Girlfriend Spanks Her Boyfriend

Vintage F/m Spanking Photograph

Some young couples begin female led relationships early in life with the girlfriend naturally disciplining her boyfriend with corporal punishment.

Girlfriend Spanks Her Boyfriend

Originally posted 2012-10-24 13:04:39.


  1. maxi labrat says


    i know how frustrating it is for some women to have had to put up with lies and heartaches from bad boyfriends…and just like it when a girlfriend of mine may need to just make sure i don’t behave bad like that too her ever…by giving me another spanking over her knee…just because ok?

    i want her to be and stay happy with me…and i want her to be able to spank me whenever she wants too…

    i love being that submissive girlieboy that i am for this and love the kinds of loving women who just enjoy spanking me like this too…

    yes and it does turn me on too ok?


  2. Yourstouse says

    Whenever I see an attractive teenage girl, every fibre of my being cries out, “Beat me, beat me, please beat me”.

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