroking. Within a
few strokes I could feel his cock getting warmer and swelling in my hand.
Once again I tried to replay in my mind what this scene looked like as if I
was seeing it in a movie. There were two married friends sitting on a couch
together watching one naked man stroking the cock of another naked man.
Both of the women were smiling and the one guy is standing with his hands on
his hips smiling while the man servant continues to stroke the other man’s
cock. All of this because the servant man’s wife has told him to give the
other man a blowjob for their entertainment. The scene in my mind was

“Make sure you play with Steve’s balls, Randy. He really likes that.”
Jennifer said.

“Play with them? Play with them? Randy get your hot little mouth in there
and suck on them right now!” Sherry commanded.

I leaned forward and took one of Steve’s balls into my mouth and began
sucking and licking it gently. Then I worked on his other nut. He began to
moan and now his hands were at his sides. I got even more excited as I
realized I was doing a good job.

After a while of stroking and ball licking I moved up and took the head of
Steve’s cock into my mouth. When I did this Steve moaned and Jennifer let
out a soft “mmmm”.

Sherry narrated “See, you two, I told you Randy was a queer. He sucks cock
good and I know that deep down he really likes it. You like sucking cock
don’t you, Randy?”

“Mmmm” I said as since my mouth was full of Steve’s cock.

“No, no, cum slut, tell us all how you love sucking cock and why!” Sherry

It seemed like when I began to get comfortable with my current level of
humiliation Sherry turned the heat up another notch. I took my mouth off of
Steve long enough to say “I love sucking cock and the reason why is because
Sherry makes me do it.”

“Awww, Randy, you know that you like hot cum don’t you? Why else would you
jack off into your own mouth?”

Once again the flame got higher. I thought “How could she share our most
secret acts with our friends like that? I can’t believe she said that!”

Jennifer and Steve laughed when they heard Sherry’s announcement. Sherry
confirmed for them that, from time to time, when we were feeling very nasty,
Sherry and I would arrange ourselves so that either she or I would stroke my
cock with my legs flipped back over my head until I shot my cum down onto my
face and even into my mouth. She even had pictures.

As I sucked his cock Steve began to breathe faster and faster and I could
tell he was getting ready to cum. So could Sherry.

“Good boy, Randy, you cocksucking fag. I know you want to take Steve’s load
for yourself but when he cums I want you to keep it in your mouth and then
come over here.”

I could only moan a muffled agreement as my head was moving faster and
faster up and down his ever swelling shaft.

Jennifer said “Steve, honey, do him good. Give him one of your huge loads.”

“Yea, fuck his face, Steve”, Sherry added.

At this point Steve reached down with both of his hands and grabbed my head
on both sides. I could not have pulled away even if I wanted to. He
started moving my mouth over his cock and thrusting into my throat at the
same time. His cock started to swell in my mouth. He said “Take this you
cocksucker faggot” and the he came in buckets into my mouth. Jennifer was
right. Steve came in gobs and gobs. My mouth quickly filled with his hot
sticky spunk and then his cum began to seep out of both sides of my mouth.
Steve pulled his cock out of my mouth and sat down next to Jennifer.

“Now get over here pansy boy. Don’t swallow. Put your mouth on my pussy
and use your tongue to stuff Steve’s cum in. Now!” Sherry demanded.

As I crawled over to Sherry’s spread legs and put my cum filled mouth down
to her pussy my cock was so hard I thought it was going to explode. My mind
kept racing out to provide that movie view that showed one woman watching
with amazement at what was going on, one man whose cock was soft and was
sitting down after just getting a blow job, one woman with her legs spread
demanding that her husband crawl over and use his own tongue to push hot cum
into her wet pussy while she verbally tormented him and humiliated him for
her pleasure. The mix of my emotions was incredible: rock hard excitement,
lustful subservience, and humiliation all at the same time. I loved it!

I used my hand to open Sherry’s pussy wide and I could see how wet she was.
I bent down and opened my mouth to plant my lips on her lips and I could
feel Steve’s cum start to spill from my mouth so I quickly started using my
tongue to mix his cum with Sherry’s juices.

“That’s right, push it in with your tongue, slut. Make sure you get it all
out of your mouth”, Sherry demanded. Jennifer and Steve were watching with
smiles on their faces. “That’s good enough pansy slave boy, now lie on your
back… good, what a great big hard on you have there. I bet you would like
to jerk off, wouldn’t you?”

“yes”, I said.

“Well, I think you could do that but you’re going to have to do it our
`special way’ for our friends, you know.” she teased.

This got me even more excited since I knew how humiliating it would look.

“Crawl over to the wall and get in your `special position’, cum slut.”
Sherry ordered.

I crawled over to the nearest wall, laid on my back, and crawled my feet up
the wall until my ass was against the wall with my feet farther up the wall
and my cock was pointing down towards my face.

“I know you want to do this because you are just a horny little faggot, but
just to make it interesting, Steve is going to take pictures of you with
this Polaroid so you know that at any time we could pull these out and
remember just what a cocksucking little slave boy you really are!” They all
were laughing now. “Now, CUM!”

I reached up and began pumping my cock. Click. It wasn’t going to take
very long at all. The flash from the camera blinded my eyes. Click.

“You’re getting close, I can tell, now OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND TAKE YOUR OWN
LOAD!”, Sherry yelled.

I felt myself starting to cum and I opened my mouth to catch my hot cream.
My cum shot down and landed on my nose and in my mouth and in my chin and on
my chest. Flash, flash, flash. I could feel my face getting red from

“Good boy. Oh, looks like you missed a spot. Its alright, I have some
right here.” Sherry said and then she got up from the couch, squatted over
my cum covered face and said “Open wide, honey.” Out of Sherry’s pussy came
Steve’s cum mixed with her cunt juices and plopped down onto my face.

“Oh, wow. Geez. Ugh” Jennifer and Steve were saying.

“See, you guys, Randy is just a slut for cum. Aren’t you honey?” my wife

Click, flash.

They all left the room talking about me and laughing while I went into the
bathroom to take a long, hot shower.

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  1. Toni Fleming - Alabama says

    Oh my…such humiliation…i have a teenieweenie & my ex wife loved to humiliate me too…(& i Loved it also)!!

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