The Teeth of Goddess Kali – 1

i arose at 5:30, my normal wake-up time, thankful that Domina
Andrea had been so kind to me the night before. A few weeks
earlier i had been unable to refrain from playing with my naughty
member when i completed a task ahead of schedule and had a rare
moment of time to myself. To my mortification, the Domina’s
Handmaiden chose that moment to come in and check to see that i
was carrying out my task (cleaning the toilet with my tongue,
which i must do three times weekly). Of course She had no choice
but to report my infraction just as i had no choice but to accept
my punishment for the error of my ways. Actually my penance had
the potential of being scarcely noticeable; but note that i said
only “potential,” not that it would not be noticed. Far from it!
It also, to my great regret, had a high probability of being very
painful. And either way, i would learn to control my errant male
member far better than i had in the past. For what Domina Andrea
elected to do was to install a Goddess Teeth device on my male

Of course, you know what the Goddess Teeth device is. you say
you don’t? you must have failed to keep up with your lessons and
the reading you have been instructed to do on a regular basis,
else surely you would have known about something that might
affect you so severely at some point in your life. It’s a simple
little sleeve with a locking ring that can be fitted over your
penis. That wouldn’t be so bad, but the inside of the sleeve is
lined with a number of sharp, fortunately not razor sharp but
definitely pointed, protrusions. So long as your penis stays
soft, you don’t have any problem because the points aren’t that
sharp. But let it start to swell and grow and things change
fast! With the least bit of real pressure those points really
dig in and it hurts! So guess what? you tend to shrink again
real fast. During the day while you’re awake it’s not too bad.
you learn how to keep it down real fast; but at night it’s a
different story. you’ll find that getting a good night’s sleep
is next to impossible. Every time you start to have a nocturnal
erection the points dig in you hurt, and suddenly your wide awake
and wanting the pain to go away. And, in spite of the lack of
sleep, you have to get up and do your duties the next day,
shrugging off your problems and smilingly pleasing the Domina.

Anyway, last night Domina Andrea concluded that i had probably
learned my lesson, that one instance being the first ever like
it, and She removed the Goddess Teeth from my miserable member.
She didn’t have to remind me about what to expect should i
misbehave again. i knew that the next time i played with my
clitty without permission or without being instructed to, i might
never be able to play with it ever again – the Teeth might go on

To continue, i woke up this morning having gotten the first good
night’s sleep in a long time, so i really felt good. my
adoration for Domina Andrea had increased as a result as well,
something i wouldn’t have believed possible, but Her kindness to
me to have taken the Teeth off when She might never had done so
touched me very deeply. Hence i went for my morning shower with
a song in my heart – a hymn of praise to Her – that morning. A
respectful servant would never approach the One Who owns it in an
unclean state and my first duties of the morning revolve around
Her as you might expect. (Although in truth, everything about my
life since She has owned me has revolved about Her

i was afraid that i could not trust my self-control completely,
in spite of the fact that if i misbehaved again so soon i would
displease the Domina terribly, so i put my decided that it would
be best to remove temptation, and at the same time improve my
appearance, by securing my over-sized clitty in my harness and
tucking it back away out of sight and reach. Otherwise my pent
up desire for orgasm might overcome my limited male ability to
control myself and get me into real trouble. Further, Mistress
usually finds me most pleasing in Her sight if i am at my most
feminine self in appearance. i then quickly completed dressing
by putting on my (short-skirted) maid’s uniform, stockings and
shoes and set out for the kitchen.

My morning duties begin with making coffee, setting up for
breakfast, and warming sweet rolls – if i’m lucky and/or
especially pleasing each morning i may even be treated to one
after She and Her Handmaiden have had what They want. Once the
coffee is ready i pour Her a cup, and prepare a tray with coffee
and a sweet roll for Her to have in bed to begin Her day.

– Continued –

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