The Teeth of Goddess Kali – 2

At precisely 6:15 i awaken Her by gently rapping at Her door,
entering only upon Her command, upon which i set the tray beside
on the table beside Her bed and kneel beside the bed to await Her
next command. Usually this is something that is a great honor to
me, an act that permits me something few indeed are ever allowed,
contact with Her Nether Lips, Her Glorious Labia, as i perform my
normal toilet duty for Her. Thus i am doubly honored by being
given the privilege of such intimate contact and by being allowed
to drink Her golden nectar as the start of my food and drink for
the day. Then as She enjoys Her coffee and sweet roll i go to
draw Her morning bath. i always hope for privilege of washing
Her back (and perhaps even more) but i have to have been
exceedingly pleasing over the previous several days for Her to be
awarded such a prize honor. In honesty, i must admit that i am
normally dismissed after drawing Her bath and Her Handmaiden is
privileged to do that which i so enjoy on the rare times that i
am given the opportunity – but She does allow men to dream!

So as usually happens, She told me what She wished to wear that
morning and i set out to complete the task of laying out the
clothing She has selected for the day. Her Handmaiden
dries Domina after Her bath and helps Her dress. If favored am
allowed to stay to do such things as rolling on Her stockings and
such that require stooping and kneeling. But always, as She
begins to apply Her make-up i leave to go down and complete the
preparation of breakfast – Hers and Her Handmaiden’s, not mine. i
get the scraps to eat as i clean up the kitchen after They have

i then perform my morning’s second toilet service, washing down
by breakfast repast with more of Domina’s fantastic nectar. Oh,
you ask if such drink is not repugnant and thus must be an
acquired taste? Indeed not! That was simply not so – Her nectar
is truly divine and was from the first instance She graced me
with it. i admit that i had my reservations when She first told
me that She was going to allow me the joy of having the task of
doing toilet duty, being Her toilet slave from then on – no,
rather my momentary reservations came when She told me just what
was meant by toilet duty. However, those reservations were
quickly dispelled when i was immediately called upon to serve
Her in the fashion of being the repository for Her fantastic
effluent. i then discovered that not only was it not unpleasant
but was to be desired and was something to look forward to with
yearning. (Which was most fortunate, because i was to be my
regular duty regardless of my personal likes or dislikes. But it
was a definite plus that it was in fact so good.)

By now it was time for my daily house cleaning and maintenance
chores to begin, but first Domina Andrea decided to inspect my
person to be sure that i was dressed to suit Her wishes – not
just visibly but my in my choice of lingerie and accessories.
Naturally She took note of my clitty harness, but i thought She
would think it acceptable and say nothing about it. At other
times and in other circumstances She had made me wear it ( but
that’s another story). To my surprise She instructed me to
remove my panties and to put a clitty bell on the end of my
member, saying She wanted to be able to tell where i was and that
if i was slacking off at any time during the remainder to the
day. i personally thought that She just wanted to put a little
more pressure on my self-discipline and see if i had truly
learned my lesson about unapproved playing with myself. The fact
that the hem of my Maid’s dress was just about at the level of my
clitty and that it’s state was clearly visible to anyone who took
the trouble to look was not lost on me. i resolved to be very
careful to not touch it except to be sure that it was situated
correctly when i sat on the toilet to pee and then once more to
wipe myself each time i did. i was not going to fail Her again,
much less on this first day since She removed the Teeth.
Otherwise, she found my attire to Her liking and instructed me to
go on about my chores.

So i set out on my normal morning rounds of household chores
leading to lunch time. What were they you ask? First, going
about the house with a duster, making sure that no dust was
allowed to collect on any exposed surfaces. Including my little
thingy. No that’s just a joke; i was just pulling your leg.
Using the duster on that would have been to much like touching a
hair trigger after so long in the Teeth (which had begun to make
me feel long in the tooth). While dusting, i also straightened
up and made the beds in all the bedrooms. What with all the
moving about, the bell made for quite a musical morning; one
which left me feeling quite virtuous by having kept my mind off
that type of activity by which i had so disappointed Domina
Andrea a few weeks ago.

After completing the dusting, bed making, etc., it was time to
prepare lunch. That day the job was a little more involved than
usual because Domina Andrea was having Guests over to dine with
Her. Unknown to me at the time, She also had a little
entertainment in mind – to be provided by yours-truly. i was
instructed to stay in the kitchen and make sure that i had
everything ready to serve at 12:30 – that Her Handmaiden would
take care of greeting the Guests and seeing to Their needs until
it was time for lunch to be served. And that i was to wear the
outfit i had worn through the morning when it came time to do the
serving. It went without saying that i was to be at my best
behavior, with my clothing neat, and properly made up when it
came time to serve the meal.

– Continued -

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