Woman Humiliates Man With Photographs

Male Humiliation Photograph
George Platt Lynes

At each stage, you must document your control of him with accidental pictures and secret video tapes. Men love doing this to women and there should be some payback. Remember a little blackmail, just to help things progress and make it interesting.

Back in the days before digital photography, my girl friend would take a roll of film with my nude photos on it and put it behind her back with 2 other rolls of film from our vacation together. There where the all the same type of film. She would make me choose a roll of film for developing and I would have to go Ritz camera or another one hour film store to have it developed. She loved the place where everyone could stand and watch the pictures come out of the developing machine. The first time she had me do it, there where 6 no lie 6 young women working the machine. She had me go in loose shorts and a t shirt, no underwear. She had me sit on the bench just outside of the film store. I did not know if I was going to arrested or what. I was so nervous that my hands where shaking. I sat there for the entire hour. She watched from a distance.

When my pictures developed, first one female teenager all of a sudden exclaimed ” Oh my God, he’s naked. All of the girls gathered around to see, laughing with lust filled gazes and embarrassment. I paid for the pictures and I remember that I had been instructed to make sure that I purchased a new roll of film.

The sex afterwards was always hot but I was so excited, turned on with lust, fear and humiliation, that I would come in seconds.

After some weeks, playing these games, she wanted to shoot other men, just to compare, for her photography class, that she had decided to due I think because our games.

Other times, she would give me the film at 8:25 PM on a Saturday night. And then she would tease me about how someone at the store would make an extra copy for themselves.

When she wanted to show me off to her friends naked and I tried to get out of it, she would remind me that she had the photos. She would always put it to me as a dare or if you love me you would do this or that.

She loved the power that she had over me and more than that, she loved humiliating me.

One of her models, was a life model at the local university, which we both happened to be attending. She could not think of a more humiliating fate for anyone than to be naked for 2 and half hours in front of men and women that we probably see in the cafeteria. She used those photos to ” encourage me” to pose for one and then several life classes.

I think that our relation changed the most during those months. I think that photographing naked men got her hot. I enjoyed the fruits of that but she saw that not all men had a three inch dick like me, and all of them had stronger bodies. Even one of closest friends who was 5′ 2” was much better endowed.

Another of her models was gay. She talked to him about his modeling and his sex experiences. She wanted to photograph two men together. He had seen her work and he urged her to get me to pose for a gay publication. That was too extreme for me, too public. She gave me the choice of doing that or being shot by her with gay Bob. I choose the later.

She always told me that she did not show her pictures to even her best girlfriends.

She also told me that she never had sex with her models. I was not allowed to be around while she was “working” The models might get shy. She never discussed how she got the models to always have a hard on, but when i saw some of her work, they did.

Overtime, we became aware of various femdom clubs, parties, lifestyles.

Her work moved into video as well as pictures. The parties grew larger, more extreme – and my participation, my level of submission where all documented by her & others.

Our games have included banding with rubber bands.

Now she has an appointment for me next week for a vasectomy, which she wants to videotape. She has teased me about my fear of being castrated. I think from the way she is acting and that she wants to bring some of girlfriends along ” to help set up the video equipment ” that she has convinced the doctor to open me up just a little more, maybe to take my balls/testicles out of my sack just for her to see and to ad drama to her video.

We see what happens.

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  1. Submissive2girls says

    My favorite fantasy, being photographed, shared, used, blackmailed etc. Love it anyways and have even had some similar experiences. It sort of started the same way, I had pics on film and took them to be developed and the first time I did it, the nude pics that I had in the middle of the roll where right on top and appeared to have been passed around a bit by the finger prints and bent corners. Another time the pics where sitting beside the developing machine almost out of site and where missing from the pack although visible on the negatives. Then it progressed to more and more public but thats a whole story itself. Good post anyways, thanks.

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