Teacher Student Scenario 2

True Expierence by Ranbir

Over All A Very Impressive Personality & a Dominating & a Strict Teacher kind of Personality like All Over Written On The Face “ I mean business of Teaching hence don’t fool around”.

Well after the exchange of greetings he walks towards the study room & can feel as if she is trying to gauge him. As he is dressed in a Black Trouser with a white shirt & a stripes tie. She looks at him as they reach the room & she signals him to sit down & starts walking up & down the length of the room trying to gather his thoughts & suddenly you asks “ This is your first class & your are late by 5 minutes why? Taken by surprise & he never had realized that he had committed a mistake realizing his agony she further adds to it by coming close to him & literally standing on his head & observing him directly catches the ear lobe of his right ear & drags him up in sitting position on the chair & says “ don’t fool me you totally forgot about the timings isn’t? he replies with his eyes down & said “ Maam Iam sorry “ She uses a little pressure to his ear & starts pulling his head to & fro up & down & say “ So you are S—o—r—r—y , did you forget to eat to sleep NO but you forgot to come on time ? No I will not take this you deserve not only to be punished but to be punished properly “ With that she caught hold of his other ear to in the same manner & started twisting it while verbally scolding him, after 4-5 minutes he can feel the heat coming out of his ears & than she drags him up with his ears only & takes him to the corner & a little roughly places his nose against the wall & with a pencil marks a big round on the wall at approximately 2-3 inches more that his height & orders “ Now hold both your ears & stand straight on your toes & keep your nose inside the round & rub your nose in that round 100 times. If your nose comes out of that round any time you will start over again, Ok Start Now “ Now he started feeling really embarrassed as a big boy was being punished like a small school student & more over it was quite tuff to keep his nose in that round. She comes near him & saw that his face was red with humiliation, his ears were red & burning because they were pulled by her & now he was holding them himself, & also because of that round he had to stand so close to the wall that as result of rubbing his nose against the wall the discomfort was too much she noticed this & gave a wry smile & to increase his discomfort ordered ” Ab kone mein ja kar Murga Ban Jao agar zara sa bhi hile to phir dekhana tumhara kya haal kartien hoon mein”. He goes to the corner & as ordered becomes a Murga.

After another 8-10 minutes she again catches him with left ear & brings him back to his chair, than she holds him with his right ear & with her left hand gives him two resounding slaps with her fingers only on his right cheek & than reversed the position & gave him two slaps on his left cheek too, he gets totally shocked & stunned but now with one hand she catches one of his ears & start pulling it to & fro up & down & started verbally humiliating him & said “ Now do you understand the meaning of forgetting, Remember One more time you are late & Iam going to make you naked take you out on the Balcony & punish you there is that clear” “Yes Maam” he replies & than with a last strong twist she leaves his ear.

Now his face is totally embarrassed humiliated & ashamed red & burning with punishments he looks at her & she to looks in to his eyes & than adding to his humiliations she says “ Next time I mean it I will make you remove all your clothes make you stand naked on the terrace & than punish you. Imagine how it would look a big boy like you being punished naked on the terrace like a small school boy. Tell me would you not be ashamed, hence do not give me a chance again ok be good boy & always come on time “

With that she starts teaching him earnestly. Than for the next ½ an hour nothing happens accept serious teaching than suddenly she got irritated as he was not paying attention & was rather looking at her & could not answer to one of her questions She really got furious & punished him for at least 15 minutes. First she made him stand on the chair holding his ears for 5-7 minutes & somehow forced him to look in to her eyes while holding his ears. Than she made me do uthak-baithaks on the chair itself while holding his ears cross handedly, than she asked him to sit down & as last humiliation she asked him to hold his ears & rub his nose on the table 50 times. After that she asked him to come out of the table & stand in front of her he did & she straight away stared at him & god he was so embarrassed & scared to the core of his heart. He thought she had caught him with his feelings & a hardon but out of scare it immediately subsided & he could breathe properly.

But Apparently she hod noticed it & finally while twisting both his ears she said ” It seems you are enjoying getting punishments from me & are getting hard-ons & erections but do not worry I will see to it that next time you rather do not enjoy it & the punishments are going to be more strict next time”
Anyway realizing his condition & with intention of taking advantage of the situation she suddenly ordered “ Stand up & come here “ with a finger pointing towards her left side. Reluctantly & shamefully he got up & to his shock realized that unfortunately his hard-on was embarrassingly obvious. she knew it & wanted to rather embarrass him further hence repeated “ Be quick get up & come Here “ slowly he dragged himself self towards where she ordered. She was still sitting & boldly looked at his face, with a crooked finger asked him to come near her & when he was at arms distance she caught hold of his right ear with her left hand & started pulling it up & down to & fro & with a ruler in her right hand she poked that ruler straight in to his crotch. Shame on You! Iam punishing you & you seem to be enjoying it “ With that SLAP-SLAP she gave him two resounding slaps on his right cheek. They were quite strong slaps. She said get down on your knees today I will slap out the enjoyments from you. As asked down he sat on his knees & she started slapping him in a rhythm. Right cheek left cheek then right than left & this carried on for a while. In between she was pulling twisting his right ear left ear at times both of them together, & in between also his hair. Now he was feeling the pain on his cheeks plus the burning sensation. After 5-7 minutes of slapping she again looked at him & she caught hold of both the ears & really started giving it a painfull twist & pull & ordered “ Hold your palms in front of you straight & stretched” with that she started giving him severe spanks with the ruler on his palms first right hand than left at least 5 on each hand. Than she slapped him first with both hands on both his cheeks simultaneously & than one by one on each cheek. Just after 5-7 slaps she stopped.
“ Come here kneel down in front of me & press & massage my feet” He went near her & sat down on his knees & she kept one of her feet on his right thigh & gave the other one in his hands to massage, he started massaging her feet when in between she said “ I know you have erection & I hope you remember what I said the other day. Ok Now Kiss & lick my feet, Remember when you are licking my feet I want you to lick it properly with the flat of your tongue like a dog & use pressure with your tongue to lick my feet “ with that she caught hold of both his ears & pulled his face down to lick her feet, she did not leave his ears but was guiding him by giving directions.
With that now he saw her opening her trousers & removing one leg out of it completely. He saw her naked legs & his erection was rock hard with a finger she ordered him to come between her legs but till now he was not sure whether she was wearing her panties or not as the shirt was too long & was covering her crotch. She made him sit between her legs & ordered him to close his eyes he did as ordered, she kept one of her legs on one side of the table & the other leg on the other side & caught hold of his ears & brought his face near her & now he could smell her too which was of her being excited with that she ordered “ Now Lick me like a dog you are start “ & with his ears she guided his head, “ Take out your tongue completely “ He did & now he could taste her , the taste was a quite sweet & good & he carried on .Just after a short while he could feel that she was rubbing herself on his tongue his face nose everywhere & suddenly she shuddered in to a climax while strongly pulling his ears. He could feel his whole face full of her cum like his lips, his nose his cheeks etc everywhere my face was terribly wet with her cum, she said “ No Do not clean your face stand up with hands up go in a corner & rub your nose against the wall “ He stood as ordered & she wore her trousers again & said “ This is the punishment of your erections & while getting excited while Iam teaching you “ & than took his face in her hands & gave him a wet kiss & they both laughed & enjoyed.

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