Face Slapping Discipline Part 1

I am a 29 year old male. Recently, I was house sitting for my aunt and uncle. My cousin, a female of 19 also resides there and was home the whole weekend. During the day on Saturday, she had some hot friends over, 4 of them. Two were 19 years old and two were 20 years old.

The girls were a little sassy and I got smart with two of them, even calling them bitches. They seemed to get a little pissed but also were playful when they said that if I kept fucking with them, I would see what real bitches they can be. My cousin had always been a bad girl and hung out with a bad girl crowd. These girls were definitely not your typical girls next door. They had tattoos, one of them this day was wearing black leather boots with laces. I wasn’t scared of them or anything. They were just young girls. I am a grown man.

After our heated exchange I left them to go to my room and cool off. A good hour passed. I heard them moving around, doing some things but I didn’t care. I came back out into the family room and they were all sitting down. One of the girls got smart and the others followed suit so I started flapping insults again.

Well, I kept agging them on and one of them uncrossed her legs, rose, walked up to me and slapped me right across the face! Hard!!! It left a handprint too!!! I hadn’t had a slap sting like that in a long time. The girl whose palm I just tasted, Karley, stared back at me with a devilish smirk. My cousin and her friends laughed, I felt humiliated but being the masochist I am, I wanted to see if this would take me somewhere.

They had all got up from the couch and chairs. They were gathered around me now, closing in. I told Karley that she wouldn’t do that again and I would defend myself against another one. Karley said then maybe we will just have to get you down, tie you up and take turns. I said I might like that. The look on their faces after I said this was of pleasant surprise but also they figured I kind of gave them permission. Another girl, the one with the kinky boots on, said, “Well in that case,” and kicked me in the stomach with her big boots. I went down.

All of a sudden I heard things like “Get the handcuffs, hold him down, get him up.” All 5 of them jumped on top of me. I couldn’t do anything, they overpowered me. They were all powerful voluptous females in every way. I am sure they have had some scraps before. They handcuffed and dragged me to my uncle’s room all the time taunting me on what they were going to do and how that first slap was just a taste. They got me up on the bed.

The girl with the boots, Lauren, put my head in a leg scissors lock. This was all happening so fast and I was praying they wouldn’t get TOO ROUGH. I was turned on and excited because NOW I REALLY was afraid of these girls, they didn’t know me, probably saw me as some old jerk guy who needed to be taught a lesson in respect.

So there I am in a legscissors lock by this beautiful and powerful 19 year old girl whose thighs are squeezing my face like a melon. I was facing her feet so I could see her leather boots clinching which accentauted the feeling of being dominated. My hands were still handcuffed so I couldn’t push her legs off me. The reason she had me down is because the other 4 girls uncuffed me for a brief moment and I needed to be held down by Lauren so I couldn’t get away. After uncuffing me, my left and right hands were each taken by one girl each on either side of me. Then they pulled out individual handcuffs for each hand. The girl on my right and the girl on my left handcuffed my right and left wrist respectively while using the other half of their respective handcuff to put her wrist in. Lauren’s powerful thighs released me and I’m dragged by the handcuffs to the front of the bed. I was helpless because I was being dragged by them while I was laying down and they were standing up.

The bed has posts at the end. My cousin was throwing some covers on the posts and duck taping the covers to the post. I then knew what they were planning. I started to yell, “No! Please!” My cousin had put on the covers so the handcuffs wouldn’t scratch the wood. Each girl then so easily slipped her wrist out of the handcuff and wrapped that half around the post. They handcuffed my left arm to the left side of the bedpost and my right arm to the right side of the bedpost. In addition, they made sure to handcuff me at the top on either side as to stretch me out fully but also have my body up higher. The tops of the posts also had rungs so I could not possibly escape. I was stretched out fully at the end of the bed, totally humiliated and at their submission. I knew right then and there that these girls were good. They weren’t fucking around and they weren’t to be fucked with.

The girls put pillows underneath my stomach to prop me up so my face was fully facing out to them. I knew then I was in for a LONG afternoon of punishment by the hands of these young ladies. My uncle unfortunately for me has a huge master bedroom so there was plenty of space all over the end of the bed. They could do whatever they wanted with me.

My face was chest level with all of them, a perfect position to be slapped just right. They wouldn’t have to bend down or lift up, just a quick flip of the wrist and I would have lobster cheeks.

My cousin was the first one to slap me, she said I had done nothing to her but had disrespected her friends and I must pay. She slapped me five times on each cheek while the other girls stood and laughed, except Lauren who was taking it in. She was getting amped up for her session, I could tell. Then my cousin Annie explained to me I was going to feel the wrath of her friends only and no more punishment from her. She said she will be videotaping. I seriously begged her not to. Who would she show this tape to? I didn’t want to be a laughing stock of the whole town. I begged her to just take part in the torture and don’t videotape it. She refused. She left the room to get it and that is when Lauren stepped up to me, reared back and slapped me harder than I have ever been slapped (up till that day). If I would have been shot in the mouth it wouldn’t have stung as much. She proceeded to slap me over and over asking me if I would ever call her and her girls bitches again. I loved it, I tried to look like I didn’t but I did.

Let me just decribe the girls for you. I have since seen the video so I remember what they had on, their names and how old they are.

Lauren, 19, dressed in a full bodied black skirt with stiletto boots (laces) that I described. She is brunette, stands about 5 foot 9, long thick legs a true goddess. It’s funny because when I met her a year before I dreamed of being dominated by her. She is truly a sadist.

Karley, 20, the girl who had slapped me earlier to get the ball rolling. She was a redhead, had on jean skirt with fringes stands about 5 foot 7, long legs with strong thighs. Total kinky redhead.

Lillie, 19, short girl, innocent looking. Reddish auburn hair. What she looked like in innocence she made up for in viciousness. I call her the pincher because she pinched me all over, my cheeks, ears, whatever. She also has a vicious slap for a girl her size. She had creamy skin and sexy legs. She surprised me the most because of her size, shyness and cute smile. When she started out slapping me, she felt a little weird about it but by halfway through my day of torture she was a total pro AND she thoroughly enjoyed it, taking her time with each slap and smiling at me with her cute dimples. Lillie had on tight black pants and a tank top. Before she left that night to go clubbing though, she looked like a hot dominant woman. She put on a long jean skirt with a slit in the middle and thick skin tight black leather boots. She had totally come full circle by the time she put on this outfit and punished my face and bottom with as much authority as anyone that day and looked cute doing it.

Alicia, 20, Lillie and her are best friends. I think she enjoyed watching Lillie’s bad side more than she actually tortured me. She is a seductive, very attractive, exotic looking brunette. She stands 5 foot 10 and has a commanding presence almost as much as Lauren. She has the biggest hands of all 4 girls and slaps harder than Lauren, simply for that reason. What a thing to watch a fine 20 year old of her stature, rear back with delight and slap you across the face like she did. She was the only one who made my eyes water. It hurt that bad, she truly had everything, great wrist action (she used to play volleyball) huge hands, and a sadistical happiness about the whole thing. Her and Lauren by far were the best but I give Alicia the edge because of the size of her hands. When Alicia first slapped me, after 8 seconds, if my hands were free I could have without looking in a mirror traced her handprint on my face. It was seared into my cheek like an ox is seared. Even Lauren couldn’t believe it. Alicia had on a blue tank top, short short skirt with fringes showing off her long powerful legs and to top it off, calf high socks with blue stripes to match her tank top. A true goddess to be feared and awed.

I had called them all bitches so I would experience the wrath of all their palms that day. They even had little games they played, hell they even slapped me to a soundtrack (that comes later).


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