Chaste Husband 8 – Locked Permanently?

When we went to bed Miss allowed me to snuggle up and then started asking me about my feelings about being locked up. To be honest I am starting to get used to wearing it, and realised I haven’t had an erection for over a week – well obviously not for 19 days, but I haven’t even been slightly aroused, my cock seems to have shrunk slightly and is just dormant, almost like it’s hibernating. May sound odd but in away it’s quite a relief because the POI don’t dig into me so much and I can’t really feel them. I also confessed the CB-3000 now feels almost a part of me. I know it’s on, I see it most of the time in the evenings/weekend and I’ve began to feel it is a sign and proof of my love and commitment to Miss. I actually feel proud that I now “belong” to Miss.
She was delighted. I even got a small kiss on the cheek!
“Good, she said, I’d noticed you didn’t seem to be getting excited so much, not even when I cleaned you on Sunday.”
After a slight pause she added, “Which is why I was thinking perhaps you should remain locked…permanently?”
I don’t know how or why but I simply replied, “If that’s what you want…”
As soon as I said it my heart began to sink. I’m not ready for this to get so serious, I thought. I reassured myself that she couldn’t be serious and was just teasing me.
However what she said next really began to terrify and worry me.
“I was also thinking that … well if you’re kept locked … I should take a lover.”
“No way,” I replied, “What the fuck are you talking about, I’m not letting you shag someone else.”
“You’re not letting me?” she mocked. “You’re not letting me? That’s a joke. I don’t think you’re in any position to tell me what to do or stop me.”
She thought for a second before continuing.
“Look, you’re now chaste, right?” I cautiously agreed.
“And to be honest you were never that much of a lover were you?”
I was dumbfounded. When you’ve lived with someone for almost a year and never even heard so much of a word of complaint you wonder where all this is coming from.
“Well you are on the small side ‘down there’ and have always finished before most guys have got started.”
I couldn’t belief I was hearing all this shit, but there is NO WAY she is sleeping around. This little game has to stop.
“Well you’re just been selfish, something else you’ve always been. I have needs and desires.” She replied, “And I need a man.”
She pushed me away, turned over and turned off the light.
“Can you please just think about it?” she asked snottily.
I didn’t answer. Part of me was (and still is) fuming, part of me is scared and part of me is jealous as hell of the thought of another guy fucking my woman. It’s simply not going to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted 2008-03-25 07:30:48.


  1. george32 says

    I am permanently locked. At first, I was allowed to orgasm 3 – 4 times per year. Someday, Lisa, my wife, told me, she decided to increase the lockup time to 1 year. Whole year without having an orgasm. Surprisingly, it was a wonderful year. We decided i will be locked up permanently. I haven’t had an orgasm for almose 5 years.

  2. Buquet10 says

    I am in permanent chastity for our wedding night.
    My Wife decided that I would wear a cage because I can not satisfy with my little sex.
    I do not have the right to have an orgasm but only a prostate milking every 6 months.
    It has been 5 years since I live a wonderful time with my wife.

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