Disciplinary Spanking

By Blair

This was originally written for the Disciplinary Wives Club:

My mother introduced me to this sight, and it has helped me a lot in my relationship with my fiance Tony. I am in my early 20’s, and we had been engaged for four months with everything going wonderful — he is a gentlemen, as my Dad is. That is one of the reasons I picked him. But I knew that before we got married I was going to have to talk to him about spanking him when he is bad or mean to me.

I grew up in a spanking house, and my mom was always the one who did the spanking. She was in charge of the house. My Dad worked hard and suported the family. He paid the bills and decided what kind of car to buy and did all the yardwork. But when it came to atitude and to things inside the house — like cleaning up — my mom was definitely in charge.

I am the oldest, and I only remember her spanking me ONCE, while my brothers got it a lot. And what she spanked me for was letting my brothers run wild while I was babysiting them! We knew that she spanked my Dad, though she never did it in front of us. But she would say things like, “I will tend to you when we get home…” or “Go up to the bedroom and wait for me.” And she had no problem saying that in front of others. Once during a Thanksgiving meal we were hosting 15 relatives and my Dad started making turkey jokes and she told him to excuse himself from the table and go upstairs. After the main meal was over and people were eating their pie, she excused herself, and when the two of them came back down 10 minutes later his face was very red (as I’m sure his behind was). He didn’t ever get to finish his meal, either. Though our bedrooms were downstairs and she always made us stay downstairs when she sent him up to their bedroom, we still could sometimes hear swats.

So … I went to my mom and asked her how to introduce spanking to Tony. I told her that I knew Tony had been spanked as a child, so he did know something about it. She asked me if I had ever spanked him.

She already knew we were having sex, so I said a couple of times during foreplay (which definitely made him rock hard, though I did not say that)and also sometimes when he rarely misbehaved I would give him a light tap on the butt. But with all his cloths on. She said that the best way she knew was that if I were angry with him I should refuse to have sex the next time he wanted it and tell him that I did not feel like being sexual with him until he had been punished for his recent behavior. “He will want the sex so badly that he will agree to almost anything,” my mom said. And I soon found she was right!

She also told me to read every word at this sight, and to get a large hairbrush, the oldfashion kind.

I have now been spanking Tony for two months and we get married in two months more (January) and he accepts me as a disciplinary wife. Even though our relationship has always been great, he now is even more poilte and atentive then before — which I didn’t think was even possible, he is such a great guy. But I am mainly doing this because I know how some men get after marriage, when they start to take the wife for granted, and I want to make sure I have a way to stop that from ever happening. And I believe that spanking is the way!

It has to be the first time I spanked Tony, just two months ago. After talking to my mon and reading through this sight, I waited until he did something I didn’t like — which was picking me up very late to go to a party. He had a pretty good excuse — he had to work late — but he never called and I sat there in my party cloths for almost an hour. So I told hime we would go to the party but we would “deal with this” after. At the party I was very cool to him, talking with my girlfriends and even some other guys. He kept hanging around me hoping for atention, and telling me how pretty I looked. We headed to his place after, which is where we make love, and on the way he asked me what was wrong. I said, “I am upset with you.” He asked why. I said, “You should know,” and didn’t say anymore, though he asked me to explain. We got to his house and it was late and what we usually would do is go to bed. I would go in the bathroom and change into something sexy, and he would strip and get under the covers. I had read here that it is best to have the guiy completely naked and this seemed the best way. So I went in the bathroom and waited about 10 minutes, still in my party dress, and came out holding my hairbrush that I had been keeping in my purse. He was under the covers with his cloths on his dresser. He looked a little surprised when he saw me in my dress and even more surprised when he saw the hairbrush. I went over and pulled back the covers and there he was naked and already hard.

“I am not going to have sex with you until after we deal with your behavior,” I said, pointing at him with the hairbrush.

“What behavior?” he asked. He tried to pull up the covers but I held them in my other hand.

“You tell me,” I said.

I then asked him to sit on the edge of the bed and when he hesitated I pulled him into a sitting position, still naked. I went and pulled out the little chair at the dressing table he had bought for me, and I sat on it in the middle of the room.

“Do you mean being late from work?” he asked, and he started to explain why he had to be late, but I interrupted and asked him what excuse he had for not calling. He said he had just forgotten.

“So is that polite behavior?” I asked. He said no.

“Is that any way to treat your future wife?” I asked. He said no.

“Then come over hear and take your punishment,” I said.

He reluctantly stood up and came my way, saying, “THen can we have sex?” I tried not to laugh and said, “We’ll see how sorry you are.”

“You’re not really going to use that, are you?” he asked, pointing at the hairbrush.

“Yes, I am,” I said. “I bought it for just this purpose. And if you want any chance of getting what you want, you’ll take it all.”

I then told him to bend over my knees. He looked at me with a sorry look, but he did bend over. I could tell that one part of him was very excited, and I hoped to get rid of that.

I locked my right leg over his, as I have seen in some of the pictures, and began whapping him with the hairbrush, as hard and fast as I could.

He yelled and said, “That’s too hard,” but I kept on going. He started to struggle to get off my lap and I stopped spanking.

“You stay where you are or we will not make love until our wedding night,” I said. That was four months away and I knew he would be miserable.

“Do we have to do this?” he asked. “Yes,” I said. “You have not even begun to be sorry for what you did to me, but you will be!” I then started spanking again, and while he was moaning and yelling, he did not try to get away. I kept scolding him about being late and not calling and being rude to me, and as I hit him with the hairbrush he started saying he was sorry and he would never be late again but I kept going.

“Are you going to be a good boy?” I asked. I had read somewhere here to have us both refer to him as a boy.

“Yes!” he shouted but I kept on going until he was sobbing and saying over and over, “I’ll be a good boy. I promise. I’m sorry. I’ll never forget to call again.” First he was shouting it but I kept going and he started crying, then he was saying it in almost a whisper.

“Stand up,” I said, and when he did I could see he was no longer aroused.

“Go stand in that corner,” I said, “while I change.”

He got a look like he was not going to the corner, but I pointed with the hairbrush and he went. He looked so cute in the corner with his bright red butt that I started to get aroused myself! I changed out of my dress and into a see-through robe (and nothing else) and went out and sat on the bed on top of the covers, my back to the headboard. I know he wanted to turn around but he was a good boy and didn’t. I told him to come to the end of the bed. “It pleases me that you took your spanking well,” I said. “Now come please me in another way that you already know how.”

And he did!

Originally posted 2009-11-07 20:37:03.


  1. Bart stone says

    I can relate well to the part of this story that concerns the future wife’s mother. My mother in law made her point with my wife by spanking me herself. I was young and didn’t take her warnings seriously and found myself at the wrong end of a hair brush with me firmly held in place pants down over a knee. It left a very strong impression

  2. says

    Very hot little story! I love when she comes out of the bathroom still in her party dress, and he’s naked under the sheets. That makes the story kick into high gear.

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