My Sissymaid Slave Husband – Part 3

Slave Husband’s Humiliating Diet

Slave Husband Humiliation

Mistress Zara

The next night Jean came round for a few drinks and something to eat and Fanny served us and stood at the side to wait on us, Jean said that she had come up with a great idea about feeding Fanny, she said that each day he came to work for her she feed him her leftovers, I said I do the same but I also let him make some extra food as I don’t want him weak and not able to do his work. She said yes of course but as he comes to me on Tuesdays and Fridays last week I saved all my scraps from my meals and things like apple skins, potato peelings etc from Saturday morning and keep in the fridge and I have started to feed him this and from Wednesday to Friday I will do the same, I have talked to Kathy and as he goes to her on Mondays and Thursday she will do the same but she should have more as her girlfriend lives with her and if you done the same on the days he is with us then he could be feed maybe 3 or 4 days each week on scraps or as I like to call it swill like you feed pigs, she said I like to mush it all up with maybe the contents meat, fish, cereal and some cake etc. it look revolting I said what a good idea, I turned to Fanny and said look how much Mistress Jean could save me on your food bills, we will try this out for a week and see how much swill we have to feed you and then adjust your weekly allowance for food down to may half that would leave me more to spoil myself, do you agree Fanny, he said yes I wish you to have extra to spoil yourself thank you Madam, we could not stop laughing.

Jean went on to say that on Friday Fanny got a extra treat and she said that he got to eat his swill from my toilet, I had him empty his bucket of food in my toilet before I used it, I only done a piss on it and then he enjoy his meal, he was luck I did not need a shit. I said what a great idea that should add a nice taste to his swill.

It was now around 8pm when we finished our meal and I thought why not try this idea with his food in the toilet so I ordered Fanny to bring our drinks into my relax TV lounge, when he done this I told him to clean up the dinner table and to put all the scraps and his now very cold dinner in the toilet bowel in the cloakroom toilet in the hall and then stand in the hallway beside the toilet door and wait our commands, about a hour later Jean said that she needed to use the toilet and went, she came back laughing and said that his dinner was now blessed by a very long piss, I also wanted to go but not just to piss but to shit and I tried to hold it as long as I could, we had Fanny come in and serve us more drinks and chocolates and I had him return to the hall and wait. It was now about 10 pm and I said to Jean I can hold no longer I need to shit, she said go for it.

As I went to toilet I started to fart I got Fanny to come into the toilet with me we both looked at toilet and saw his dinner floating in piss and toilet tissue, I thought for a second and said put your nose to my ass and I let a really loud and smelly fart in his face, I asked him if he was OK with me shitting on his food and of course I have him trained not to displease me he said it would be a pleasure and honour to serve Madam in what ever way she chooses, but I could hold no longer hold the shit so I sat down on the toilet, when I got up all was covered in shit I got Fanny to wipe me, as I walked out Fanny I said you are in for a real teat tonight, get back in the hall and wait further orders, back in the relax room I told Jean what I done and she said no problem, make him take his food out and clean off the shit and put in his bowl and then he can eat it, we keep him waiting for nearly another hour before I told him he could clean off the shit and put the food in his doggy bowel and eat then go to bed as his service was no longer required, by now he had stood for nearly 3 hours in his 2’’ heels waiting to eat his cold soggy and now very dirty dinner.

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