Total Mind Control & Enslavement

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Whir.Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. He sighed, that was it the CD back on repeat again. A CD of pure white noise, buzzing in the heavy old-fashioned headphones. Each time it came around he tried to listen, to try to hear anything during the brief pause, but it was no good the headphones themselves were heavy enough to cut out most sound on their own. The breaks in the CD had been the most exciting thing to happen to him for the last three and a half CD repeats. He estimated a CD repeat as lasting about 45 minutes, but really he had no idea. Before that he had been spoon fed his meal of vegetable lasagne before his water tube was taped back into his mouth and the gas mask with the blacked out eye sockets was replaced.

He had met here in a bar only hours before he had found himself in this state. Her upfront attitude, her long raven black hair, and the way she just fixed him with her eyes and told him exactly how it was according to her captivated him. Before she was halfway down the drink he had bought her, she was telling him how she liked to tie men up and take her pleasure from their discomfort. He was just so amused by this that he thought he’d go along for the fun of it. Oh, how he was regretting it. It wasn’t fun now. He had only expected light bondage of the sort some of his friends had joked about and he cursed himself for not thinking about only playing bondage games with someone you are sure you can trust.

When she produced the gas mask he had laughed and remarked, “This’ll be fun, screwing you with that on”. She hid her annoyance behind her smirk as she first blindfolded him and then slid it over his head. That was the last time he had seen her. He had thought it strange that she had needed the blindfold as well as the mask, but by the time the mask was on it was too late to mention it. When she peeled back the mask for the first feeding it became apparent why.

She had led him into another room, and stripped him quickly and efficiently. He was still cocky and confident at this stage, captain of his regional swimming team he knew he had a good body and felt sure she was going to enjoy him. She was, but not how he thought. He tried to grab her but a quick slap on his forearms had made him grin behind the mask and he stopped and compliantly let her hold his wrists together, put mittens on his hands and tie them. She hoisted them above his head and he could tell by the noises and the movement that she had rigged a pulley up above his head. The leg irons seemed a little superfluous, but they put pay to any chance of kicking.

The headphones had been placed over his ears and that signalled the end of fun. He heard the whir as the CD started for the first time and his world became a world of constant hiss and darkness.

It didn’t take long for the realisation to hit him that the anticipated sex game wasn’t coming. Minute upon minute passed and he wondered if she was even there anymore. He tried to keep a positive outlook; he imagined that she was getting off on this. His ego and confidence in his own beauty took over and he imagined her lying on her back masturbating while she watched him. Maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t.

He tested his bonds, pulling downwards trying to stretch his hands out, wriggling them, but it was no good, she obviously knew what she was doing. He started to get angry, he kicked blindly and wildly thrashing downwards on his arms as his wrists started to rub raw, he screamed obscenities into the mask, screaming to be let go that she couldn’t do this to him. He could only just hear his own shouts, nothing through his ears, only through vibrations along his jawbone and around his skull. He quickly realised the futility. The mask and the monstrous filter would render his bawling an incoherent mumbling.

Shhhhhhhh…Whirr…Shhhhhhhh. The first CD repeat and he stopped struggling at the momentary relief from his aural torment. Surely she had had her fill now. He waited, convincing himself that he would be feeling her coming close soon. Reaching up above him to cut him down. He waited patiently and then waited some more. Nothing. He wriggled uncomfortably and muttered to himself, “Please let me go”.

He couldn’t see, hear, smell or taste anything. He could feel, but there was no variance in what there was to feel. There didn’t seem to be any draught and the temperature seemed constant. What he could feel was the restriction of the rubber mask, heaviness and coldness of the leg-irons, tension and ache in his arms, the chafing around his wrists and the numbness of his hands. He had a moment of sheer panic. The fight or flight response as he thrashed his head around, adrenaline coursing through his blood. His breathing became ragged and suddenly as the blood pulsed in his head the white noise had a beat. Somehow he managed to get a grip, the rational side of his brain took over and he concentrated on slowing his breathing down and somehow managing to relax.

Almost immediately that he’d stood still he felt her lift the mask. He thankfully pulled in big mouthfuls of good clean air. “Oh, thank god. Why did you do that to me?”

Whether she responded to that he couldn’t hear. Either way it was irrelevant. It soon became apparent to him that he wasn’t about to gain his freedom.

The smell of the lukewarm microwaved food filled his nostrils, as the spoon tapped on his lower lip. “You bitch. You bitch, let me go”. He screamed at her. She grabbed the hinges of his jaw and pressed, forcing him to open up and shoving the spoon down. He swallowed and continued to bellow profanities and insults at her. Next spoonful, swallowed again. He had worked himself up into a furious state by now and the next spoonful, he just spat back at her, back where he imagined she would be. Straightaway the smell and the spoon were gone. He continued to shout, he was so angry no-way was anyone going to keep him in this state.

The shouts soon turned to screams when he felt the cracking pain across his buttocks. He wasn’t sure what she had hit him with, but it ran in a stinging straight line. When she lifted her arm back up, he felt the welt throbbing diagonally across his backside. Five times she repeated this and by the time she had finished hitting and listening to his screams his arse felt criss-crossed with the lines of pulsing pain.

He had been truly silenced and she fed him the rest of his meal as he only whimpered and tried to ignore the pain. The water tube was inserted into his mouth for the first time and taped into position, before the gas mask was pulled back down. She added a further new addition as a belt was placed around his waist and something was suspended in front and between his legs. He realised as she taped a tube to his leg that its purpose was to catch his urine. His moral hit rock bottom. The new additions could only mean one thing that he was going to be kept captive like this with highly infrequent sensation for an extended length of time. Shhhhhhhh…Whirr…Shhhhhhhh.

Darkness, white noise and nothing else for a further 4 CD repeats. Despair set in. What if she kept him here forever? What if she intended to kill him? How on earth was he going to keep sane? The blindness and the constant hiss, he started to worry for his sanity, all he had was his mind when that went he would be no more.

Another meal time, the same again, lukewarm vegetable lasagne, even his tastes would have no variation. He realised why it was lukewarm, she didn’t want to burn his mouth. How considerate of her. This time he did not speak at all. He was beyond speaking. She replaced his tube and mask and then there was a pause.

To his surprise he felt the rope above his head go slack, she was lowering his hands down. He was too stunned to react at first, but then as circulation came back to his hands, he lurched in his irons off to one side taking out the slack on his arms and yanking as hard as he could. The rope went taut and no matter how hard he pulled it wasn’t coming any further, he had two metres extra freedom and no more. Then a real shock, the tension in the rope was taken up by her and he felt himself being dragged back centrally, he tried to pull back, but he was losing. When his feet finally left the ground he realised that it wasn’t just a one-pulley system above his head, he wouldn’t have said she was finding it easy to lift him and so he reckoned it must be a two-pulley system. He thought back to his school level physics and realised he would have to pull twice as hard as her to hold his own. He might be stronger, but not twice as strong.

She set him down again and once again let out the slack. The next thing he felt was the tapping of her cane(?) against his thigh. He lashed out with his bound hands, stumbling as he hit air. Crack! The cane whipped across him. It was not a fair fight, blind, deaf and bound against her with her weapon. He stopped and let her manoeuvre him by pushing him with the cane. When he felt her tap him on the back of the knees, he knew he had to sit and found himself on a commode. No he could not humiliate himself like that, to open his bowels with no idea what was going on around him. He didn’t do it that first time, but after future mealtimes he had to.

After being hoisted back upright and left for a further two CD repeats, he was finally lowered back down to the ground to a point where he could lie down. Sleep came quickly the incessant hissing was not a distraction and he accepted the sleep gratefully. His dreams were such a great pleasure, seemingly real sounds, colours, and sensations. Even his nightmares were welcome and there were plenty of those.

He was awakened to a tugging on his arms before the pulley hauled him upright to his feet. He had thought about spinning round repeatedly and hence tangling the pulley, but he was afraid of the cane. He knew the best policy was to stand docilely and hope that she would take pity on him. He was he realised, completely at her mercy. She didn’t show any signs of pity though, morning routine started with a tinkering with his urine tube, presumably to empty the receptacle and then it was time for his wash.

The shock of the cold sponge splashing water over his body had him gasping instantly. It was freezing and she seemed intent on sponging down each exposed inch of his body thoroughly. He struggled, but this seemed to bring more attention from the freezing sponge. His skin felt numb and goose bumped and he knew it must be red with the cold. The sponge stopped, but he could still feel the cold rivulets running painfully over his naked body and dripping to the floor. He shook and shivered intensely, his teeth chattering in his head as he was hung out to dry.

Unexpectedly he felt her hand smack across his left buttock. It throbbed with heat, the contrast with the rest of his freezing body intense. He could almost feel the shape of the handprint, imagining the outline of the small hand full and red. Another one smacked from the same side on the other cheek. He was almost happy to have this physical contact. Even though it was violent and painful contact from his cruel captor, he would crave it until she touched him again.

He gradually felt the warmth return to his body before the lasagna breakfast was spooned into his mouth. This time he tried to reason with her, he tried to speak levelly, but was sure that his voice must be wavering and cracking. “Will you let me go, please? You have had your fun. If you let me go now I won’t mention this to anyone. We can just go our separate ways. I’ ll go back to my life and you can go on doing your stuff with willing guys who like this sort of thing. Oh no please don’t put the water tube back in, it’s demeaning. No not the mask. Mphhh.”

There was a pause, before she caught him off guard, she lifted a corner of one of the headphones and hissed into his ear, “If you really want to convince me you don’t like it, you should try to avoid your very average dick getting hard every time I come near you”. Of course he couldn’t speak back and there wasn’t much of an answer to it anyway. The headphone was slammed down back over his ear. Shhhhhhhh….

The rest of the day went almost exactly the way of the previous one, mealtimes and toilet duties the only things to break the monotony. He kept wondering if she were there and if she was there what was she doing? Was she alone? What was she thinking? What were her intentions? Was she enjoying the situation and how was the enjoyment manifesting itself? He had no way of answering these questions, he couldn’t see her and he couldn’t communicate with her.

The following morning he was awoken and washed in cold water again. She didn’t wait for him to dry this time though, but fed him through chattering teeth. After he’d finished she took an electric razor and massaged it over the exposed stubble below his blindfold. He couldn’t help thinking that a blade would have been a more dramatic way to be shaved and he was almost disappointed.

His mealtime speaking opportunities started to become more and more pleading. He knew that he was sinking into pathetic depths as he begged her to let him go whimpering and sobbing to her as she calmly spoon-fed him.

After one such mealtime she replaced his drinking tube and mask and then ran her hands over his chest. Her nailed hands played gently around his nipples along the outlines of his pectorals before slipping away, leaving him shivering still feeling the tingling of the stroke around his erect pointy nipples. He dreamed of it as he fell asleep 3 CD repeats later.

This fleeting but enjoyable experience did not prepare him for what happened the next day. Almost the second that she had hauled him upright her hands were on his genitals. Even as the fog cleared from his sleepy head, his penis stood full and erect as her fingers played over it. The hot warm mouth closing around the head of his penis he was even less prepared for, still less as she sucked hard and rhythmically around the tip. His mind filled in his sensory blanks. He imagined the visual of looking down upon her head, dark hair framing her face as he beautiful mouth worked on him, red lips around his shaft and he imagined her soft moaning and the sucking sound as he genuinely did moan in his mask. Her hand pumped around the base of his dick as she sucked and she withdrew her mouth as he spurted cum with what felt like force into the void.

The cold sponge followed seconds after as he still shook in his post orgasmic haze. The wash seemed to be quick today and concentrated around his genitals where his penis drooped quickly in the cold water. He felt the alien device sliding over him; she pushed his testicles through the ring and locked the cage around his cock. It felt tight and constrained, he realised that this morning’s treat would be his last and had only served to ensure his flaccidity to enable her to fit the cage. It was evident to him that his regular erections had irritated her sufficiently for her to rob him of them. He realised that one of his last methods of self-expression had gone.

Over the next days everything seemed to become routine, the feeding, the toilet habits, the sleeping, the cold washing, a shave every other day, the all pervading and constant white noise and darkness. She seemed to allow him one fleeting sensory variation a day and she was obviously using her imagination. It usually seemed to come in some sort of violent act, but sometimes she would touch him gently. Whether violent or gentle though it became the time of day that he lived for, it was always too short and the moment it was over he would be looking forward to the next time she hit him or touched him.

The realisation that he loved her to beat him shocked him at first and it took some time for him to come to terms with it. What he did have was plenty of time to think about it. He became more docile and compliant in his routine, hoping perhaps that she would reward him in some way. He didn’t plead anymore; in fact he started to thank her for feeding him and looking after him. He started to feel genuinely grateful for her keeping his belly full, looking after him, washing and shaving him and of course for the once a day sensory stimulation that he saw as keeping him sane. He began to lose his sense of self and in his head he became her object, her plaything. He decided that he was happy with this role in life and he ran through what to say to her over and over until it came to take his welcome spoonfuls of vegetable lasagna.

“I have been thinking. You told me what you were unconvinced that I wasn ‘t willing. You were right. I am willing in fact I want it, I want to be your slave. I will be yours to own and control, I’ll do your will. I know as an owner you will look after me and care for me, because you have proved that by looking after my every need since you took me in. I will be your obedient slave because I love you”.

She inserted the tube in his mouth and pulled down the mask.

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