Outdoor Spanking

Vintage F/m Corporal Punishment Photograph

Even when hiking or on caning trips a strict mistress whips and spanks her husband regularly to insure his compliance with her will.

Femdom Corporal Punishment Outdoors

Originally posted 2013-06-20 09:10:24.


  1. bob says

    I love outdoor spankings. an exciting and definitely daring experience, especially when wearing some feminine undergarments. the spanking even sounds different outside and feeling the breeze on bare skin is thrilling and reminds you of a Trip to The Woodshed.

  2. bob says

    I have just been returned from a daring outdoors spanking escapade at the local county park. I was allowed to wear only a bra,a pair of white Vanity Fair panties and a lacy pink half-slip. the women’s underwear was worn both going there and on the return trip home. the park is nearly deserted at mid-week, yet some embarrassing public exposure is always possible. we found an isolated location where my panties could be taken down with some privacy. my disciplinarian sat on a picnic table bench, turned me over his knee and soundly spanked the seat of my sheer nylon panties. the hairbrush is noisy and with my face to the ground, I woefully wondered if my shameful punishment was being witnessed. then bent over the table with my panties down, he vigorously applied a few freshly cut switches. did that ever sting! I definitely attempted to avoid any additional,unwanted attention,but it wasn’t easy and he received some smugly satisfying vocal response. the ride home was most uncomfortable and I received another hairbrush spanking upon our arrival. so my poor seat is plenty sore. yet, I have already been informed we will be making more visits to the park for continued outdoors discipline.

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