Her Protocols

Suddenly her palm shot out and slammed into my cheek.

“Do you know why I slapped you scum?”

The epithet hurt almost as much as the slap but I was focused on being mindful enough to say “No, owner.”

“Because I can. Slaps, kicks and whatever pain it amuses me to inflict is now a given in your life. Nothing like uncertainty and fear to keep a worthless creature in place.”

She laughed.

“As property your life will be confined by rules and protocols. Memorize them. If you are lucky in learning my commandments you will suffer just a little bit less.”

“When I enter a room you will drop to your knees and bow your head. And stay there until told otherwise. Every time: no exceptions.”

“Before entering a room I’m in you will fall to the floor and crawl to me. Bow your head and remain there until permission is granted to do otherwise.”

“If I send you to obtain something for me you will crawl back on your knees. Once near me you will bow your head, raise your arms towards me to present what you’ve brought to me.

“This time only you may say ‘Thank you’ to express your gratitude in being allowed to serve me. Once I take what you have presented to me you will drop you your hands with your head bowed.”

She paused “Do you understand?”

There was nothing for me to say other than “Yes, owner.”

She laughed again. “You say that so easily. But living it won’t be. And I’ll eat your struggle like a tasty treat.”

End of Part 4

Originally posted 2007-11-17 17:00:29.

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