Wife Tired of Husband’s Inadequate Penis

A Small Penis Humiliation Story

Last night my wife and I were having dinner and I could tell she had something on her mind that she was holding back. I prodded a little and she finally came out with it. While she loves and adores me, she wants to open our sex life up. She went on to delicately explain that between having 3 children and me having a below average endowment, she just isn’t satisfied with penetrative sex with me anymore. The only time she ever orgasms is either with my tongue or an extra large dildo. She actually looked ashamed but she said she NEEDED to be honest. I probably should have seen this coming. I rarely finish through intercourse either. Literally, I can put my whole left hand and all of the right stopping at the thumb in her and my penis is the length and circumference of a roll of pennies. Even when we first started seeing each other, she told me that there were other guys before me that were bigger; but last night she admitted that the smallest was 6.5” and the largest was 9.5”. I asked her how long she has been thinking of this and she said that she hasn’t felt me since our 2nd child (12 years ago) but started to crave more a month ago when she inadvertently walked in on her stepfather coming out of the shower. She went on to explain that she only got a brief glimpse but it was completely limp and swinging around while he dried his hair and was hanging past his balls and about as thick as a cucumber. She has been thinking of nothing but a huge penis fitting snug in her ever since. Throughout the conversation, I actually found myself completely aroused in the pants although I wasn’t really all there in the head. I asked her if she had anyone particular in mind and she answered that she hadn’t considered anyone yet because she wanted to talk to me about it first. She rationalized that it wouldn’t be cheating if I consented and she would never do that. After I said I would consider it she drug me upstairs and had me use a 10” toy on her, during which she commented that if she went through with this, it would have to be with someone at least as thick as a coke can. She’s been using the 10”er for so long it goes all the way in on the first penetration. Then she asked me to put my penis in with the toy, which I did and I could see what she meant. I could definitely feel her (for the first time in years) but it wasn’t like a vise grip. She really has been a wonderful wife and mother,so I think I will let her have what she wants. But with stipulations. 1) It can’t be anyone we know. 2) Condoms and birth control pills is a must. 3) She can’t have the same guy more than twice (don’t want a relationship budding). and 4) Only when I know in advance. I just hope I’m not opening Pandora’s box.


  1. CagedBrucie says

    You are opening up Pandora’s box and you will very shortly be a cuckold. I followed the same path you so eloquently described. I am now a man wearing a cock cage full time and my wife enjoys a great variety of partners that are all much larger than me. I never get any orgasms and only serve to find her exploits. We are divorcing right now!

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