Forced Cocksucking

Sissyboy Humiliation

Maybe I’d take you out on the town, dressed normally for the most part–maybe a bra and panties underneath–and we’d walk around and stuff. And your ‘job’ would be to check out any and all of the men passing by..and tell me which ones you found the most attractive…which ones you thought had the biggest cocks.

Maybe I’d even set it up that a certain male friend of mine would be around in passing–one you didn’t know–and after you trying to be really subtle and whispering and stuff, me pointing directly at him and saying in a normal tones voice “What about him? think he’s cute too?”

Of course my friend would hear…but pretend not to know me…but look up and say something like “Excuse me, were you talking to me?” and I’d nudge for you to answer.”

( At this point I just groaned and said ‘I..I wouldn’t be able to answer…or, would just stumble out something like a ‘no’ in answer to avoid the embarrasment..’)

Mistress just grinned slowly, an amused and preditory look crossing Her face.

I’d nudge you again and whisper “If you dont answer him, I will…and you arent going to like it.”And I’d grin milldly (cuz I’d know it was a set up, but you wouldnt) and I’d say something like “oh sorry, didnt mean to intrude, my boyfriend is shy, but he’s um…open minded…and I was trying to get an idea of what kind of guys he finds are cute.”

And since my friend had been forewarned, he wouldnt be shocked–even if he acted a lil that way–and he’d say something like “oh really? well, DO you find me attractive?” looking at you.

(I just winced, my cheeks blushing red, caught up in Her scenario…knowing that She was *more* than capable of actually doing this. I answered Her, my voice soft and nervous, “I…I would probably answer ‘no, sorry’ to get out of it if I knew I could…’yes’ if I knew I had no choice in the matter and it was what you wanted…”)

Mistress just smiled, serene and all-too-knowing of Her power over me.

Well even if you said no, I’d poke you and lie, and say something like “Yeah RIGHT…you said you thought he was cute from when we were way over there!” Because I would KNOW chances were slim you’d be silly enough to call me a liar…

Then of course the guy would kinda ‘get offended’ at whichever way you answered…lose/lose situation.

He’d be pissed you were checking him out, as another guy–or else he’d be offended you didnt find him cute. And I’d ‘calm’ him down a lil, saying something like “Well, I know -I- find you kinda cute…so be flattered..”

And then maybe he’d check YOU out…and me too, but you’d feel his eyes on you. And just to shock you I’d say “He’s never really been with a guy before…but he’s really good with his, REALLY good!”

And of course my friend would look interested in that and say “Oh yeah? well maybe I should try it out sometime.”

I’d have a good grip on your wrist–so you’d know you werent going anywhere. Maybe I’d even see you looking around to try and hide, and delibrately misinterpret it. “Yeah, good idea..look for a more secluded spot.. Afterall, you wouldnt want to get arrested for giving some guy head right in broad daylight.” I’d look back at my friend and say “Well, maybe if we find a quiet spot you can try it out right now…what do you say?”

I bet at that point you’d do it even in broad daylight if I commanded it..scared to death or not. But since I care about you…and well me, getting caught, I’d wait for my friend to reply. He’d say “Well, there are some bushes and trees over there–lets go check them out.” And we’d all walk across the park together…well, I’d prolly be dragging you some.

So we’d walk over, and my friend would step kinda into the bushes, looking around to make sure its quiet, and say to both of us, but prolly mostly to me. “So, you sure you wanna do this? I’ve never had a guy suck me off before..but I’ve been curious to what it would be like.”

(I was practically trembling before Her by now, hung on every word, unable to do anything but surrender to the daydream, caught up in Her tale and knowing that it might actually happen. “I’d know I’d look at you for direction, and pleading to you with my eyes for a way out of this…”)

You’d get no help from me. I’d respond something casually like ‘oh no, Jim and I have talked about this for a while…he’s really curious too, arent you Jim? but I want to watch…so I hope thats okay.”

I’d smile and push you forward a bit, towards him.”Make sure you two get far enough back not to be spotted, I’ll keep an eye out for people.”

You’d obey my lead…and his…after all, what choice do you have?

Just imagine him quickly undoing his jeans and unzipping them, and pulling out his cock, half-hard already. I’d prolly say something like “Ooh, you are bigger than Jimmy!” even if he wasnt–just to let him know I liked what I saw.

Feeling put in your place yet, slut? Good girl…

And that would be about when you’d drop to your knees like a good front of him..and you’d have to look at it…touch it..

And if you kept hesitating I’d say something like “C’mon Jim, show him how good you are with your know you want to.”, and to my friend “He likes it when you hold his head with a grip in his hair by the way.”

(I groaned softly, laying my head at Her feet in utter submission, whispering “I’d..obey.”)

Yes, you’d open your mouth wide like an eager slut, and slide that cock right in, tasting it for the first time, and put that tongue of yours to work as you began sucking. My friend would get right to work with the intention of getting an intense orgasm as soon as possible, as he’d be a lil nervous of being outside too..and he’d hold your head somewhat, and arch his hips back and forth. But he’d be aware enough to make the occassional comment like “Oh yeah, he knows how to use his tongue alright..”

“Mmm, god, it feels good..thats it, slide it right down your throat..”

And after you sucked him off in the bushes..I’d tell him how much that had turned me on…and could I have his phone number so that maybe I could invite him over another time!

Mistress grinned evilly.

I’d tease you after about what a slut you were..sucking some guy off before you even knew his name…

And then I’d drag you back home so you could get between my legs like a good pet, and give me 2 or 3 orgasms….cuz I’d be dripping.

Mistress laughed softly.

Your pleasure, of course…well, thats *another* story..

Care for a walk in the park then?

I just groaned and knew that I’d never quite feel safe on our Sunday walks *ever* again.

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  1. Steve says


    OKAY! I will for you and love doing it to one or 20 if you want me to as long as you watch me sucking all of those cocks!
    Hugs and kisses!

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