Mistress’ New Male Slave

I was awaken by the smell of freshly made coffee. The fair Quel silently put a cup on my bedside table.

“Good morning, Mistress.”

“Good morning Quel, how was your night?”

“Restful, Mistress”

“Good, has the mail arrived?”

“Yes Mistress, the mail and the newspaper lies on the tray. But there was a gift which I couldn’t bring here Mistress”

“Oh, what kind of gift?”

“A slave, Mistress.”

“A slave? Is there a letter with the slave?”

“Yes Mistress, here…”

I read the letter:

“Elisabeth, I have decided to travel and to get rid of the things I can’t bring. I know you have had your eyes on Jamie and that’s why I give him to you. If you don’t want him, you can always sell him. I’ll call you later.

Don’t miss me too much, Sanna”

“Bring me my robe, and then bring in the slave Quel”

I put on the robe and sit up in the bed.

There is a knock on the door, and I say: “Come in”.

A young man enter the room and assumes a humble slave position.

“Welcome Jamie, do you know why you are here?” “Yes Mistress Elisabeth” “Good, then no lengthy explanations are needed. I recall that Sanna usually didn’t dress you the way you are dressed right now.”

“No Mistress.”

I move to the edge of the bed and motion Jamie to approach me.

“Stand in front of me, slave. Now then, lets see if I want to keep you.”

“Yes Mistress.”

With his hands on his back, legs somewhat apart, head held high but his eyes facing the floor, a young man now awaits my orders.

On his upper body he is wearing a jean waistcoat with a white T-shirt underneath.

I motion him to turn around.

“Bend over.”

The tight jeans reveals two round firm buttocks.

“Come closer, boy.”

I put my hand on one of his buttocks, I move the hand in between his legs and fells the front of his groin.

“It can’t be nice to be restrained, slave. It’s hot in here, undress.” “Yes Mistress.”

Jamie quickly catches a glance of Quel and then of me.

“I mean today, slave! Your hesitation has just earned you your first punishment, is that understood?”

He quickly lowers his glance and removes his waistcoat.


“Yes Mistress.”

“We will take care of your punishment shortly, first you will undress.”

Jamie folds his waistcoat and then moves on to the T-shirt. His upper body is tanned and fit.

“Stop, come closer.”

I get up and put my hands on his breast. Caresses his stomach. I grab the right nipple, and pull it upwards in such a way that he has to stand on his toes, but not a sound escapes his lips.

“Very promising, continue.”

He removes the jeans and again assumes the humble slave position.

“Very good, slave. That’s the way I am used to see you. However, here only my word counts… and when I tell you to get undressed I mean everything!”

“Everything, Mistress?”

“Slave, your hesitation will only make your punishment worse.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Blushing, he removes this two sizes too small string shorts and puts them on top of the jeans.

When he assumes the position he puts his hands in front of his groin.

“Jamie, hasn’t Sanna taught you that you shouldn’t hide anything from your Mistress?”

I slap his hands with my right hand.

“Keep these away, slave!”

“Quel, come here and give Jamie a hard on.”

Silently, Quel approaches Jamie and stands behind him with her arms around him. Steadily she starts to masturbate the cock. Once the cock is fully erected, she removes her hands. The cock stands firmly, although somewhat at an angle towards the stomach.

“Good, very good.”

I grab the erected cock firmly with my hand and lead him to the bathroom. At the door, I turn to Quel.

“Prepare for a punishment session in the bedroom.”

“Yes, Mistress”, Quel replies.

“First I will take a shower, and then I will make sure that you are completely clean.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

After the shower, I get an enema bag, a hose and a large nozzle from the bathroom closet. I attach the hose to the nozzle.

“Jamie, on your knees. Elbows on the floor, head down, and your butt high.”

Jamie assume the position. Meanwhile I fill the enema bag with soap and water and put it on a hanger. With a finger, I carefully open his anus.

“Did Sanna use to give you enemas, slave?”

“No Mistress, my first owner did it sometimes though.”

“Good, then you know what to expect.”

After lubicating the nozzle I slowly inserted it in Jamie’s anus.

“Today I’ll give you the enema, but in the future you will have to ask some of the other slaves to help you. In order to keep nice and clean slave, you need to take an enema at least every other day.

Somewhat troubled, Jamie reply:

“Yes Mistress.”

I opened the valve and let the enema flow, filling the slave. With one hand I touched his stomach to feel the flow. Once the enema bag was empty, I removed the nozzle.

“Now I want you to keep the enema inside you for a while in order to give soap some time to have an effect.”

Soothingly I caress his back, and when he is about to give up I motion him to the toilet to relieve himself. Blushing, he does what he is told, and meanwhile he gives up sigh of relief. Smiling I give him a look of encouragement.

“Wipe yourself dry and assume the position again, slave.”

I repeat the procedure two times more before I tell him to hit the shower. I observe him while he showers, and when I decided that he was clean we return to the bedroom.

Quel has placed a chair in the middle of the floor. On the table she has put a number of different whips, a wide leather belt, a paddle, a large hairbrush, and a bowl with small weights and clips.

I see that Jamie glances toward the table. I place myself on the chair.

“Well Jamie, lie across my lap.”

After some adjustment I sit still for a while. I caress his buttocks, making them redish.

I say to Jamie:

“It is important to prepare the buttocks, preferably with some hand slapping. In this way the other instruments will have a better effect which results in better learning by the slave.”

Jamie lies silent, he breathe heavily, and waits.

I move my hand to his groin and is delighted to find that he once again has a hard on.

“For hesitation while undressing you will receive 12 lashes with the small riding crop. For questioning a direct order, you’ll get 4 lashes with the bamboo cane. For warming up, I’ll start with 30 slaps with my hand followed by 30 strokes with the hairbrush. You will then have a short break, during which you will stand in the corner. Then you will get the lashes with the riding crop. A new break in the corner, and finally the caning. Have you understood?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Without further delay, I start with the slapping. Two fast slaps on each buttock. I pause to let the pain have effect in the mind of the slave. I continue with the slapping at an even pace. At the 15th stroke he starts moving.

“Quel, grab the slave’s feet.”

Quel quickly obeys and I continue. Jamie starts moaning after each stroke. I distribute the strokes evenly over his buttocks which now begins to change color from pink to red. At the 30th stroke he moans unstopable.

“Quel, give me the hairbrush.”

I take the hairbrush and caresses Jamie’s back while I split my legs. Jamie’s cock now hangs freely between my legs.

“Quel, lie under the chair and blow him while I finish the first part of the punishment. Jamie, you better make sure that you don’t come. That would be unwise.”

Both reply in one voice:

“Yes Mistress!”

The hairbrush made some parts of the buttocks change color from red to purple. Jamie had stopped moaning, he was crying now. The crying eventually passed into sobbing. I tell Quel to move away while I help Jamie to stand up. I embrace him.

“There, there… cry it out. It is OK, Jamie.

After a while, Jamie has calmed down and a gently place him in the corner.

“Come Quel.”

I crawl up in bed, lean against the wall with my legs wide apart. Quel crawls after and places her head in between my legs aware of what I want her to do. Her tounge swiftly moves over my clitoris while a finger caresses my inner labia. I press her head against my cunt and she nibbles on my clit. Then she inserts two fingers in my vagina and carefully finger fuck me. My breahing is heavy, my body shakes. When Quel realizes what is about to happen she increases the pace with the fingers, she opens her mouth and puts it against my cunt. As I come, she eagerly swallows my juices, wasting nothing. Exhausted I relax.

Quel gets some warm water, a cloth, and some soap and starts washing me. I look toward Jamie and admire my work. He looks really handsome despite his sobbing posture.

After some rest, a change of clothes, and a cup of coffee I felt like it was about time to start with the punishment.

“Jamie, come here.”

With his head down he slowly appoaches me. About his wrists I attach a pair of handcuffs. The cuffs are attached to a long chain.

“Quel, take the chair and fasten the chain to the hook in the ceiling.

When securely fastened to the ceiling I took a leg spreader and put it between his ankles.

“Jamie, it is OK to scream and cry. It helps you to get rid of stress and it teaches you that stupidity has a consequence here.”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

I then took the riding crop… aimed at the region where the legs meet the buttocks. Took a step back and started lashing him. After the first stroke, Jamie gave up a howling sound. Jamie was really pulling the chain. Fortunately, the hook was securely fastened to the ceiling. Otherwise it probably would have come out from the strain.

After 6 lashes, his buttocks was striped as a zebra. The remaining 6 lashes was placed at an angle from the first 6, thus providing an nice cross wise pattern. After the last lash, Jamie had turned into a crying, snuffeling, pleading slave.

I noticed that Quel started getting excited and in need of some attention. I therefore tell her to unhook Jamie from the ceiling. I tell Jamie to lie down on the bed. Still wearing the leg spreader, this position makes Jamie’s anus very accessible once he leans forward. His body is trembling and he begs:

“Please Mistress, no more…”

“Jamie, I decide when you have had enough. You have put yourself in this position and I expect you to thankfully receive the punishment you have earned.”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress, but I am in such pain…” sob.

“Well, that’s the point with punishments slave… You won’t get the last lashes right now, Quel will enjoy herself first.” “Quel, put on the double dildo.”

Quel inserts one end of the dildo in her vagina, the other end pointing straight out. Anxiously she glances at me.

“Quel, please fuck Jamie. Mastubate him meanwhile, and make sure you both come at the same time.”

“Yes Mistress.”

When Quel, after some effort and a lot of moaning from Jamie, finally had inserted the dildo in Jamie’s anus I picked up a long riding crop and started whiping Quel’s butttocks at the same pace as she was fucking Jamie. When Jamie had shot a large load of cum in my bed and Quel was resting on top of Jamie. I lighted a cigarette and sat down to study them.

“Quel, set Jamie free and hit the shower, both of you.”

“Yes Mistress.”

As I looked at the watch, I realized that this nice session had taken all morning. I better finish it before lunch, I thought to myself. You’ll never know how the rest of the day will turn out, but I doubt it will be boring.

The slaves returned to the room after the shower.

“Jamie, assume the position you had when you were fucked. Let’s finish the punishment and then we can eat lunch.

Once again he was standing with his head facing the bed and his buttocks high.

I grabbed the bamboo cane which was a little thicker than a finger.

“I want you to count the lashes out loud, Jamie. If you miss a lash it won’t count, understood?”

“Yes Mistress.”

I raise the cane, aim and strike. A white stripe immediately appears, quickly changing to red.

“One Mistress!”



The fourth, and final lash I put some power into. Unfortunately, it hits one of the earlier stripes. Jamie yells, but somehow manages to produce the fourth count.

I embrace him and ask him to lie down on the bed.

“No. please Mistress. No more..” he says sobbing.

“Relax Jamie, I am just going to apply some soothing ointment. You’ll feel better afterwards.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

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