My Small Penis Humiliation Fetish

I suppose it was in High School seeing other guys in the shower that I began to suspect I had a rather small penis. But this never really seemed an issue, even when I began dating girls. (None of them ever mentioned that my dick was small. Actually, they never mentioned my dick at all, which probably says something.

Then, in my early twenties, I got into a more serious relationship with a girl called Rachel. Sex was okay, straightforward and nothing special. It was only when we split up, rather acrimoniously, that she fired her parting shot. “…Oh, and you’ve got a small cock and tiny balls!”

Well that set me thinking. What I found was that, after the initial shock and upset, I was actualy turned on by the thought that my ex-girlfriend considered my equipment to be inferior and, by implication, would have preferred something bigger.

Some time later, Rachel and I made up. After a suitably decent period, I asked if she’d meant what she said about the diminutive size of my cock and balls. But, to my disappointment, she denied that she did, making out that it was just something she’d said in the heat of the moment and hadn’t really meant. After which she simply refused to discuss the matter. Even when I was fucking her, if I suggested she needed something larger, she’d simply roll her eyes, tell me to shut up, and get on with it!

Well, some time later, we split up again for good. Again, it was not an amicable split. This time, she signed off with, “…And I meant it when I said you’ve got a small cock and tiny balls. Because it’s true. You have!”

What really upset me wasn’t our splitting up, it was the missed opportunity I’d had to indulge in what I now know to be Small Penis Humiliation. That would have to wait for several years when I finally met the woman of my fantasies, the wonderful Sadie.

So there I was, a man with a small cock and balls, a desire for humiliation, but no girlfriend. What was I to do?

It seems to me that there are two broad avenues for humiliation. One is direct. Someone sees your cock, as it were, in the flesh, and judges it to be undersized. The other is indirect. Someone receives the information that you have a small cock.

I began to explore ways of exploiting these two avenues. I had one thing going for me. My job involved me working in various parts of the country on fixed term contracts. I might live in place for a month, six months, a year and then never go back. This gave me some means of escaping the paradox of wanting to be known for having a small cock by people with whom I had some form of personal relationship, yet not having to live with the long term consequences.

Basically, then, I’d settle into my situation in some new town and get to know various people there (people I worked with, local shopkeepers, neighbours, etc.) Then I’d set about letting them know of my “shortcomings.”

How? Well, by various means which may be of some use to others. The most obvious is to be “accidentally” caught in a state of undress. This was fairly easy when living in digs or guest houses. A bathroom door is left unlocked and you await the arrival of the landlady doing her rounds. The fear and excitement building up to these accidental flashes was amazing. You stand in the bathroom, naked and pathetic, you hear her footsteps approaching, the door opens, she comes in, she sees you, her eyes flick down on to your cock, she flusters, apologises and leaves. Bliss! Occasionally, this would be added to in the weeks that followed by subsequent whispers and sniggers among the landlady and her female friends. But often the incident would pass as though it had never occurred.

Unfortunately, I began to develop a bit of a moral hang up about this kind of activity. There was a sense in which the woman’s participation was non-consensual. (I suppose the same might be said for other things I shall go on to discuss, but this kind of activity was particularly direct.) It bothered me so much that in the end I ceased doing it. Almost! I reasoned that in situations where my privacy was in some way invaded by others, displaying myself was okay. So, if a hotelmaid should come into my room without knocking and found me naked, that wasn’t my problem. Similarly, if, on a beach, a couple of women are enjoying watching me struggle to put on my swimsuit under a towel, and then that towel slips, that’s okay with me. And it given their amusement, with them too.

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  1. Hung2Short says

    If there are any woman(1 on 1) or women(2, 3, Group) in Denton,Tx or willing to travel to Denton, Tx who are into consensual SPH. Leave a message here. I’d like to get together for a session.

  2. verysmallpenis says

    Hi, i’ve a very small penis, i’vejust 1,8 inch in erction, i seem like an impotent. I never give pleasure in a sexual relationship. I like small penis humiliation, could you help me and humiliate it. I can give you a picture if you want. Thanks

  3. Dan says

    You should be told frequently that you have a small penis.
    A Female should tell you daily that you have a teeney, weeney, little, bitty dickie

    She should seek additional normal male partners for her to achieve orgasms

  4. says

    I can totally realate to you. My 16yr old first girlfriend amber didnt tell me to my face i was tiny but she did tell her female friends, found that out later on….. wish i couldve seen her gettin stretched out by my best friend at the time, his dick was huge and she knew it and wanted it…..i didnt get into sph until the past few years.

  5. sissychris says

    my cock is 171mm long but i love sph, it turns me on sooooooooo much to think that a girl is laughing at my manhood, i love the fact that that i cannot fulfilll a satisfify a woman, i love the humiliation of it

  6. reality says

    You, and the people who indulge in this, are absolutely pathetic sick retards. A few years from now, you’ll be crying in a shrinks office, your life wasted, then, you’ll commit suicide, giving us normal people a fucking break

    Get a life already

  7. deepurrpell says

    I never knew I had a small cock until one day a girlfriend shouted out in public ” you’ve got a small cock”! It came as a shock because I always thought it was on the big size. But I then understood why I always seemed lost inside a woman and could never feel anything when I was inside her. I t also explained why I was always slipping out and she never gave me oral sex. I discovered that I’ve got foreskin and for what it is worth, very large squishy balls – which she did like. She said they were almost as big as her boobs!
    She also said I had a lot more cum than other men. But what the hell – I’ve got a lousy small cock when I thought I had a big one. I moved away because of the embarassment she caused me. I got the delusion about thinking I was a big guy because I had a chinese girlfriend who said compared to her ex I was a really big guy. I’ve found a woman on the net who has a small penis fetish and I send her pictures which helps. I wish there were more like her. Thet all say though looks wise mine must be one of the best looking in the world but what consolation is that?

  8. tinydick57 says

    I have the tiniest dick in the universe at less then a quarter inch flaccid and maybe 2-3 inches hard. I hate it and myself but love being humiliated. Someone please help me out.

  9. Britney Bane says

    There’s nothing wrong with this fetish. I meet a lot of men who have it. It goes hand in hand with cuckoldry often and I understand why men would be aroused by the fact that a women is openly honest about wanting a man with a bigger member. Most women are submissive and its a turn on for men when there is a women who is very blunt about what she wants sexually. You need a domme who is familiar with this fetish.

    • Chris says

      i appreciate your comment, and it is exactly what I need, but it is difficult to satisfy without a partner who equally derives enjpyment from teasing or humiliation.

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