Chaste Husband 4 – Punishment

I spent most of Monday on edge wondering what Angelina’s punishment for me would be after acting like an idiot and breaking my promise on Sunday evening. I got more anxious after getting back and waiting for her to get home. When she did she immediately ordered me into the bedroom and told me to strip. I suddenly thought that maybe I had been unduly worried and things might actually be going in my favour. That is until she got a leather dog collar and chain lead out of her bag.
“I think it’s time you realised your position in this relationship, so I want you to be naked at all times when we are alone, apart from this collar and your cock cage, OK Chastityboy?” she said attaching the collar around my neck.
“Yes Miss,” I replied.
“I was very disappointed with you last night and I don’t want you to even think about asking for release again, I am in complete control of your sex life. Understood?”
“Yes Miss,” I repeated.
She told me to lie on the bed, left the bedroom and came back a moment later with a plastic spatula from the kitchen., which made somewhat puzzled and confused. Sitting on the bed she lifted the tip of my CB3000, and without any warning slapped my balls with it. A stinging pain swept through my balls and into my stomach.
“Ouch!” I cried out.
“Shut Up, you wimp. You’ve made your bed, now lie in it and take your punishment.”
Another five strokes landed on my exposed balls, pushed out and up by the cuff of the CB3000.
Once she had finished she told me I could forget about “getting any” for the rest of the week and then told me to start preparing dinner whilst she had a bath.

As I was just finishing making dinner she came in to the kitchen in her dressing gown and a towel rapped around her head (how do girls do that), looking goddamn gorgeous. She sat watching me for a moment before commenting on my “cute little butt”, and how she was going to enjoy seeing me naked around the house.

After dinner she instructed me to put a load of washing on and iron her blouse and skirt for work in the morning. Once finished I enetered the lounge and went to sit next to her on the sofa.
“Did I say you could sit down?” she asked. “From now on you will sit on the floor, I don’t want to see you on the furniture, is that clear, Chastityboy?”
She was really rubbing in it, and had started calling me by my pet name a lot more often.
“Yes Miss,” I agreed. I had a feeling I’d be saying that a lot more often from now on.
After watching the TV for a while she told me she was bored and told me to but a Porn Video on. Soon I was sat on the floor next to here watching a blonde woman being gang-banged by five well hung American guys.
“Oh, she’s a lucky bitch, isn’t she Chastityboy?” she asked, before adding “I wish I were in her place!”
I was told to go and fetch her vibrator, so I quickly went into the bedroom and retrieved in from the wardrobe. I’m sure I had a big grin on my face. I knew she couldn’t stay angry at me for long and she was clearly horny as hell. This was more like it!
I took in back into the lounge and handed it to her, but was a but surprised when she said, “You may go to bed now, you’re no longer required.”
To say I was dumbfounded would not cover it.

I lay in bed for half-an-hour being only able to imagine what she was getting up to. When she came to bed she didn’t say a word to me, simply putting her vibrator away, getting into bed and turning the table lamp off. It took me ages to get to sleep, not just through the frustration but because the collar was another thing I had to try sleeping with. I started to drift off a couple of times and then felt like I was being choked. And then at 5am I was woken by my cock arousing and getting stabbed by it’s POI. Nobody ever seems to mention how tiring chastity can be.

I made her breakfast in the morning, still naked apart from my collar and cage only being allowed to dress once she had left for work.
I know I deserve to be punished but it doesn’t make it any easier and I’m just going to have to bear it out. It isn’t easy but Angelina is the most beautiful and sexy woman I’ve ever met. I know she’s worth it!

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