One Week for Stephen Berg (Humiliation)

Helpless Humiliated Male Female Led Relationships

By Margi Henning

I couldn´t believe that I, Stefan Berg, once adult, forced to crawl around on the floor. But I obeyed, for what else could I do? The pictures Nina but even Sara had taken of me could easily be taken out into the street and then everything should be lost. So I played along.
I crawled with some difficulty down the stairs and into the kitchen. I could barely breathe in the tight-fitting gag but forced myself to crawl away to the kitchen where Sara waited.

“Hello, my little baby! You even crawl now. You look adorable. A little boy is supposed to stay on the floor”, she laughed and lifted me up into my chair.

“Maybe we should remove the cozy panties out of your mouth. Did you know that I used them for three long days before you got to taste them?”

I screamed in horror when I realized what she said. It was so disgusting. A couple of three days old panties in my mouth all night!

She took the now dirty and wet panties out of my mouth.

“Not a sound or I put them back again!” She said and I just nodded.
“You know what to do today? Today we’ll go out and take a walk and meet some friends.”

I couldn´t believe my ears. She must be joking. Maybe she tried to intimidate me.

“But first it’s time for your breakfast.”

Sara took the bottle with the gruel and let me drink it all. When I was finished, she wiped me with the back of her hand.

“Good boy. Imagine how quickly you learn”, Sara said, smiling.
Outside the sun was shining and it looked hot out there. Children were playing in front of neighboring houses. And I was afraid. They couldn´t take me out now, with diapers and all …

But I was wrong.

Nina came down from upstairs with a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. “Yes, Stefan. It is time for a walk. We can´t be indoors all day, right?” She said, and ordered me to stand up.

She pulled on my T-shirt and then my shorts. My diaper bulged out a lot and I tried to protest.

“No, you cannot do this to me!” I shouted before Sara pressed the soother in my mouth and stifled the protest.

“Get out in the hall”, Nina said. I refused. How could they do this to me. All my friends would surely recognize me! Nina pushed me down on the floor.

“Move!” She screamed and kicked me in the butt so that I fell to the floor.

The women forced me out of the hall. There I saw a large wheelchair, constructed for disabled young people. I tried to crawl away into the living room but Sara grabbed me and forced me into the wheelchair.

I struggled and tried to escape but suddenly I felt a belt around my waist which was fastened down and I was a prisoner in my wheelchair. I whined in the soother and the women laughed.

They strapped my feet with a special belt, so that I couldn´t move my legs and then fastened the mittens.

“This chair is specially designed for mentally retarded people and that is what we will say that you are!” Nina explained. I tried to hit her with my hand but Sara and Nina grabbed each hand and fastened them to the wheelchair side with tape. Now I was completely immobile.

“We’ll be nice to you this time. In order to make you anonymous and unrecognizable, we will put on a helmet and sunglasses. This means that no one sees who you really are, little Stefan.”

Suddenly Nina pressed a thick black helmet over my head and I couldn´t hear anything. There were cushions on the ears and also over my forehead. A pair of sunglasses were in front of my eyes, and Nina opened the front door. I struggled but couldn´t move. The soother sat firmly clamped under my helmet so no one could see that I couldn´t spit it out.

I was a helpless baby now. And on the way out.


18 years old Stefan is looking forward to have a week by himself and together with his girlfriend and friends while his parents are abroad. Things are changing, though, when a babysitter is hired by his mum. And the babysitter isn´t a stranger, it is the fat and ugly cousin of Stefan, Nina, who he really hates. But when he sees her, she is not the lousy girl he used to know two years earlier. And she is going to change him forever! Soon, he is being totally dominated by several women, including his cousin and his former girlfriend, but is also experiencing more terrible surprises.
One Week for Stefan Berg, by Margi Henning, is a frightening but also exciting novel about how a life of a young adult man can be changed in a week. It is a novel based on a short story in Swedish by the same author and full of bondage, humiliation and degradation but also includes diapers and spanking and smothering in all kinds of ways.
A book for everyone who love to see a man being totally transformed by force by women.

This e-book is illustrated with 200 femdom illustrations made by Peters1967!

Copyright © 2011 -Diktonius Text

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