My Sissymaid Slave Husband – Part 1

Feminized Submissive Husband and Cruel Mistress Wife

Cruel Mistress Wife

Mistress Zara

I want to tell you about my new found freedom, I am a lady aged 49 and have been married to Brian for almost 10 years, I had a long time boyfriend who turn out to be unfaithful and a real jerk, I swore that the next man I found would be submissive and would honour me.

I meet Brian at a hotel in Spain while on holidays and we got talking, he confessed that he had not many ladies in his life, I could tell that he was very submissive and keep asking could he get me anything, I had him fetching me drinks and rub on sun cream every day, also I got him to take me out for meals and drinks. it turned out that he only live about 20 miles from me, the night before I returned home I had him come to my room and got him to kneel at my feet and kiss them, I ask if he was a real submissive and he said he was and that it would be his honour to please me. I had him lick my ass and fanny until I came.

I got his contact details and when we returned from holidays I keep making him do more things for me, I started make him wear girdles, bras and stocking all day every day under his clothes and when at home a maids dress, he really looks silly.

I had him come to my house to clean the and do my laundry three time each week and then I started to get him come every night after he finished his work, he never got to sleep with me I made him sleep on a mattress on the floor of a small box room and be on call at all times if I needed anything.

I would go out at weekends to clubs and some time get lucky and bring a man home, I would phone my slave and tell him to stay quite in his room and when my boyfriend had left, I would order him to lick me clean. After a few years like this I decided to married Brian or as I call him now Fanny only because of his wealth as he is not very good looking and is no good in the sex department, he has a little cock about 4 inches, but I told him that I would marry him if he became my full time servile slave, he agreed and we signed a contract that I would own everything and he would be my slave.

Just over a year ago I had a large offer for his business and as his father and mother had passed away and he was an only child and we had no children I decided to sell his business and his and my house and with careful investment I would live very well off, this meant that Fanny could become a full time housewife / slave !!!

As everything was now signed over to me, he is total dependant on me. I bought a house in the country about 50 miles away it is a large old Victorian house that had been modernised, it has 5 bedrooms with 4 rooms downstairs and all the floors are wooden with tiled bathrooms, I had one of the rooms downstairs converted into my private gym, it has a steam room, hot tub and running machine the whole house requires a lot of cleaning on hands and knees. The house is very private surrounded by trees and it has lots of land but also closed a village and a large town.

Fanny’s living quarters are of course in the basement, there are two rooms in the basement one is large room directly under my TV and relax room and also under my gym the other is a small room off the large room that would have been the coal store it had a opening from the outside where the coal was delivered but this was now fully closed up, the room has no windows and is only about 8 ft x 10ft, he has a small radiator, an old steel frame bed that we found in the attic and a old wooden commode that serves as a seat and his toilet, the toilet bucket can be lifted out to empty, he has to empty his toilet bucket down a manhole in the yard, he is not allowed to use any of the toilets or bathrooms. He keeps himself clean by bringing down buckets of water from the laundry room and has to wash himself this way. I insist on this to ensure that he fully understands that he is a servant and he must live his life like a servant /slave. I have a call system one part he wears round his balls and the other I have hand held so when I require him I press the button and he gets a shock, these are used for dog training and I found this on the interned in USA, they are not allowed to be used in the UK.

I keep this on a ring attached to my mobile phone.

He is on call day or night, and to keep him on his toes, if I happen to wake in the middle of the night I press the button a few times and he will come running, I allow him maximum of five minutes to be at my side, I sometimes in the night make him attend me as a toilet, this I know he get a thrill from me pissing in his mouth.

The rule is for every minute he is late over five minutes he gets ten lashes. If I am felling wicked I will sometime go to my bedroom and lock the door while he hard at work then I press the button and because he is unable to get in through the locked door and keep him waiting for maybe five more minutes before I open the door, this means I have the right to give him 50 lashed because he was not by my side, after I whip him I feel so horny I make him lick me until I come and come, even I have left his ass and back in lumps and marks he is still grovelling at my feet and thanking me.

His clothing and food are provided by me and he does the shopping for food and supplies, I have a special credit card that he is co signer and he buys all my food, drink etc and I check the receipt to make sure he has not added anything for himself and each Sunday I give him £14 cash and he must use this to buy himself food and hygiene supplies for the week, my food bill is around £150 each week as I like the best. I know only £2per day is not a lot for him but he knows in the supermarkets he can buy the food that is just going out of date or I have instructed him to ask for any out of date food and tell them it is for his dog !!! he buys the supermarkets own brands also he gets to eat my leftovers. We he is cooking for me he must also cook his meals at the same time but on different pans, he has one old pot to cook his food in and I make him boil his meat food together with any vegetables so everything looks and tastes the same then he in a large dog bowl, he serves me and waits till I have finished and have dismissed him to clean up and that I require nothing more before he eats, so all the time he is eating cold soggy tasteless food.

He has a small van to travel around in and again he charges the fuel to the special credit card, so that I can keep a check. I have a new Range Rover Sport that he must keep clean at all times, just for fun I tell him as a treat I order him to lick the leather seat I sit on, I think he really love doing this.

I insist that he wears a girdle and bra or a all in one girdle with open bottom with suspenders and stockings day and night and outside he wears a one pieces overall the type you see factory workers ware it is blue.

In the house he wares a maids uniform not the French Maid type but a standard hotel type made from hard wearing materials. His shoes are plain ladies black flat for outdoor work and he also has a pair of wellingtons for wet work, his indoor footwear is black patented with a 2’’ heel


His wardrobe consist of 5 girdles with suspenders, 5 long line bras, 3 all in one corseletts, 6 pairs of stockings I bought these all on eBay in the used vintage clothing section the same with the shoes they to are all second hand, I am luck because he has only 6 ½ size ( small foot small cock ) his panties are my old one that I have finished with but there is still a lot of wear in them yet he over 20 pairs of these and I have got him a PVC maids uniform it is full length Victorian style made in China, you send them the measurements and they are made to order it was only £130 it is designed to be very uncomfortable to wear and use, the link : I have him wear this on special occasions like when I have a boyfriend over and he serves us dinner etc, and at Christmas time.

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  1. d p says

    if you or jean ever want a new sissy then i am you one. i have an even smaller cock than fanny and would love to be treated even worse. im only in my mid 30s

  2. says

    hi i have turned my ex husband into my sissymaid slave and now it is time for my sissy maid slave to get married to my ex boyfriend tomorrow in her brand new wedding dress.And so my sissy maid slave she will be a good sissy maid wife for my ex boyfriend.And than she would be a good sissy maid house wife and stay home like all sissy maids house wifes.

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