Cum Eating Husband

By LoveMyWife

My husband stood naked in the kitchen. He had a hard cock, of course, and his pubic hair was shaved. There was lubricant dripping from the end of his cock.

I was dressed and ready to go out the door for most of the day. I walked over to him, reached down and grabbed his sperm filled balls and gave them a firm squeeze. I gave him a soft kiss and said see you later. We both looked down at his cock as I slid my hand up its length and wiped a large drop of pre-cum off the end of his prick and onto the end of my finger. I moved my hand toward his mouth, he automatically open it. I put my finger in his mouth and he licked his pre-cum off my finger.

“When I come back, I’ll take care of this for you, would that be OK?

He just moaned.

“I’ll let you cum in me, when I come back. Would you like that?”

He said yes

“God, I bet there is a huge amount of cum in those balls” He hadn’t cum in a number of days.

He said he thought so too.

“And then you know what I want you to do after you cum in me?”

He nodded his head

“Tell me what I’ll have you do, you know you want to talk about it with me”

“I’ll lick my cum from you”

“That’s right you will, and why will you do that?”

“Because you’ll tell me to, because I love you and I love your pussy, even when it’s filled with my cum”

“Especially when it’s filled with your cum, because you’re my cum eating husband aren’t you?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes, I’m your cum eating husband.”

We both look down at his cock, it is so hard it looks like it could snap.

“I bet if I touched your cock it would explode”

“It would, I have not doubt”

I don’t touch his cock, but I do take his hand and say, “Walk me to my car”

Our garage is part of the house and there really isn’t much change of our neighbor seeing him, but there is a little chance once the garage door opens.

As I back out of the garage and head down the driveway, the last thing I see of my husband is him waving goodbye with a hard bobbing cock. It’s very cute. His balls are going to be sore by the time I get home. I think I’ll take my time.

We weren’t always this kinky. It started a couple of months ago when my husband, in a fit of passion and a little drunk, told me he wanted to lick his cum from me after making love. Really what he wanted was for me to make him lick his cum from me.

We never did anything about it, he seemed to lose interest in doing it once he came. Over the next few months, he mentioned it once or twice and I could tell he still had an interest in me making him do it, but I think he was embarrassed to mention it much. Then one evening, we were having a drink on the deck of our club. It was a beautiful night and it was our first drink, we were standing by ourselves. My husband had his arm around my shoulder. He kissed the side of my head and said. “When we get home I want to make love to you and then I want you to sit on my face and make me eat my cum from you. I have fantasized about this for a long time, and I just can’t make myself do it, so you have to just do it for me. Promise me you will make me do it, lick my cum from you”

I was shocked. I just looked at him. This was not the conversation I was expecting. He was obviously embarrassed he said it, I could tell he wished he hadn’t. He needed to get past this fantasy by it becoming a reality.

“OK, not a problem. I don’t think your going to like it, but you are going to do it, that is for sure. And don’t try to get out of it because you are definitely going to eat your cum tonight. You have asked a number of times and then just didn’t do it, tonight, you’re not getting out of it.” I smiled because there was a little tent in his pants.

Just then friends walked up to say hello. I know he was going to have an interesting evening thinking about what was going to happen. I also decided we would talk about it on the drive home to raise his embarrassment level a bit … and his cock.

That was the beginning. After he came in me, he didn’t really want to go down on me. I pushed him onto his back and reminded him that he wanted me to do this. I then crawled up and straddled his face, holding my hand over my pussy to keep his cum in me. I asked him if he was ready, he said yes, and I removed my hand and started to lower myself. He just said, “Oh my god.”

I don’t know if he liked the taste of cum but he did like me making him lick me clean. And I liked getting a nice soft tongue in me after having sex. I liked getting his cum cleaned out of me. I liked the idea of him eating his cum after all the cum I have eaten. I liked fucking his face after he fucked me. This was all pretty nasty! I liked it, and he defiantly liked it, and right then I decided that his cum eating was going to be a regular part of our love making. After I came and we were holding each other, I asked him what he thought. He admitted the taste wasn’t great, but not too bad, but what he liked most was having me “make” him do it. He said he really liked his submissiveness and really liked my dominance. I grabbed his cock and it was partially hard again. We made love a little more and we fell asleep, he was still hard, but I was tired.

The next morning before we got out of bed he was hard again. Very hard in fact. I asked him what we were going to do with that, and he said he wanted to be brought right to the edge of cumming, and then left hard and horny so he would think about me all day. I played with his cock and balls for about 10 minutes, stopping twice so he would not cum. When I left the bed to get coffee, he was naked on his knees, legs spread wide, balls pulled up and cock pointing toward the ceiling bobbing and leaking.

During the course of the day I could tell he was very horny. As we passed he would touch me or kiss my neck or shoulder. By the time we went to bed, he was almost crazed. We made love quickly, and he came very hard and long telling me how much he loved me and how he thought of me all day.

After he came I let him rest for five minutes and then told him to get “down there and clean me up.”

He did without hesitation. I might be able to get use to this dominance thing.

The teasing part of his submissiveness also developed over time. Once he started eating his cum more often, he felt there was nothing more dramatic than that, so he told me all of his fantasies. One was his desire to be teased and to have his orgasm delayed. I now enjoy seeing his cock hard and leaking, and NOT letting him cum.

He is more attentive when he is horny

Nudity is also a turn on for him. He likes being naked and hard while I am dressed. For him, nudity also includes being clean shaven “down there”. This too turns him on because he feels very “naked” for me, and it is something that only I know about. He also likes the process of shaving his cock and balls, it keeps him horny and thinking about me because it needs to be attended to often. He does look very naked when he is shaven.

So that is how my husband ended up naked in the kitchen with a shaved hard cock, horny and desperate to cum, talking about eating his own sperm from my pussy after he cums, with his fully dressed wife squeezing his balls and stoking his hard on, but not letting him cum. It all makes sense now doesn’t it?


  1. lovemywife says

    A work in progress

    I was going to walk downstairs and into the kitchen totally naked. I was not going to bring a bathrobe, tee shirt or anything to cover up with if I chickened out at the last seconds. I wanted to do this, but it is embarrassing. I was going to presenting myself to her naked, hard, shaved and dripping. I had a hair scrunchy around the top of my balls pulling them into a tight package below my bobbing cock. I was then going to ask her to not make me cum. I was going to ask her to tease me right to the edge of orgasm a couple of times, tease me for the rest of the day and make me wait. I offered my balls for squeezing. I was going to tell her the next time I came, hopefully that night, I wanted to cum in her. Then I wanted her to tell me to go down on her and lick up all my sperm. I wanted her to be insistence and I wanted to be forced to lick my cum from her pussy. That would be embarrassing too.
    As I headed down the stairs I squeezed my now purple cock one more time milking a large drop of lubricant to the tip. There was now a string of pre-cum hanging 3 inches from the end of my cock.

    I turned the corner and heading toward the kitchen. I could feel my skin flush as I turned red, my heart was pounding, I was going to enjoy this. I needed to cum badly, but I hoped she wouldn’t let me.

    She agreed no cumming until she told me it was OK, and then, yes, I’d be licking her clean of my sperm. She smiled as she looked at my extremely aroused state. She squeezed my exposed balls fairly hard as she held me close. The rest of the day was spent with aching balls, a partially to raging hard cock and six sessions of being brought right to the edge. Each time I was totally naked, each time she was completely dressed.

    Each time I had to stop her before I came. She found that very entertaining that I would actually tell her to stop when I was so close to an orgasm. On a few occasions my hips humped the air as my cock bounced and strained lewdly.

    Even when not hard, my cock looked as though it needed to cum. Slightly puffed up, a purple hue and very sensitive. It was my balls that actually gave me the most problem, aching and sore. I was totally aware of my cock and balls all day, hardly a minute went by without a twitch, ache or the feeling of wetness as another drop of lubricant dripped from the end.

    When I finally did get to cum I knew it was going to be a huge load, saved up for a week and then from being teased all day.

    Later that day, she asked me how I wanted to do it. I told her I wanted to make love to her and cum in her. Then I wanted her to straddling my face. Pause for a moment two inches from my mouth and let some drip into my mouth and onto my face. I wanted the reality of what I was about to do sink in. Then she should face fuck me, telling me to eat it all, to lick it all to taste my cum and her pussy. I wanted her to control the action and I wanted her to be the aggressor. I wanted her to cum on my mouth and I wanted the taste of my sperm and her pussy in my mouth as she did.

    Yes, that was an embarrassing conversation, yes I was naked and yes my bobbing cock was more accurate than a lie detector test on showing how I felt about the whole thing.

    She just smiled and said OK. She kissed me and put her tongue in my mouth. God, I almost came without her touching me!

    After dinner we decided to go out to have a few drinks with friends. Actually, my wife was going to have a few drinks, I was going to stay totally sober to act as our designated driver. She also wanted me to be totally aware of the evening on every level. We had a lot of fun and flirted with each other and laughed and chatted with our friends. On the drive home she lightly rubbed my cock through my pant as we talked. She was just high enough to be in a slutty mood, I was so horny and in need of an orgasm, I didn’t need any alcohol to be in a slutty mood.

    When we got inside she leaned against me and kissed my neck and told me she was going to watch a little television. Could I fix her a vodka and bring it to her…naked.

    I enter the room and she is relaxing on the couch watching late night television. I hand her the drink, she strokes my cock. She says, “I’d like to cum”

    Without a word, I slowly undress her, kissing her body. Finally she is naked, legs spread. Now it’s time for my favorite thing in the world, licking her pussy. Slowly, her taste is fantastic, I want her cum to be intense, not too quick. It’s not my choice, she cums more quickly than I anticipated. It is an intense orgasm, and no matter how much she enjoyed it, I enjoyed it more. After a moment she says, “Let’s go upstairs”. I pick up our scattered clothing and follow up to our bedroom.

    When I reach the bedroom she is lying on the bed with her knees wide apart. “Do you still want to do this?”
    “Yes”, is all I can mutter.
    “You have to stand there naked in front of me and tell me exactly what you want”
    She now knew how much I enjoyed the embarrassment, it was part of the turn on.
    “I want to make love to you and then I want you to make me lick my cum from your pussy”
    “If you want to lick your cum from my pussy, why don’t you just do it?”
    “Because I always chicken out, I lose my desire to after I cum.”
    “Your desire will have nothing to do with it tonight. But why do you want me to make you do it? Why do you want to eat your own cum?”
    “It’s the ultimate in submitting to you. I like it when you’re in control, I like being shaved and naked and hard for you, I like when you squeeze my balls. Licking my cum from you is the ultimate in proving my submissiveness to you.”
    You roll over and get up on your knees, your ass in the air. “I think sticking your tongue up my ass is the ultimate in submission, get over here and lick me”
    I get on the bed and spread her ass cheeks and give her asshole a tentative lick.
    “Get your tongue up there”
    I do as I’m told and really start getting into being your personal ass licker. This goes on for 10 minutes with my tongue in her ass and my fingers in her pussy and my cock bobbing and leaking.
    You pull away and get up on your knees. “I think another sign of your submission is my squeezing your balls. How about I do a little ball squeezing, would you like that?”
    “How about a little cock and ball slapping too?” I say.
    You smile, look at me and say, “Sure, cock and ball slapping, I can add that to my repertoire”
    I get on my knees, spread my legs and push my hips forward. “I’d stick with slapping my balls more than my cock or you’re going to make me cum”
    “We wouldn’t want you spraying your cum all over the place would we, you wouldn’t be able to lick it up then. Why don’t you close your eyes so you don’t know what I’m going to do. It will make it more interesting”
    I close my eyes and wait. She lightly kisses my neck, pinches a nipple and squeezed my balls before she begins.
    The first swat is on the head of my cock, fairly hard. I let out a moan as my cock swings from side to side and I reflexively pull my hips back. I immediately push them forward again wanting another swat. This time it’s from the other side, with the same reaction from me. It only hurts a little but not knowing when and where I’ll be hit and being so exposed and venerable makes my cock even harder.
    She says, “that looks great”
    My cock beating continues for a few minutes with neck kisses and nipple pinching mixed in.
    The next swats are from under my balls, hitting both of them at the same time. Not too hard but hard enough to get the desired effect from me.
    “Would you like me to hold my cock up so you can get a better swat at my balls?”
    You laugh, “you are such a slut, yes, hold your cock against your stomach”
    I press my cock against my stomach and she quickly swats once from the right, I push my hips forward, and once from the left. I am breathing very heavy now.
    My ball swatting continues for five or six more swats, left, right middle.
    “Get on your hands and knees and keep your eyes closed”
    I can feel her moving behind me. I spread my legs so she has access to my hanging balls.
    “Put your head on the bed and get ready, these are going to be a little harder. Tell me if it’s too much I really don’t want to hurt you…too bad.”
    She spreads my ass cheeks and says, “Some day I’m going to fuck that ass, would you like that?”
    Before I can answer she swats my balls pretty hard.
    “Uph” I push my hips back and my ass up ready for another hit.
    “You didn’t answer me”
    Another hard swat to my swinging balls.
    “YES, yes, I’d like that”
    “You’d like what?” Swat!
    “I’d like you to fuck my ass”
    “I knew you would. You really are such a slut.
    Another 8 to 10 swats from behind, including some well placed swats at my hard and hanging cock making it slap against my stomach. She ends with some firm pumps of my prick and a firm ball squeezing.
    “Why don’t you rest for a minute, I’ll get us some water.”
    I fall onto my stomach.
    “Back up on your knees and keep your legs spread. I want you just like this when I return”

    I was breathing heavy, cock bouncing and dripping as I looked between my legs and rest.

    She returned with water and a rubber glove. Into the bathroom and back.
    “Spread your ass for me”
    I reached back and spread my ass cheeks, highly embarrassed by exposing my asshole to her on my knees, head on the bed.
    I heard her putting on the glove, then felt cool lubricant being rubbed into my asshole.
    “For the next few minutes, we’re going to concentrate on your asshole. I’m going to take your virgin asshole, you’re going to ask me to, aren’t you? Look right at me as ask me to do it” She moves to the side of the bed and puts her face close to the mattress so I can see her better.
    I turn my head to face her and say, “please, finger fuck my asshole”
    She smiles.
    “I think I can work up to a couple of fingers, what do you think”
    With that she returns to between my legs and slips a finger all the way in, I groaned.
    Within a few minutes I had been penetrated deeper and spread wider than ever before. I pushed back hard, trying to get her deeper and wider yet. I looked back at her, naked with her fingers inside of me and said, “honey, I love you”.

    (why don’t you continue the story in the comment section, let’s see where you can take us)

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  4. ceSteve says

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  5. CE-Ken says

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  18. MarieC says

    Awesome to find this site…think i may have found some answers to my frigid husband problem. I NEED sex of ALL varieties ALL thie time (except for defenseless animals, ids or adults who don’t wan tot participate). When we talk about sex outside the bedroom he is full of “kink” but when it actually comes times to doing anything sexual, out the window it goes and he gets angry with me for bringing it up and says i’m a horrible person for “having to have” these “things” in order to enjoy sex…and add “why can’t we just have “NORMAL” sex? First of all what is “NORMAL” sex and second, those were HIS VERY naughty scenarios that even I couldn not have come up with (albeit amazing that I didn’t as they were AMAZING!). I talked to my family Dr. yesterday and asked her if it was “Normal” for him to only want sex 2 times a month and she said NO NO NO! Then she eluded to perhaps he’s having an affair (I really DO know that he is not and you are thinking yeah sure, the wife is ALWAYS the last to know). I will sy this, SOMETHING is “off” and I can “feel” it…I have a good sense for these things and it doesn’t feel good. Drugs…maybe, except he wasw just drug tested but did start to act differently AFTER that. He functions quite well at his job but at home I swear he’s got Alzheimers…it’s that bad. Doesn’t remeber what he says from one moment to the next. Last night when I asked him what he said not once but several times his reply was “i don’t remember” and this was 30 seconds after he made a statement that I could not make out as his speech was jumbled/slurred or the sentence not formed well enough to make sense. He ALWAYS saying how exhausted he is when he gets home so much so that he will not act friendly or happy in ANY way. I’m a very atrractive and always dress to please for when he arrives home, makeup0, great hair, think Gabby pre-kids on Desperate Housewives and you’ll get the pic. I’m pleasant, alluring, gourmet cook and he has told me I’m the best sex he has EVER had. I’m bi and he told me about 4 months ago that it was fine with him if I had a girlfriend but he didn’t want to be involved with her in any sexual way. He said he understood my being bi and if I need that kind of relationship as well that was fine with him. I thought he really meant it but when I bring it up now he gets a bit angry. When we get into stupid little arguments he asks me if I’m on the computer with my “boyfriend” or says why don’t you go out on a date (meaning with a guy…kinda weird since i would talk to a girl over a guy and go on a date with a girl way before i would a guy. Recently he has had in interest in getting “me” a dildo and a vibrator, 2 things I have NEVER used…never thought i needed them. So while we look on internet at them he brings up strap ons for me and my future GF and then turns it around to me using it on him..ok, i have no prob with that but kinda out of the blue. We get dildo and vib but not the strap on yet. He’s using the vibrator on me the other night and puts the life like dildo in his mouth like he’s sucking a guys dick…this is HUGE news to me that he want s to do this. Wouldn’t this have come up way earlier in our relationship like our 2nd date when i told him i was bi and am totally cool to gender preference?

    Guess i’m looking for advice or input here if anyone is interested in helping my sorry ass.

    Thanks for all your HOT posts. I do some of my own another time nut this was kinda buggn me.

  19. joe jacob says

    damn nice post. i love eating my hot jizz off my wifes pink wet pussy. she likes to dump the hole load in my mouth and let me swollow it all

  20. Anonymous says

    My wife and I havent had sex in over7 yrs after she did me with a strapon and she said I liked it to much because I came in a huge load , more than ever. I want more.

  21. Paul Hughett says

    My wife trained me to eat her out after she had sex with other men. I learned to love it and she know I would. This training started when we were dating. She would call me to pick her up and the first thing that I would do was to eat her out while she sat on my face. She was always laughing and asking me how it tasted. I always told how I love it and she would always cum. After two years of dating, I asked her to marry me and she accepted. She has always been a hot wife and my love for has grown stronger over the years. We almost never have sex. She lets masturbate, while she taunts me about being a wimp. I have always been submissive to women. She made me suck cock once just to prove that she could do it and made me swallow his load. She controlled me even when we were dating and has grown stronger over the years.

  22. munard says

    I rather love to have kissed my wife with her mouth full of cum, be it my own or of a friend. Each time it is a happy waiting time “what the taste of cum will be” and afterwards telling my wife what it was.

  23. daydreamer says

    A little over six years ago, my wife and I began swinging with another couple we’d known since before we were married. It was interesting how it happen because I’m the one who usually brings up unusual ideas.

    “Honey,” she said. “I had a conversation with Joy on the phone today.”

    “Oh? Go on.”

    “I’ll come right to the point, she thinks you’ve got a nice body and wants to sleep with you.”

    “I don’t think we’ll get much sleep,” I told her.

    “Neither do I,” was her come back. “And while you and Joy aren’t sleeping, Bill and I will not be sleeping either.”

    That nearly did it. I was a close to anger as I ever get. “What the hell!”

    She was sitting right next to me, her hand on my thigh. “Relax, huh? I’m not telling you to kill yourself, or me, just have a little fun. OK?”

    I came back to earth quickly enough for her to fill me in on the details. I agreed, “But just this once.”

    Before you are thinking what an idiot I am for turning down free pussy, let me assure you I don’t. Usually. But this is different. We’re friends. Been friends a long time. Some words get said wrong and, “Boom,” the whole friendship is gone. So I’m cautious.

    That Friday night the four of us went out to dinner, then back to our place where they’d spend the night. I got out a bottle of wine and we sat down to play cards. All innocent enough until we were into the third bottle.

    “Why don’t we play strip poker,” Joy suggested with a giggle.
    Why not we all agreed. We’d soon be naked anyway. After one round, we are all close to unclothed except me. I’m naked and hard, hard, hard.

    She all but dragged me by my cock to the couch and pushed me down on it. She knelt between my spread thighs and went to work on my dick.

    I’m a big guy, 6′ 2”, carrying 180 pounds. Physically fit. My cock is cut and a firm six inches when hard.
    Joy was born to be a cock sucker. She had it all the way down her throat. I was so close to cumming, I told her to stop and swap places.

    Her pussy was soaked. I slid right, all the way till my balls hit her cheeks.

    Only half drunk I did an admirable job of filling her pussy with my load.

    After we’d calmed down, were breathing normally she told me to swap places. When she was out from under me, she straddled my face and pushed her cum-filled cunt right onto my face, startling the hell out of me.

    “Eat me!” she said. It wasn’t the words but the way she said it. It was less saying than ordering me. So I sucked and licked her cunt and clit bringing her to a second orgasm.

    I’d tasted my cum tittle by little when I’d have mini-orgasms. That wasn’t much. But I did enjoy the mildly salty flavor.
    Sucking my juice along with her juice was different.
    And I was hooked.

    We had a few more swaps until after a hot night of sweaty non-rest, I awoke to find Bill and my wife standing next to our bed.

    “Honey, Bill here would like to taste your cum.”

    Holy shit! What next? I’d soon learn.

    Joy moved over so Bill could lay down next to me. What I didn’t like was that while his mouth was close to my cock, his cock was close to mine.

    “It’s only fair,” my wife said. “If he tastes yours, you should taste his, don’t you think?”

    My objections were stopped when his cock filled my open mouth. Surprised, I began to suck it.

    Suck it.

    And suck some more.

    With his lips around my erection, giving it the attention it deserved, I surrendered and gave his the best I could.

    When he came, it wasn’t the horrible taste I’d imagined. There was a closeness, a bonding, that it a ceremony. When we had both taken every drop we could from each other, he moved into my arms and we kissed. We were brother, fellow cock suckers.

    One blow job led to another and then another and another.

    Today, years later, the four of us still get together for a mutual night affair. Bill and I both agree we are hooked on cum and cock sucking. We have our own moments.

  24. Gary says

    My girlfriend wants me to lay my head on her tummy while another guy fucks her, and just as the guy is getting ready to cum she wants him to pull out of her and for him to cum in my mouth while she jerks him off in my mouth and for me to eat and swallow his cum.

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