Dog Food Degradation

I was recently introduced to what seemed to be the most attractive, pretty, sweet, and charming young lady, who nurtured and encouraged my deepest loyalty and affections for her, and who very skilfully manipulated me to worship and adore her, and fall very deeply and passionately in love with her.

Then one day the Master and his ultra pretty young Mistress strippers, took me into a room and pulled a curtain open, and which revealed a window in the wall looking through to the other room, of which the other side was a mirror. I was made to watch, and saw this precious pretty young woman kneeling upon a luxurious bed, slowly and seductively undressing out of her bra and panties, moving from side to side very sexily, teasing and smiling in gleeful anticipation.

The Master and Mistress strippers then told me to keep on watching her very closely, as a male model came into her room smiling very greedily, and he sat upon her bed and started to feel her all over and have his pleasure with her.

This broke my heart very intensely, and made me ache in my chest and deep down inside me, and then very painful stinging tears came to my eyes as I started sobbing and crying pathetically. After one of the Mistress strippers asked me how this made me feel, I told her that when I now see a man and a woman getting sexy with each other and enjoying each other, it makes me feel as if I just want to grovel and grovel and grovel, and cringe to extremes, and to debase myself for their pleasure, amusement, and entertainment.

The Master then said to me “He is going to enjoy her all for himself, and you are going to have to grovel very hard for them afterwards!”, and he continued to make me watch them pleasure, comfort, amuse, and entertain each other, knowing that I had to absolutely adore and worship the hideous and nasty tasting dog food.

Then the Master said to me “Take into their room yor dog food, sit on the floor, and start grovelling to them! When he has finished having his pleasure with her, three ultra gorgeous strippers will then come into the room, and they will show him their tongues touching together, and he will lick and taste their warm sweet tongues and get very passionate with them. When he gets very passionate with his very gorgeous strippers, you will get very passionate with yor dog food!”.

I did as the Master and his five pretty young Mistress strippers instructed, as a sadist Dominatrix Goddess joined them watching and observed me, and I proceeded to go through my initial ordeal of kissing and licking my huge plate of dog food for the cruel and greedy lovers extra pleasure, amusement, and entertainment. During this scene, the male lover said to his perfect and stunning strippers, “Beauty is sadism, and sadism is beauty”, and they all moaned in ecstasy and nodded in agreement.

During their very passionate love-making, the male lover said to one of his greedy strippers as he French kissed and embraced her “Don’t worry about him, he likes eating dog food!”, to which another whore he was pleasing replied “If he likes eating dog food, then let him eat it!”, and they all smiled wickedly at each other and laughed at my huge loss and misfortune, as I proceeded to pay homage with my poor old tongue to my humble and degrading dog food.

The Master then starved me for five days, and every evening for a week made me perform in front of his new groups of strippers. Whilst kissing and licking my dog food, as they all had their fun and excitement with each other, my stomach continued to ache and rumble. I begged and pleaded with them saying “Please Master and Mistresses, let me eat my dog food now, I’m starving!”. They made me wait a lot longer, as I licked the dog food all over, and which was even more funnier for them, and even more cringing for me.

High-class strippers and Dominatrix Goddesses are now making me eat dog food for the rest of my life, and I am to eat only five dog food sandwiches per day, so I get used to the taste of the filthy degrading stuff and learn more to appreciate it and enjoy it.

Every other day, the Mistress Dominatrix Goddess brings me stacks and stacks of lovely fresh dog food, forcing me to crave and lust for it in my deprivation and hunger. When performing my licking and eating shows in front of many male and female supermodels, cruel and greedy lovers, Dominatrix Goddesses, and high class strippers, I am made to chant “I must grovel, grovel, grovel, grovel, grovel. I debase myself more and more and more and more and grovel in my extreme debasement and groveling to extremes”.

After I am made to eat five plates of the filthy and dirty stinking humiliating dog food, I am then made to exclaim “Now I really am full of shit!”, to which the audience responds with even more wild, excited, and exalted hilarity, sexually sadistic, and most spiteful and dirty laughter.

Bad enough for me having to grovel for the pleasure of one Master and Mistress, or one Master and five of his young pretty and stunningly attractive strippers – but ten Masters and Mistresses – or even more in the audience, with one man to one or two women each side of him, watching and taunting me with their loving arms around each other and their almighty pleasure, I just have to grovel more and more to increase their pleasure and enjoyment even more passionately and intensely for them. I have to do this for their pleasure and greed, and I am the extra bit of spice on the top of their very rich, abundant, and luxurious cake.

Their almighty pleasure is like a radar beam torturing and tormenting me by transmitting radiation at me, and like a very powerful force of electricity making me writhe, grovel, and squirm like a maggot. When I have to grovel, and grovel, and grovel for their pleasure, I am forced to lick my dog food frantically, writhing, and squirming, most uncomfortably and anxiously, in an ugly twisting and contorted motion all over, pulling the most ugly faces, and wallowing in disgust and repulsion, and all in huge contrast to their ultra comfort and very skilful sexual and erotic enjoyment.

In my licking and eating performances at huge orgies, and in front of supermodels, Dominatrix Goddesses, and high-class strippers, I am made to do all their dirty work for them, as they are so clean and pure in their pleasures, and I am filthy, dirty, and amusingly disgusting, and very intimate and at one with the nasty dog food. The moment these cruel and greedy libertines put their arms around each other, enjoying the gorgeous and ultra pretty charms and delights of lovely gorgeous women, down I go with my poor old tongue, licking, rubbing, cleaning, and lapping very hungrily all over the nasty smelly dog food, of which I am being forced to adore and worship.

Whilst I am so often very unfortunate to be made to perform, a Dominatrix Goddess will often very kindly present me with my dog food, and a cruel and greedy pretty woman will often take photographs of my suffering and humiliation, exclaiming to me that this is for her own private collection of photographs for herself and her greedy lovers, and which makes the audience shout and scream with excitable and tormenting laughter, as the cruel and very greedy selfish woman takes photographs of me grovelling and cringing in order to make profit out of my human misery.

The only way that I can ever get any satisfaction is to please these cruel and greedy libertines, and as I have been forced to write about this to all the supermodels Dominatrix Goddesses, and high-class strippers, I must now remain their abject slave and be of constant and most humble and obedient service to them all.

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