Stacy’s New Boytoy 3

by Subboy

The Humiliation of Slutboy

So this guy Eric is naked in the bathroom and he’s going to come out and give us a dance. Am I the only one who thinks this is strange.
“Should we do this.” I say.
“Of course we should,” says Heather “Hell yes.”
“What do you mean?” Stacy asks.
“I mean isn’t this wrong.” I say “Aren’t we being cruel.”
“We’re not forcing Slutboy to do anything he doesn’t want to do. He loves it.”
“Are you sure?” I ask.
“Come out here slutboy.”
“I mean Eric.” She says with a smirk on her face.
Eric comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waste.
“Are you ready to dance for us?” Stacy asks.
“You want to do this?” I ask.
“What?” he says.
“We’re not forcing you to do anything against your will?” Stacy asks.
“No.” he says, and looks down.
“It’s okay.” Stacy says “I’ll tell you what, we’ll give you safe words. If we ask you to do something you’re not sure of, or if things are getting too intense, say ‘yellow,’ like the yellow traffic light. If you want us to say ‘red,’ like the red light. Got it?”
“Sounds good.” he says.
“But I think, and correct me if I’m wrong,” Stacy says “But I think you’re just a little dicked sissy bitch who likes it when women boss him around and put him in his place.”
Heather cracks up laughing at this, and all he can do is look down. What the hell. Why doesn’t he just get his stuff and leave? “In that case let’s see you dance.” Stacy says, as she starts the music. What happens next is the most pathetic display of dancing I’ve ever seen. He starts out by doing the whole Saturday Night Fever thing, but he’s not even in rythm. Then he fails miserably at the moonwalk. We sarcastically whoop and holler.
“Take it off big boy!” Heather yells “Take it off.”
“No please.” I say, under my breath. This cracks Stacy up. He tries to tease us, by slowly revealing himself behind the towel. Then he throws the towel and knocks a vase off Stacy’s shelf.
“Oh shit.” he says. Luckily the vase doesn’t break. He stops.
“Don’t stop.” Heather says “Shake it! Shake that ass.” He tries to shake, but let’s just say he leaves a lot to be desired.
“Stop! Stop!” Stacy says laughing “That was possibly the worst, least sexy dancing in the history of man.” For some reason this idiot has a huge grin on his face. “Let’s try something different. Okay come a little closer and get down on your knees.” He does what she says. “Do something about that little thing between your legs. Make it hard.” Heather leans forward to watch.
“Oh my God.” I say. I can’t take it. I go into the kitchen to get another drink. “You guys want another drink?” I ask. They do.
I can hear Stacy from the kitchen. “Okay, now I want you to imagine that you’ve got a hot girl in front of you and you’re gonna fuck her brains out doggy style. I want to see what you’ve got; how you fuck. Yeah that’s it, start fuckin’ her.”

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