Spanking Makes Me a Better Boyfriend

I had my first real spanking from my girlfriend not long ago. I was interested in what a real one “over the top” really felt like.

I remember being 5 or 6 and being spanked with a paddle.

The sensation was totally overwhelming. After my first experience with my girl, I was even more interested. I found myself saying anything, lying, and begging for her to stop. When she was done, I had not really had that overwhelming experience.

At this point, I really wanted it.

We agreed that she would tie me bent over a pile of pillows over the side of the bed. She used real rope and made it tight and secure so I could not struggle much or move my bare behind to avoid her. She then brought out a ball gag she bought on line. She stuffed her panties in my mouth and secured the gag.

Now I could not lie, beg, or talk my way out of anything. I was going to have to take the whole thing.

She assured me that I would have my experience. She put on some latin music, lit some candles and began by touching me and being sexual with me. She said if I took my punishment well there would be a reward.

She next took out a 3/8” think oak paddle (on line too I guess)and she said “now I want yo to think of all the ways you have been neglecting me, and how you are going to be better in the future”. She began paddling me pretty hard right off the bat. One swat after another before the sting from the first stopped.

While she was spanking me I tried to plead etc, but could not. She spoke calmly and said ” that sounds like you are trying to lie to me”. She calmly suggested ways I could be a better boyfriend and kept on spanking.

I think she too two short breaks of only a few seconds, throughout the spanking. There were a lot of spanks. It was pretty much way over the top. My bottom was bruised for about two weeks afterward.

I hated it when it was happening, but really felt better afterward.

We had great sex afterward, although I had to improvise for a while, because I couldn’t get a hard-on for a little while after she was done. She was really turned on. We will be doing more of this.

Originally posted 2010-08-30 15:25:05.

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