Happily the Woman Strips, Collars & Punishes the Man

F/m Bondage, Humiliation & Strap-on Dildo Story

You wait outside the door, blindfolded, with sunglasses doing a poor job of covering your blindfold. You’ve seen nothing of the ride to my house. You can’t see the outside of my house. You can’t see me walk inside, and you haven’t even seen my face, except for the walk from the plane to the car. You ache to see me, and what awaits you. I’ve told you so much about my “lair,” that you think you know what to expect. But you know me. And you know that I might change my mind at any time, or come up with something new. And I have too many friends who are far too crafty.

I walk into my house alone. I want to make sure everything is just where I want it.

Besides, I want you to feel a bit lost and abandoned for awhile. I instruct you to sit on the steps for a few minutes.

The sound of the train startles you.

I watch from the window in the boys’ room.

I know you’re nervous, and that you only think that you know what to expect.

I want you to anticipate my next move with fear.

I want you to be afraid of me, but to look to me for comfort when it hurts, or becomes too much for you to take.

I want you to be lost in those feelings.

I want you to be confused, and to look to me to make things clear again.

I want you to be dependent on me.

I want you to cry. To weep, to sob while laying across my lap.

I want you to wish that I’ll stop.

I want you to wish that I’ll never stop.

I open the door behind you. You turn, not that you can see anything. Without my voice, you’re not even sure that it is me that opened the door.

I take your hand, and help you stand and walk inside.

I shut, and lock the door.

I lead you to the middle of the room.

I take off your blindfold. You start to look around.

I take my hand, and pull your chin so that you can only look at me.

Are you ready’

I turn, and pick up your collar from its place on the bookcase. Your eyes follow my movements, and see a pair of leather cuffs still laying there. A lock.

Suddenly, everything you have hoped for, fantasized about, and longed for, is about to become a reality. You almost want to turn to the door and run, but you can’t. You have nowhere to go. You’re in my world now.

I hand you a piece of paper, and a pencil.

Write your safeword on the paper.

You take the pencil and walk over to the bookcase and write simply “red,” on the piece of paper.

I want you to give me your safeword.

From the time I collar you, until I remove it, you will not have a safeword unless we are in the presence of others.

You look at me, fold the piece of paper in half, and hand it to me.

You look down.

I swear when you hand me the piece of paper that you are trembling, just a little.

I take the piece of paper, and put in the pocket of my skirt.

I take your hands.

I’m going to strip you, bare.

Then I’m going to collar you.

Then I’m going to punish you.

The first thing I reach for is your belt.

I unbuckle it, and slide it out of its loops.

Your breathing changes.

I take the belt, and double it over.

What am I going to be doing with this belt later’

Your voice, which has been quiet since you came inside, is suddenly *very* quiet.

You’re going to spank me with it, Ma’am.

You look at the belt, and you worry.

You know that your pain tolerance is low.

And that I’m going to shatter it.

I lay the belt on the couch.

I unbutton your jeans, and begin to slide them down.

I bend over to help you off with your shoes, your jeans, and socks.

I raise up again, and pull your boxers off rather roughly.

You’re standing in front of me with just your shirt on.


You kneel down, and I take off your shirt.

I kiss your forehead, and fasten my collar around your neck.

You look up at me. I take your hand, and help you stand.

I sit on the couch, leaving you in the middle of the room.

Stay there. Turn around. Show me your body.

Show me what belongs to me for the next couple of days.

All of it.

Bend over, show me your bottom.

Show me what I will penetrate.

You turn around so very slowly. Your face turns bright red.

You bend over, slowly.

Spread your cheeks.

You hesitate only for a moment, and obey.

You wish you could hide. You are so embarrassed you don’t want to stand back up.

I tell you to, and you have no choice.

Hand me your cuffs.

You walk to the bookcase, and pick up the cuffs.

Do you want the lock too, Ma’am’

Yes, thank you.

I smile.

You hand me the cuffs, and hold out your wrists.

I hand them back to you.

Put them on.

The look on your face tells me that you’d much rather that I do this.

But I don’t want this to be easy for you.

I want you to give yourself to me. And if it is difficult for you at certain points, I will thrive on it. This isn’t hard for you, but you’d just much rather it be me.

When you’re done, you offer me your wrists.

Put them behind your back.

I take the lock and wait.

You put your hands behind your back, in a comfortable position, and I lock your wrists together.

They’re going to stay this way for awhile.

Yes, Ma’am.

I pull you to my right side, but let you stand there for a moment, looking down.

Where would you like to be’

Over your lap, Ma’am.

Ask me.

Ma’am, may I please lay across your lap’

I help you over my lap.

It’s not quite so easy to lay across a lap when your hands are tied behind your back.

I rest my hand on your bottom.

I have waited so long to spank you.

The first swat is a little bit hard. I want your attention. OK, I know I have your attention. I just wanted it to hurt right from the start.

The next few swats are much lighter.

I continue to spank you, not all that hard, but your bottom begins to turn pink.

I start to spank hard, and watch the image of my hand appear on your bottom.

You try so hard to lay still, and you can’t.

You try to be quiet, but you can’t.

It hurts.

I start to spank your upper thighs, and your sit spots, and I have to hold you still with my left arm. It hurts, doesn’t it’

Yes, Ma’am.

You’re very quiet.

Do you want me to hurt you’

An even quieter, yes, Ma’am.

I start spanking you *hard* and rapid-fire.

I spank the same spot repeatedly.

When you start to move too much, I let up.

Stand up.

You stand, with a little help from me for balance.

Go get the plug. It’s laying in the bathroom.

You walk into the bathroom, and see what I have set up.

A bar of soap is laying on the sink, along with a glass, and a clean soft washcloth.

An enema bag is laying on the shelf above the toilet.

The plug is on the back of the sink. There’s no way you can reach it with your hands bound behind your back.

Except with your mouth.

Totally humiliated, you walk back to me, holding the plug with your teeth.

I have a tube of lubricant in my hand. You wonder if I had it hidden close by.

You wonder what else is hidden, and in reach.

Bend over.

You bend over, and I insert the plug slowly.

Do not let this slip.

While you are still bent over, I walk into the bathroom, and open a drawer.

You hear the drawer open, but from your position, you really can’t see anything.

I take a large dildo out of the drawer, and walk back to you.

You knew this was coming.

Yes, Ma’am. I did.

I help you stand up.

Tell me you want to suck this cock.

Your silence lasts too long.

I slap you.


Ma’am, I would like to suck that cock.

Open your mouth.

You obey quickly.

I move the dildo in and out of your mouth a few times, before pushing it as deep as I dare into your mouth.

I pick up a child’s marker that is laying on the bookcase.


Washes off so easily.

But marks wonderfully for now.

I take the marker and write “MY SLAVE” on your chest in bright red marker.

I lead you into the bathroom so that you may see yourself in the mirror.

Plugged, dildo in your mouth, and my name on your chest.

I walk back over to the couch, and motion for you to follow.

Come here, my slave.

I pull you over my lap, and start spanking you *very* hard with my hand.

My hand stings.

Your head is a mess. You’re trying to keep the plug in. Trying to keep the dildo in your mouth. Wishing you could use your hands to do so, wishing you could talk.

As I begin to spank you even harder, the only thing that you can do is cry.

And you do.

You break down into tears.

When I don’t let up, you begin sobbing.

You’re broken.

I can do anything I want to you at this point.

You’re mine.


  1. Robin says

    A very interesting read, it`s something similar to what I would like to happen to me. As in the story. I have a low `pain threshold`, the fact that the Mistress doesn’t seem worried about crossing it, worries me a little! I feel that if I`m to submit to a Woman, I would like her to stick to my boundaries, there should be a feeling of trust between both participants!
    I would have liked to been `Forced` into Wearing a pair of `Women`s knickers` first! Obviously if I want to be `Forced`, it`s obvious that I enjoy Wearing them. To me, She should have pulled off Her own Knickers, stuffed them in my mouth, before sending me to fetch the Plug.

  2. brian7 says

    reducing him to quiescence and knowing he has to accept whatever is coming – that is truly submission! luv it. brian xxx

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