My Wife Made Me a Cum Eating Husband

sally’s boy

I have asked my wife for years to make me do this to her. On Valentine’s day night she really did a job on me with her oral job and she really did not let me lick her pussy as she climbed on and started riding me she started telling me how much she missed me licking her and how much she wanted me to lick her after I cum in her. she then slid off me and noto her back I climbed on and she wrapped her legs around me and I pounded her pussy cumming inside her. then i slid down and licked her out to a couple of Orgasm. and I did get hard and she wanted me to fuck her more which I did and was unable to cum again in her.but she did.

in the morning I woke up to her mouth completly engulging my cock and balls and she was sucking and licking me I was hard in no time and she asked me if I liked last night? I told her that I did she then said i want you to do that again but my pussy is sore so you have to cum fast in it she worked me to a brink of cumming and Iold I was going to cum and she siad fuck me now rolled off and open her legs I pushed my cock in and pumped away and came soon. She kissed me passinatly and asked if I could lick her pussy again. I went down and lick her clean to a couple of more O’s.

The next weekend she was having coffe with her friend at our kitchen table when I came she asked if I wanted a coffee I said no i had a couple of things to go and do. She then said tell Char about Valentines day and what you did for me. I turned completly red and tried not to say anything when my wife explained that I licked my cum out her pussy 3 times and that I had asked her to let me or make it do it. I did not know what to say or do.

as I felt my cock grow harder, both ladies could see. my wife told me come over to her where she reached down and opened my pants. where my cock sprang out and she reached and started working in front of her freind and in no time precum was forming adn she wiped it up with her finger adn put in my mouth. she he likes it she toldme to step out of my pants and bend over where she spanked my ass and milked me I then felt another swat hard it was from chair and my wife was miking me and char spanking my ass my wife alternating hands on my cock to my mouth and I came soon. and I was fed my cum.

after i was done they both looked at each other and laughted. Yes they are both the same. I was then told that they had done something similar at her house with her husband. Maybe they should have their boys play together some time as the boys always want to have their cocks sucked?

The next weekend we were over there for drinks when my wife asked Ralph if he would like to have his cocked sucked I almost choked on my drink. Then I relized what was going to happen. He said hell yes She called me over and asked if I would like a blow job I did not answer. she reached done and squeezed my balls through my dress pants.

Char asked her Hubby why is said yes he daid you don’t suck my cock anymore, She said well Katie is not going to suck it Sally is, with my wife squeezing my cock I dropped to my knees and she turned me to face Char Hubby, he said no, char said yes then you will suck him off. now strip and he did wher he ended up showing us that he had nipple rings.

My wife twisted my ear and told me to open up I did as my wife told me.

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  1. Paul Hughett says

    A wife never make her husband a cum eater. This is already in him, and she senses this in him and brings it to the surface. Which ultimately bonds him closer to her.

  2. tessa says

    Yuk, i hated this, but my Mistress Wife was persistant and it became one of many times my number one cleanup chores.

  3. daydreamer says

    She needs to give him what he really needs, a cock to suck dry!

    I used to laugh at fantasies like this until it actually happened to me.

    A couple we consider very close, came over for wine and chat. After several glasses of wine, and randy talk about sex then kinky sex, things changed. My wife and her close friend managed to entice her husband and me to suck each other after a game of strip poker.

    The next morning I was stunned to wake up with her husband in bed with me. He rolled over, took my hard cock and told me, “You were wonderful last night.” With permission of our wives, we are granted a weekly “date.”

  4. Mike says

    I first started watching porn and thinking shouting swallowing come. When I eat my wife’s pussy I will do anything she gets me into a wild frenzy. I finally pounded her doggie style them had her suck my cock. Then pulled her legs over my shoulders and fucked her hard. I was eager to come . My wife says how bout you fill my pussy with cone then suck every drop of your cone out of me. I loved it and am hooked. The taste if her pussy filled with my come. Delicious

  5. Georgia Mike says

    My girlfriend, Red, told me to lube my ass up. She plays with my ass so I lube up.She made me put my finger in my ass while she watched. She had me slide to the edge of the bed and raise my knees. She put her vibrator in my ass and held it like she had a dick. She fucked my ass really hard and told me to jack off while she assfucked me. I shot a big hot sticky load on my belly and she scooped some up and pushed it into my mouth. It was the most erotic experience of my life.

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