Cum Eating Husband 2

By LoveMyWife

“We’re going out to a friend’s house in a little while”
“Where are we going?”
“To my friend Gail’s house, I have never met her husband, they live in a secluded area of the neighborhood on the river.”
“OK, are we having drinks or what.”
“Yea a few drinks, I just want to meet them and them you.”
You walk over to me and put your hand on my crotch. “I noticed a few stray hairs this morning where they shouldn’t be, why don’t you go take a shower, shave and I’ll lay out your cloths.”
I started to get hard. I keep my pubic area shaved as a silly sign of my sometimes submissiveness to my wife, I knew where she wanted me to shave.
“Sure, I’ll do that”. And off I went
I took my shower and shaved everything off. Afterwards, I sat on the edge of the tub and carefully removed any stragglers on my balls and finished a close shave around the base of my shaft. I was hard of course, I always get hard shaving for her. Afterwards I left the bathroom and walked into the bedroom. My wife was lounging on the bed, fully dressed, I was very naked. There were no cloths laid out for our visit.
“What do you want me to wear?”
She got up, walked to me and cupped my balls. “You wearing it, you’re going like this.”
I flushed, turned a deep shade of red and just look at her smiling face.
“I told my friend how attentive you were toward me and we talked about it over lunch. I told her of your sometimes submissiveness, of your shaving, of how much I love you and you love me. She said her husband has been hinting about her being more dominate. I though this may be a good way to give them both a push into a new relationship. You don’t mind do you honey?”
I did mind and I was scared to death, but my cock was giving me away. It was very hard and dripping a little.
“Are you sure you want me to do this?” I mean, it’s going to be very embarrassing for me to be naked in front of the three of you and shaved on top of that! You really want me to do this?”
“First of all, I already told her about your shaving, now she just wants to see it for herself, and anyway, it’s about time others know you shaved for me. Second, you like being naked for me, you’ll love the embarrassment of being naked in front of strangers, and lastly you’ll be doing this for me because I asked you to do it, and that, I know is enough of a reason to go……naked and hard and shaved. Isn’t it?”
This woman really knew me. “Yes, I’ll do it for you.”
“I knew you would, let’s go.” She pinched and rolled both of my nipples in her fingers and then gave my balls a nice firm squeeze.
I followed her downstairs, into the garage and into the passenger seat of her car. She was acting as if everything was normal. This was surreal.
“You may want to lean the seat back and get below the window edge for the drive”
I was now lying on my back, naked and hard as she drove out of the driveway. I was grateful for the dark evening and warm weather. My heart was beating a mile a minute.
It was only about a 15 minute drive and it was totally uneventful.
The car coasted to a stop and she said we were there. I put my seat up. We were in a secluded driveway of an upper middle class home. There were no neighboring homes in sight, it was wooded. She reached over and stroked me a few times and said she would go to the house and get Gail. With that she left the car and walked to the front door. From where I was sitting I could see Gail answer the door and they both talked and looked toward the car. Then they both started walking toward me. Now the reality of this scene was setting in and I was more than scared and about to be very embarrassed.
They both walked to the passenger side of the car and my wife opened the door. The interior lights went on and she told me to get out and meet Gail. I got out and stood in their driveway, naked and hard. Gail looked at me, my cock and then turned to my wife.
“I can’t believe he actually agreed to this”
“He’ll do what I ask, within reason, wouldn’t you?”
My voice cracked.”Yes honey, I will.”
Gail said, “I love his shaved cock. My god he’s hard. When was the last time he came?”
I hadn’t though about it but it was now clear my wife hadn’t let me cum for about a week, and it showed in my desperate cock.
“The last time he came was eight days ago. I have been keeping him hard and denied for this night. I wanted it to be a large orgasm and a lot of cum.”
This was the first time she mentioned I would have an orgasm in front of Gail and her husband. I was shocked and looked at her with wide eyes. She looked at me and smiled.
“Yes, you’re going to cum from my friends. I don’t know exactly when or how, but you will cum.”
My cock throbbed.
Gail noticed it and said,” That is amazing. Look at his cock. He’s standing here naked, embarrassed in front of two fully clothed women who are talking about how easily he is manipulated, openly discussing the most personal things, and his cock is bouncing in excitement”
My wife said, “Its part of his desire to be submissive to me. He wants me to control his cock and his orgasms. He wants to please me, don’t you honey?” You like the embarrassment of me telling you to do things you wouldn’t normally do or want to do, but will do if I ask.
“Yes, it’s true”
My wife squeezed my balls and lovingly stoked my cock a few time. “We have a lot to talk about with Gail and Rick, don’t we honey?”
My heart was in my throat. What else? She wasn’t going to tell them all of my fetishes was she?
As if she could read my mind she leaned in and whispered in my ear,” A lot to talk about don’t we my little cum eating husband?”
I stood stock still. She wouldn’t!
Gail said, “What did you say?”
“Nothing, just a little secret between us” She smiled and let go of my hard on.
Gail said, “Shall we go in and meet Rick? He is totally going to freak. I have told him a little of what to expect, but I’m sure he doesn’t expect this.”
We turned and started walking toward the house about 100 feet away. My wife told me to put my hands behind my back and she held them together by grasping my thumbs. My cock and balls swayed and bounced lewdly. Gail couldn’t or wouldn’t take her eyes off of it. “Very nice,” was all she said. At the door I paused slightly.
My wife said, “This is the real embarrassing part isn’t it? Being naked in front of two woman is one thing. You have been naked in front of me thousands of times, and naked in front of Gail was something. I told you to do and you did. Now you’re going to be naked in front of another male. Someone who is normally a dominate role model. And here you are shaved, naked and hard, walking between two women who are obviously in control.” She swatted me playfully on the ass. “You want your cock controlled? You want your orgasms controlled? You want me in control? Then this kind of thing might happen.”
Gail opened the door and said, “After you.” We walked in and they each took a hand, anticipating my overwhelming desire to cover up. Now I had no choice. I was so embarrassed I felt like I was going to die. My cock was giving me away again. The girls were all smiles.
Rick was standing by the fireplace with a drink in his hand, waiting, and watching television. He turned when we walked into the room. His mouth literally dropped open and his eyes looked as if they would pop out of his head.
Gail said, “Rick, meet my friends”
The girls walked me over to him, still holding my hands. My wife release my right hand and I instinctively reached out to shake hands. Rick shook my hand and said, “Holly shit,” and just stared at my cock, then looked at my wife and then Gail.
Gail said, “be a dear and get our guests a drink.”
My wife said she would have a vodka tonic and said I didn’t need anything. She wanted me totally sober for the evening. “It will be a little harder on him if he stays sober, and I think we would both like that, wouldn’t we?”
I just looked down in embarrassment.
Rick left for the kitchen and Gail said, “did you see the look on his face, it was priceless.”
My cock was pulsing a little. My wife put her hand on my heart and smiled. “Feel this.” Gail did the same and said, “it’s beating out of your chest, are you OK”
I said, “Yea, I just never expected to be here, like this.”
It’s OK honey, it will get better, just do as I say, I’ll take care of you” and my wife kissed me on the cheek.
Rick returned and my wife said, “Let’s talk.” She sat in a chair across from the couch. Rick and Gail sat on the couch, my wife motioned for me to come to her. “On your knees, next to me, legs spread.”
I couldn’t believe she wanted me to be so exposed. I kneeled and spread my legs. She looked at me and said, “A little wider honey, I want you totally exposed, hands on your legs”
I spread my legs further and looked at my cock and balls, now totally exposed to these two strangers. I glanced up, they were staring at my cock. Gail was smiling, Rick had a look of amazement on his face. I looked at my wife, she was smiling that smile she gets when she is in control. Serene, dominate and knowing I will now do anything she could possible think of asking me. I may be in trouble, I thought.
My wife said,”First of all, let’s get a few things straight. My husband loves me very much and I love him. He is not my slave, he is my husband. He has a very responsible job and he is a good provider and my best friend. The fact that he is here naked in front of the two of you is an indication of how much he loves me and how much I love him. Every once in a while he likes to be submissive in our relationship, and when we agree he will be submissive, he promises to be submissive to my every wish. He is not a wimp. I love his cock and we love to make love, and we do often. My dominance is not 24/7, but more for fun, but taken seriously when we do it. He does what I ask when I am being dominate and he is being submissive. We are not public about this, in fact this is the first time anyone has known about this. Any questions so far? We will answer everything honestly and without hesitation, so fire away”
Gail asked, “Why is he shaved?”
“Honey, why don’t you answer”.
Me, “It makes me feel more naked when I’m naked. It makes me feel more submissive when I am being submissive. It’s our little secret. It’s something I have to tend to daily and that makes me or keeps me horny.
Rick, “So you shaved it because she asked you?”
Me, “No I shaved it first, little by little until it was all gone. Then my wife realized it was a sign of my submission and it embarrassed me a bit. I have kept it shaved since.”
Gail, “How does it feel being the only naked person in a room, shaved and hard, and we’re strangers?”
Me,” It is incredibly embarrassing. It’s almost impossible for me to do, but it is also very exciting because my wife asked me to do it. She told me to do it. I could not tell her no, or at least, I didn’t want to tell her no.”
There was another 10 minutes of mundane questions, then.
Gail, with a smile, “What did you whisper in his ear before you came in here?”
I was now totally screwed. I turned a bright shade of red and slowly turned to look at my wife. She was smiling. “Do you want to answer this or do you want me to answer this?”
I swallowed hard. “You better”
“OK then, look into Gail’s eyes and do not look down or away, just look right at her.”
I did, Gail was looking at me with a quizzical look in her eye.
“My husband, after we make love and he cums in me, always goes down on me and licks his cum from my pussy.”
Gail’s eyes got bigger as my wife paused to let that statement sink in.
“Now, every time he cums, I feed him his cum”
Gail’s eyes were huge,
Rick said, “Gross”
Gail slowly turned and looked at him and said, “No, that is so hot!” She looked at me and them my wife. “Will he eat his cum tonight for us?
My head snapped to look at my wife. She was smiling. “I asked you to look into Gail’s eyes”
I slowly turned back to look at Gail, she was staring right at me, not my cock, but my eyes.
“Answer her”
“Yes, I will eat my cum for you if it is fed to me.”
Gail’s eyes were even bigger, she looked at my cock and saw it bounce. “Oh my god, he loves this, look at his cock!”
The three of them looked at my cock, it was dripping pre-cum and was very hard, strained and almost purple. It looked like it was ready to break.
My wife said, “Gail, ask Rick now”
“Rick, look at his cock. Would you like to have a cock that hard and need to cum as badly as he needs to cum? Would you like to be stripped and naked in front of two women? Would you like your loving wife to know your deepest fantasies and help you realize them? Do you want me to control your cock, your orgasms, and your body? I know the answer to all those questions Rick, do you?”
Rick look as if he was in a trance, just staring at my cock
My wife said, “Rick, Gail thinks you could both benefit from expressing your submissive desires and experimenting with it a little. Not right now, right now we’re going to enjoy our drinks, talk and we’ll leave early. Is that OK?”
Rick looked away from my hard on, glanced at my wife and then said to his wife, “Yea, OK. I’d like that”
Gail was obviously happy.
I got a little more comfortable with my hard on and relaxed a bit. There were a number of questions about my cum eating, orgasm denial and general questions about my submissiveness and my wife’s growing interest in dominance. I still hadn’t had a drink and was getting a little nervous about the three everyone else had. Gail wasn’t going to let me out of this house without me being fed my cum.
My hard on popped up a little more thinking about the embarrassment of my situation and the humiliation of eating my cum for them. It didn’t go unnoticed by the girls.
My wife, “what made your cock bounce and strain just then, honey?”
I turned and looked at her.
“Come on honey, we’re all friends here, you’re the only one naked, shaved and hard, well naked and shaved anyway, but we are all friends, what made your cock twitch?”
I just looked at her, really embarrassed now. There was a long pause.
She continued,”I’ll answer for you, OK. You want to cum and then you want me to feed you your cum in front of Rick and Gail. It would be about the most embarrassing thing that could happen, wouldn’t it? Look at Gail and Rick, don’t look away and answer these questions. Do you want to cum?”
I was looking at Rick, then Gail. She looked like she was going to cum. “Yes.”
“Do you want me to feed your cum to you so you can swallow it all?”
I was now just looking at Gail, her eyes were almost pleading. “Yes”
“Look only in Gail’s eyes and answer in a full sentence.”
“I want to cum and then I want you to feed me all of my cum”
Gail look like she was going to pass out.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you, maybe you should stand up, face me and say it again.”
I did what she asked.
Standing naked in the middle of the room having just said out loud I wanted to cum and be fed my cum in front of two strangers was crazy. Now I felt like I was going to pass out.
My wife, “Gail, will you go get three pillows and a large beach towel. Rick, move the coffee table out of the middle of the room.”
Rick and Gail were back in a flash and now seating on the couch, my wife stood and motioned me to the middle of the room, facing the couch.
“I want to bring you to the very edge of coming two or three times, OK. Remember, don’t cum, but get as close as you can. Are you ready?”
With that she stood behind me and reached around, grabbing my cock, and lifted it up toward my stomach, exposing my balls. She had a firm grip and she slowly started pumping, pulling down hard stretching my cock head. There was a soft moan from Gail, we both glanced her way. She was mesmerized.
She brought me to the edge and I stopped her. I was rock hard and pointing up. I was gasping
Next she turned me sideways, grasped my balls with on hand and the other hand did it again. I stopped her just moment before I came. My hips were thrusting and I was breathing hard. Both Rick and Gail were squirming in their seats.
She moved me back and put a pillow on the floor. She laid the beach towel over the pillow and spread it out and told me to lie down with my head on the pillow with my knees pulled up to my chest. I was out of it now, I was just following orders if it would bring me relief. She told Gail to kneel on my right and Rick on my left and pull my knees to my chest and my butt up. She placed two pillows under my butt bending me in a “C” shape, my cock not far from my face. She kneeled between my upturned legs.
“You are now totally exposed, even your ass is now mine” With that she lubricated her index finger with the pre-cum from my cock and slowly slid it into my upturned ass. I gasped, as did Gail. With her other hand she grabbed my cock.
“Do you like my finger up your ass? You can tell me.”
“God yes” was all I could say as she slowly finger fucked my ass.
“OK, this is it, when you are ready to shoot, I want you to open your mouth, and we’re going for a shot right into your mouth. Gail will feed you the rest after you have cum.”
I glanced at Gail who was transfixed by my position, my hard cock and my finger fucked ass. “Look into my eyes as long as you can”
She lowered her face so I could see her and my cock at the same time. She started a very slow and torturous masturbation. I knew it would only be long seconds.
“Oh my god” was the last thing I said as I shot a huge stream toward my face and my opened mouth. A perfect shot. The other five or six spasms hit my face, my neck, my chest, my stomach and then flowed down my cock. I was in a total spasm and Gail and Rick couldn’t hold me in position.
“OK, put his legs down. Now lick my hand clean” I did.
“Gail get a spoon”
She was up, gone and back in what seemed like a second. My eyes were closed and my dick was still in small spasms.
“Feed him Gail.”
I heard her say open and I did, a spoon full of cum went into my mouth and I swallowed.
Gail said, “Oh my God
She fed me five or six times until I assume all my sperm was gone.
“We’re going now, Gail will you help me get him up and let’s bring him to the car. The next thing I remember was sitting in the car. My wife was in the driver seat, the windows were down and Gail and Rick were outside my window.
My wife said, “Gail, lean in here a second” She did.
“Wipe that last drop of cum from the end of his cock.”
It was the first time Gail touched my dick and took a drop of cum from the end of my penis.
“Rick, lean in here” He did
“Open your mouth” He did.
“Put your finger in his mouth” She did, he did not protest. He licked it clean
“Thanks for a great evening. We’ll see you both again, I’m sure.”
And with that we drove home.
“Did you have a good evening honey?”
“Great, but I think I need to fuck you.”
“Oh, you do, you definitely do”

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  1. lovemywife says

    “Roadtrip 2” Cum eating Husband 3

    It had been two weeks since our road trip to Gail and Rick’s house. Though we had talked about out trip a number of times, another trip was never mentioned.
    We had an uneventful week and both were looking forward to a quiet evening at home Friday night.
    My wife arrived a little later than usual and obviously had something on her mind. I knew when the time was right she would tell me what it was. Dinner was fine, and we drank a little white wine as we cleared the plates and cleaned the dishes.
    As everything was put away and I ventured into the television room she said, “Gail called, she wants us to come over at 9:30.”
    I looked at her and my stomach fluttered.
    “She said she has something to show us. She wants us to let ourselves in and be totally quiet. She’ll let us know what to do when we get there”
    “Really, what do you think this is all about?”
    “I think Rick is having a coming out party so to speak, but my guess is, he doesn’t know it yet.”
    I just looked at her wondering what we would see when we arrived.
    “Why don’t you go upstairs and take a shower and get cleaned up. Then we can spend the next hour or so keeping you nice and hard before we go”
    I was already pretty horny, so an hour of stimulation would be a little tough. Of course, I looked forward to it.
    I returned after my shower wearing only a bathrobe. My wife patted the couch next to her and I sat down. I was already hard from performing a touch up shave of my cock and balls. She opened my bathrobe and started slowing taking me to the edge of orgasm, time and again over the next hour as we talked. I was a good boy and told her when I though I was ready to cum, so she could stop and there were no accidents.
    After an hour or so she said, “Go upstairs and get dressed. Just put on a pair of chinos, a polo shirt and boat shoes. That way if Rick is naked, it will be that much more embarrassing for him being the only one nude. Plus we’ll still be able to see the outline of your hard on.”
    I did as I was told.
    We left for their house and were there in about 15 minutes.
    We parked, walked to the door and slowly open it, being as quiet as could be.
    We could hear music playing from the basement, not too loud but obvious. There was a note on the entrance way table, written in a woman’s handwriting.
    “Be very quiet. Take off your shoes and come downstairs to the basement. Don’t say a thing, I don’t want Rick to know you are here yet. This will be fun, thanks for coming.”
    I looked at my wife and we both made a face expressing our bewilderment. We kicked off our shoes and headed to the basement door. The music was obviously loud enough to cover any noise our barefoot steps or movements might make. Clever.
    When we entered the finished basement the scene was pretty much what my wife had expected.
    Standing in the middle of the room, facing us was Rick. He was naked and hard. His wrists were through the end loops in two ropes attached to a beam in the ceiling. He was not tied, but the rope was strong enough to hold him if he was. It obviously was a play bondage scene. His legs were spread about shoulder width, and he was blind folded with one of the eye shades you get on airplanes.
    Gail was standing in front of him in a pair of panties and a bra. She looked over her shoulder at us and smiled. One hand was slowly and lightly raking her nails up the shaft of his erection and around the ridge of his cock head. He was jerking under the stimulation. Her other hand was lightly pinching and pulling his nipples.
    She turned away from us to concentrate on Rich, working on his cock head with her nails for about 5 minutes. The poor guys was really bucking and moaning. She was relentless, coaxing him harder with her nails.
    This scene had obviously been going on for a while, Rich was breathing heavy and pre-cum was dripping from his cock.
    Gail pushed her finger nail into the slit of his cock and scooped some lubricate onto her nail and put it is his mouth. There was no resistance, he accepted it gladly.
    She said to Rick, “Honey, I’m going to let you come pretty soon, I promise. You have been a very good boy waiting a week for this orgasm and I want it to be a real fireworks display for you. Have you liked your week of teasing?”
    Rick: “ Yea, I have, more than I ever thought I would, “ he gasped.
    She slowly moved around behind him pressing her chest into his back while continuing to play with his cock, balls and nipples in a reach-around, for our benefit.
    As I watched I couldn’t believe a cock could be harder. But just two weeks ago, I was getting the same treatment, and I wasn’t blindfolded and unaware of my observers. Talk about embarrassing and stimulating.
    By the way, Rick was shaved, and freshly by the razor burn and red blotched around his cock and balls. It takes a while to get use to it, as I know.
    “Now you need to tell me one more time what we agreed to” She removed her hands from his cock and put them on his hips pushing forward and backward, bouncing his cock up and down lewdly.
    Rick: “Honey, I promised, you don’t have to make me say it.” His cock was straining.
    “Yes you do, you have to ask for it, you know that.”
    Rick: “After you let me cum, I want to lick it all up for you.” He turned a bright shade of red as he said this.
    “You want to lick what up?
    Rick: “My cum, honey, I want to lick up my cum.”
    “Ask nice.”
    Rick: “Can I please lick up my cum for you Gail, I really want to.”
    “Oh, honey, I know you do and I know you will. To make it easier on you, I’ll let you cum on my boobs, that way you will enjoy licking them clean, how does that sound?”
    Rick: “That sounds great, honey, thanks.” His poor cock was bouncing to his heart beat he was so hard.
    She slowly moved around in front of him and dropped to her knees. She took his cock in her mouth and gave it a nice sucking and licking.
    “Rick, leave your blindfold on after you cum, it will be easier for you to lick up your sperm if you don’t have to see it, at least for this first time”
    She reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. “I’ll help you down to your knees after you cum honey, you just hang there for a second OK?”
    Rick: “OK”
    “Here we go babe” She pushed back on the cock making the head bulge out purple and hard. He groaned.
    “You have really earned this cum Rick, really let loose when you cum, really enjoy it”
    Rick through grit teeth: “Oh god”
    He pushed hard with his cock into her hand, she pushed back equally hard.
    Rick: Oh my God, here I come oh god…”
    And with that he started to shoot. Gail arched her back and brought his cock to the middle of her chest. One, two, three hard squirts. A deep breath from Rick and he started shooting again, another three less forceful squirts. He was screaming. It was an amazing amount of cum, it looked like a shot glass full.
    Rick was now just hanging from the ropes. Gail stood and turned toward us with a smile so we could see how much cum covered her chest.
    “Let me help you” She softly helped him pull his hands out of the loops and kneel down on the floor. She kneeled in front of him and scooped some cum from her chest to the nipple of her right boob.
    “Open up honey”
    She put her nipple into his mouth and he suckled on her nipple. She did the same thing for the other nipple and he sucked her clean again. She put her hands on either side of his head and guided him forward.
    “ Now between my boobs, put your tongue out” He did and she guided him forward and he started to lick the massive globs of cum from between her breasts.
    “Let me see some in your mouth”
    He licked again and pulled back and opened his mouth. There was a big glob on his tongue. She moved slightly out of the way so we could see.
    “That looks fantastic, swallow for me and show me your empty mouth”
    He did and then leaned in for some more, getting cum on his nose, cheek and forehead as he licked.
    When he was done, she pulled his head to her chest and he laid it there and rested.
    “You did really well Rick, really well”
    She reached up and pulled his blind fold off his head. He blinked against the bright light, but his eyes quickly adjusted and he saw us for the first time. He turned a bright shade of red.
    “I wanted our friends to see you eat your first load of cum. How was it Rick?”
    He was speechless as he looked from us to his wife. He was so highly embarrassed as to be at a loss for words. Gail laughed.
    “Rick, did you enjoy me making you lick your cum up?
    He looked at her, smiled and said, “Yea”.
    My wife said it was fantastic, my hard on and wet spot on the front of my chinos was my answer.
    “Rick, go upstairs and get us some beers would you, and don’t put on any cloths and don’t wipe the cum from your face”
    Gail got up and put her bra back on, this wasn’t her sex show, and we knew that. There was still plenty of dried cum on her chest and a glob near her collar bone that Rick had missed and she didn’t know was there.
    Rick returned and we stood around sipping beer and chatting about the scene we just witnessed. Rick was very embarrassed being the only one naked and totally submissive for his wife and in front of her guests, but his cock was coming back to life.
    Gail noticed and reached over to stroke it a little. I kept glancing at the glob of cum on her chest.
    She noticed my glance and asked if there was still cum on her.
    My wife answered yes.
    Gail told me to lick it off and glanced at my wife.
    My wife looked and me and gave a slight nod.
    I stepped in and for the first time in my life tasted another mans cum.
    Everyone was quite for a moment, watching me as I swallowed.
    Now I was embarrassed, but hard.
    Gail said, “I think we need some time alone together to talk about this, you guys don’t mind do you?
    Not at all, my wife said. I shook Ricks hand and said congratulations, kissed Gail on the cheek, my wife kissed Gail and Rick on the cheek and squeezed his balls once and we left.
    I drove and on the way home my wife said, “That was one heck of a load of cum”
    I agreed and looked over at my wife.
    “Take off your cloths, would you”
    Without saying a word, she started to strip. When she was naked and her clothing was thrown into the back of the car she said, “You’re going to cum as much as possible this weekend, and then you’re going to take a week off.”
    “Sounds great.”
    “Then maybe next weekend, we’ll go back to their house and see if we can turn you boys into cocksuckers?
    I was too shocked to say anything. I continued to drive home.

  2. Geneseer says

    I would like to see a sequel to this, I’ve been analyzing the thoughts and feelings this story (Cum eating husband- pt.2) caused in me, … I also enjoyed the addenda commentary you added here, but Part Two was the highlight for me…
    His submission was very well done, although I would have balked a little more at eating my own, — it is only fair, since she had probably eaten so much before.
    But I really got off on the humiliation aspect of what he was going through, at his wife’s demand, when she brought Gail over to their car. That was super hot. And I thought that I would have been less comfortable with Rick seeing me, than he was. I certainly would have needed more encouragement and support from my wife to do something like that; I doubt I could have come close to hard, without something similar to what she did- laying him out on the towel & pillows – and handling him like that. That was superbly done. I guess I like the humiliation aspects and wish you could play that up. He MUST obey, but it’s nice that it’s not so comfortable for him.

  3. Jake Golden says

    Hey, This is a great story, fun to read, lots of background stuff and developed in a manner such as it does have to push the imagination to far. Thanks jg

    ps. Well written

  4. 50 Something says

    It has long been a fantasy of mine for my wife to have friends over when I am nude and have me masturbate for them. The idea of being taken to someone else’s house nude and shaved is even hotter. Then being watched while getting jerked off into my own mouth just about put me over the edge. It would be a dream come true for me.

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