Testicle Torture

Straining against their leather and stainless steel prison, his balls, over full from days of torment, hang like ripe fruit. The testicle cage is a clever and relentless form of bondage…a leather-lined metal device that when locked in place is impossible to remove. First, around the base of the testicles squeezing them tightly. Then, up the middle, separating and further squeezing them, all topped off with a tiny padlock. A “D” ring hangs from the middle from which a much bigger padlock and heavy gauge chain are then attached. The whole assembly weighs several pounds and pulls down on his swollen, purple balls.

In the past, she has chained his balls to all sorts of things…pulled behind him and up his crack locked to the closet pole, forcing him to stand on his tip-toes…chained to his ankles or wrists… or locked to the pipes in the basement. Tonight, however, she has something else in mind. She removes from his ass the butt plug that has been in there for the past several hours. It is her largest one and has been working up to it all week. She then whispers her plan to him as he starts to sob and cry through the ball gag in his mouth.

She goes to the foot of the bed, a great big wooden antique from the Victorian era with stout posts at every corner capped by large wooden acorn shaped ornaments. She reaches under the bed and produces a large tub of lubricant and begins to coat the top of one of the bed posts with it. He sobs louder now and is also becoming erect thinking of what’s coming next.

She leads him to the foot of the bed. The bed post comes up to about his navel. She instructs him to sit on the top of the bed post until the huge wooden acorn is completely submerged in his ass. This is not easy as he must stand on his tip-toes to sit on top or the bed post. The wooden post is so big that the first few attempts results in him slipping off, but finally, after about ten minutes or so, she guides him down as the massive wooden “head” bottoms out and all his weight rests on the post deep inside him.

She then takes the free end of the chain hanging from his plum colored balls and pulls down firmly, looping it around the foot of the bed and locking it in place. Now, if he tries to rise up , his balls are yanked tight, preventing him from leaving his tormented position.

And so he stays… ball gag, posture collar, corset and arm binders, with his balls chained to the floor and a massive unmoving wooden bed post up his ass. She strokes his cock, masturbating him nearly to the point of release, only to stop again like countless times before.

Kissing the head of his cock, she tugs on his ball chain making him flinch. “Sleep tight sweety” she says as she turns off the lights and closes the door, locking it behind her.

Originally posted 2008-03-04 07:01:15.


  1. roo-roo says

    I just have to say that I like the new pic at the very top of the page. Tasty!

    This was a pretty sexyriffic story too.

  2. Severin's Ghost says

    I didn’t know you even looked at this site.

    The image is a detail from what is probably the femdom photo I’ve had longest, downloaded years ago.

    This story was actually a comment left on DOMK. Seemed to good to not give wider currency.

  3. David says

    Wow. I actually wrote this piece. It is surprising, and quite arousing to see one’s own story pop up on a search. Thanks for the compliment. David.

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