Female to Male Discipline

Viper 12: Naughty Boys Must Be Punished

This cover photograph surely captures most men’s fantasy picture of what they desire most in a female-led relationship: womanly discipline.

Female to Male Discipline Viper 12

More magazine cover photographs of dominant women.

Thank you, Bibliophile.

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  1. Bibliophile says

    This issue can be dated approximately by the fact that the Vixen Ladies pay site referenced on the cover was launched in September 2003:

    The ladies in question come and go (and sometimes come back again) but the site’s enduring superstar is Miss Lina the Swedish disciplinarian, who features in the main photograph above. She made her online debut on 25 January 2004. From 1 June of that year she had an entire spin-off site devoted to her, Lina’s House Of Discipline:

    She also makes regular appearances on the affiliated sites Hard Spanking Vixens and Spanked Cheeks. The latter uniquely focuses on M/F and F/F corporal punishment; some of its early photo sets show Lina on the receiving end (which I personally find distasteful) but she otherwise takes the dominant role exclusively:

    Lina also operates in a private capacity from her adopted home of Bournemouth on the south coast of England:

    The ladies in the inset photo are known as Miss Cherry and Miss Vicky.

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