Married to a Brutal Female Sadist

Cruel Mistress Wife

Brutal Mistress Wife

We just received “vampire gloves” and she first rubbed my genitals bloody before taking me over her knee and spanking me bloody. That was followed by what she said was 700 strokes with a bamboo cane. It broke or there would have been more. It was by far the worst/best torture of my life. This morning, I am thinking about how dreary life was before I met her 17-years-ago and how frustrating it was before I left my vanilla girlfriend 11-years-ago to be with my now sadist wife. Like most, I knew of my “orientation” at the time of puberty, but since my interests are generally considered taboo, life has mainly featured vanilla girlfriends with a few sporadic thrills via sadistic women I have met over the years. Unfortunately, for someone who is only comfortable in a monogamous relationship, these encounters were with promiscuous women and always came to a relatively quick end as a result. I just could not adjust to these on and off affairs. But as miserable as that made me, there was no refuge with vanilla women. At first, I thought I would have to adjust to vanilla to avoid infidelity, but after a while I learned it was just as bad as the promiscuity. For the first time in my life, I cheated with my now wife while still with my vanilla girlfriend. At that time, we were not practicing the sort of domestic violence we do now so there were no lingering marks on my ass. As the years rolled by I began to realize I might not ever be in a truly satisfying relationship; one that would be defined by fidelity AND cruelty. As hard as it was, and after 6 long years of agonizing over this decision, I finally ended the vanilla relationship and entered into a full-time relationship with my sadistic friend. A year later we married. Since then, the pain she inflicted has increased to where we are now; a place I never thought possible. Hell, I never even fantasized about being beaten bloody and neither did my wife when we first got together; it slowly developed over the years. But now, it seems so natural; the way it should be. After all these years, I am finally in, what is for me, the perfect relationship: married to a brutal sadist defined by fidelity. If I did not make that life choice 11-years-ago, I would still be masturbating and miserable. I guess the punch line here is, if you are seriously into this life-style, do not get too deeply involved in a relationship where you will never be fulfilled. It’s not fair to your vanilla friend anymore than it is to yourself. Go the extra mile and find the right person or you may find yourself masturbating your life away instead. What would be the point in that? It may be a long process as it certainly was for me, but is also truly worth the effort. You would not be reading this right now if it was not important. You are here right now because this life-style defines you. You really do not have a choice.

Originally posted 2011-09-25 06:24:22.


  1. roberto says

    i have 50 years old, good body want to be slave in strict way, without limiti, and work for sadistic mistress

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