A Completely Female Led Family

By Priscilla

I married a man 20 years my senior. This is my second marriage and his first. I have two daughters; a 14 year old, and a 10 year old from my first marriage.

My daughters and I are quite close and able to discuss every aspect of our life. We realized that my first husband (their father) was virtually worthless, and we vowed to each other that we would not be living that kind of a life in the future. Thankfully, my new husband did well in his career and his income is sufficient to support our lifestyle.

I am often astonished at how some young and even preteen girls understand the idea of male submission, humiliation, and punishment. My two girls realized from the beginning of my marriage that they should take charge right away. Even I learned something from their devious little minds. He did not stand a chance and they knew it.

My daughters have collaborated with me on his every humiliation. The 14 year old has learned about boys from other girls at school and from certain web sites. She knows what excites them, how to control them, how to manipulate them. She, like many older sisters, has taught my 10 year old the ropes (sorry for the pun).

I never realized how submissive my new husband was. However, the girls launched a full interrogation program that included a great deal of innuendo and teasing commentary. His experience with girls was minimal and he was fascinated by their questions and how they planted the seeds of submission. Their goal was to develop a man that would OBEY. They say jump, and he would be trained to automatically ask “how high Miss”?

The girls began by suggesting a family meeting just before bedtime. They wore short and skimpy and frilly girlie things. They new that this type of dress would get his attention. My oldest started the conversation by asking a series of leading questions that the girls had written down. Here are a few of their interrogation questions;

  1. Do you think that your new wife and her daughters should be treated like princesses?
  2. Do you think that your new wife and her daughters should have complete control of running all family affairs?
  3. Will you be ok taking orders and obeying even your 10 year old stepdaughter (giggles here)?
  4. Do you believe that your role is to make life easier for the princesses in the home?
  5. What excites you about girls? (He is now babbling and stumbling for words). I am really enjoying how the girls are handling themselves. The bulge in his pajamas and his wriggling was so noticeable.
  6. In the event that you do not make your princesses happy will you accept being punished, tormented, and humiliated in order to improve your behavior?

The above was really just the beginning. The girls agreed that getting him addicted to girly things would be the best way to condition his behavior.

His first permanent assignment was that all of our panties would be

washed by hand on a daily basis. The girls wanted this done using a certain procedure. He was given three bowls of water, one hot, and two warm and they were set on a table. The hotter water was used for the initial soak, the second would have a little feminine soap added and the third would be a final rinse. Once each pair of panties was thoroughly, and I mean thoroughly washed and rinsed they were hung to dry.

His reward, and this was absolutely precious, he would be drinking the “panty soak water” from a baby bottle. Talk about humiliation and teasing. They made him beg for that bottle. It was not long before other liquids were added to the soak water before it went into his baby bottle, i.e. our spit, etc. etc. That’s all he gets to drink and he actually begs them for it. It was amazing how that nipple brought him to his knees.

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  1. Jake Golden says

    I once had a comic with this same theme, a guy marries a beautiful dominant lady who has a daughter and the two of them soon have him dressed in female clothing consisting mostly of garterbelt, hose and heels and a very short dress. The two ladies keep him hogtied or in a cage when he is not being used or abused. I love it as long as I do not have to actually experience the pain. lol

  2. Faceunder1 says

    I was brought up in a female dominated family, my mother the being the boss, my father her slave. I was the only boy, I have two sisters, one older than me, and one younger.

    Both my sisters were taught from an early age by our mother that girls were superior to boys, and that if the wished to do so they were to treat me as she did their father. They needed no persuading, and as they say took, took to it like ducks to water, and it no time I became their slave.

    Mother made it clear to me that if I didn’t obey their orders, they were at liberty to beat me just as she beat our father when he was disobedient. Both Girls could hardly believe their good fortune, and I soon found myself waiting on them hand and foot, and doing whatever they told me to do, usually this amounted to cleaning their room, running errands for them, and a multitude of menial tasks.

    I am in fact by nature very submissive, as is my father, who I know enjoys it when my mother beats him, and strange as it may seem I also wanted to be beaten by my sisters. It was not long therefore, before I provoked my elder sister into punishing me, which I know she enjoyed doing, just as much as I enjoyed being beaten by her.

    Shortly thereafter, I was also beaten by my younger sister, which I must confess was if anything even more enjoyable, it was certainly more painful.

    That was all a long time ago, and since then, I have a married a Dominant Woman who now beats me for no other reason than it pleases Her to do so.

  3. Jonny C says

    My father left the family early in my childhood and I have no memory of him – but my mother and older sister Beth always spoke of him in contemptuous tones and treated me as an inferior being because I was a boy. I was always subjected to strict discipline, and when I entered puberty at 11 I became their full time slave. This meant being kept naked at home and having my pubic hair shaved. I was also expected to wait on them hand and foot, receiving corporal punishment on a regular basis. Beth was only two years older than me, but our mother gave her complete authority over me and allowed her to punish me as she saw fit. My mother was generally “fair” to me, punishing me only when I misbehaved; but my sister delighted in thrashing me for her own pleasure and would often make up reasons to justify this. I quickly learned it was a mistake to complain because our mother automatically took Beth’s side and would double my punishment for having dared to question a superior female.
    Worse than any of this was the control they excercised over my sexuality. It was a house rule that I always had to have an erection, but I was forbidden to masturbate: the only times I was permitted to ejaculate were when one of them decided to “milk” me. To keep me aroused they used to wear underwear and high heeled boots around the home, and they often played with my penis – but usuallly stopped before I climaxed. Sometimes they’d play with me for an hour or more at a time, making me tell them when I was about to come, at which point they’d pause before continuing. This was because my mother believed that keeping me frustrated made me easier to control.
    To make sure I stayed frustrated, and as another form of punishment, my mother and sister kept me in bondage a lot of the time: usually with my hands tied behind my back, but they used more restrictive methods when I was “in disgrace” for some misdemenour. For example, Beth invented a punishment she called putting me on tiptoe: this involved my hands being tied behind me and having my penis and scrotum trussed up with string. She would then literally hang me from a hook in the wall by this makeshift leash, in a way that forced me up onto my toes…and that was how I remained for as long as it amused her to keep me like that. I remember one occasion when my Aunt visited while I was on tiptoe, bringing my pretty 10 year old cousin Sophie with her. They both laughed to see me dangling by my erect penis like that, especially when Beth explained I was being punished for being caught trying to masturbate. After that introduction to our family set up, my Aunt and cousin often visited to witness my humiliation, and of course they too dressed in sexy outfits on these occasions. Beth taught Sophie how to sit on my face, and let her spank my penis with a ruler, while her mother and mine watched the show.
    Now that I’m eighteen I live with Sophie as HER slave, but my Aunt, mother and sister often visit with Beth’s slave/boyfriend, so that he and I can serve all four of them.

  4. Paul Hughett says

    Having a girl set on your face, while spanking your penis with a ruler is great training for a submissive and can turn him into a slave.

  5. Sub_Paul says

    This is an interesting subject. What are the rights and wrongs of a Domme making her male sub serve and worship her daughter(s). I think its good life training for the girls, and a crushing humiliation for the male sub. To be at the beck and call of such young girls, who at that age are capable of such cruelty.

  6. sissywayne says

    I have dreamed of this kind of life for as long as I can remember.

    Sometimes, I think that if this did happen how would I have felt?

    But most males dream of this all of their lives. Of course, there are males that are “macho” but believe me, they are very few when it comes to the numbers of submissive males.

    Believe me, ladies, there are MANY men just praying for a woman to come along that will take control of them and there lives.

    Dominant women….are wanted so bad.

  7. Jon says

    I think it would be heaven to be under the control of a dominant woman with daughters; because my humiliation at their feet (and under them) would enhance their self-confidence and self-respect; and their bossing me would increase their belief in themselves and their abilities to lead and make right decisions. Everything the mother did to me the daughters would see as fair and right. It would be so important to their development as future women.

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